Worst Angry Birds Go Drivers

The ones I didn't include where chuck and corporal pig

The Top Ten

1 Stella

Blowing a big bubble that makes you slower won't help idiot - silverfish236

She are the worst character in angry birds she's boost is worst and she is ugly. She is a idiot

She has the dumbest power - Btd

I barely use her.

2 Helper Pig

He does help you with your car but when you lose he grumbles at you but even though I love angry birds pigs I still want to punch him in the face - silverfish236

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3 Matilda

What just one egg bomb formean pig throws like 3 bombs an the are as powerful - silverfish236

4 Blue Birds

They're worse than red!

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5 Red

Red only has 1 boost which is just 50 meters ahead - silverfish236

6 Bubbles

Well this guy is kind of dumb and his bubble power just stays in the speed bubbles was driving before - silverfish236

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7 Terence

Okay same thing with hal but his lightning might be more powerful - silverfish236

8 Bomb

For my opinion I'm going to rank him higher - silverfish236

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9 Hal

Tornadoes are powerful but he only has one of them - silverfish236

One of the best!

10 Senna Bird

He's better than King Pig, and foreman pig - Btd

The Contenders

11 King Pig

This guy has a boost in the air and it does boost you further and you can get achievments with it but he only has 1 because of the achievment thing but since there's 12 racers he is actually pretty good since he's number 9 - silverfish236

12 Formain Pig

This guy is 3 times more powerful than matilda so yah so he's way better than her - silverfish236

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13 Chuck Chuck

What! He's one of the best racers ever!

Very good in Air and Stunt!

Chuck is best!


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14 Corporal Pig

He's also the best driver like chuck

This guy is the best guy

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