Top 10 Worst Angry Video Game Nerd Episodes

This sure was a hard list to make. As much as I love the AVGN series, I've watched some of the episodes over 10 times. I'm not kidding. However, there's been some episodes which were a bit meh... So let's get into it.

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1 Toxic Crusaders

This is a highly "acquired taste" episode, largely down due to Lloyd Kaufman's style of humour. Many feel it didn't fit the show and just served as a huge distraction, and an overly more-than-normal gross-out sequence near the end some felt to be too much. - BloodyThunderX

It was nice to try to include Lloyd Kaufman, but it didn't work.

I liked it, but not the ending - Gehenna

This episode was full of cheap attempts to be funny all along and for me the "jokes" just fell flat on their face. Lloyd Kaufman's humour didn't suit the show and was just annoying. Just shut up Lloyd, you're not being funny! - Cazaam

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2 Odyssey

A great episode, but many feel that the inclusion of the "Nerdy Turd" prevented it from being better than it could've been. Personally, it didn't bother me too much, as it fit in with the Nerd's scatological humour gag that makes up a heavy portion of the series. - BloodyThunderX

I liked the episode, especially the Odyssey Shotgun scene - Gehenna

Interesting enough, sadly the "Nerdy Turd" was indeed dumb and unfunny. The episode felt like James was just aimlessly messing around.

A good review ruined by the unfunny Nerdy Turd gag. - therowdyman

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3 Ikari Warriors

The episode suffers from going on a bit longer than it needs to, and the overuse of Kyle Justin breaking into song through various events in the game. Otherwise, not too bad an episode. - BloodyThunderX

An attempt to bring back Kyle Justin but the whole episode wasn't fun to watch. by the way, the scrotum gun joke can go die, it isn't funny and it's a dead horse. - Cazaam

This episode was a complete bore (at least for an AVGN episode)! Usually during an AVGN episode, there was always at least one joke or antic that the nerd did that was entertaining, but this episode was long and tedious, just like the game he reviewed.

4 Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu

I know this was one of the older episodes but still. I never found Pickle funny. He felt like a lame attempt to make the episode funnier. For me, it didn't work. - Cazaam

5 The Wizard of Oz

The content of the game review wise is very on point, but many feel that Mike Matei's interpretation of the Cowardly Lion was overly done and not all too funny. - BloodyThunderX

I just didn't like the Cowardly Lion. It was just a background character that I couldn't care about. It was just annoying and completely unnecessary to the show. I liked Bugs Bunny, he was funny. The Cowardly Lion was just lame. - Cazaam

6 Sega Activator Interactor Menacer

This should be the worst episode, not the Toxic Crusader one, I actually liked that episode.

Tom and Jerry meets AVGN. Meaningless slapstick, hard to call it an AVGN episode.

In my opinion, probably the worst episode of AVGN.

This is a VERY "acquired taste" episode, as it revolves solely around slapstick comedy and a comical over-abundance of prat-falling and smashing/breaking objects, which is a common trope of the guest of the show; Nathan Barnatt's "Keith Apicary" character. Personally it just feels a bit too over-the-top and doesn't really feel like the episode advances anywhere. - BloodyThunderX

I have never seen a bad AVGN Christmas special... until now. Not only is this the worst AVGN Christmas special, it is without a doubt THE WORST AVGN episode PERIOD. This makes the Toxic Crusaders episode look awesome. At least in that one he actually REVIEWED something. Here, it's just a bunch of smashing glass on purpose with a bunch of Sega accessories. The only "reviewing" part was comparing the Activator to the Roll n Rocker. Not to mention, this was hard to watch because of all the broken glass everywhere. The fact that this was a Christmas special is just a slap to the face. This should've been a spinoff like the one where he examines bad game art, not an actual episode. I mean, I'd rather put my balls in a crocodile's mouth while shoving my head up a unicorn's ass. I'd rather 69 a grizzly bear while shoving King Kong up my ass. If you wanna see the best AVGN episode, watch one of the Bugs Bunny ones, those are hilarious, even to this day.

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7 Elmo's Number Journey

Not a proper episode, rather just an extra with far too much of Mike's "Elmo voice". - BloodyThunderX

Really? I thought his Day Dreamin Davey and Ikari Warriors reviews were funny. This one on the other hand.

This one is one of the bad ones.

Did he really review it?

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8 Alien 3

This came out in the midst of the time where it seemed like James had grown weary of the character and was really just pushing episodes out to please his audience. Over time, the series would adjust to fit the more modern end of the AVGN show better and bring in new audiences. Alien 3 is just a forgettable episode. - BloodyThunderX

This episode was just forgettable. The seizure inducing lighting effects didn't help either.
Also the editing at the end could have been done much better. This episode just feels... rushed. - Cazaam

9 E.T. Atari 2600

The review itself was part of his movie, with scenes from the game added in on the YouTube release of the review itself (the movie couldn't have game footage for copyright reasons). Meant to fit more with the movie than be served as a proper dedicated review, which might've disappointed some. - BloodyThunderX

Should be higher very disappointed at this one the most - htoutlaws2012

This is just a crappy scene cut from his crappy movie.

Should of done a review

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10 Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing

I have no idea why this is even up here. Big Rigs was a hilarious episode and in a lot of ways seemed like the start of James slowly finding his stride for the character once more. The fake commercial and ending just really make this episode stand out. One of his best in my honest opinion. - BloodyThunderX

Really I thought this was really funny when he goes backwards and makes a commercial about it. "BIG RIGS" laugh out loud - htoutlaws2012

This is one of the best AVGN episodes! What is it going in this list?!

It's great and funny - Martinglez

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The Contenders

11 Day Dreamin Davey

An EXTREMELY basic episode that seems like it was mostly only meant to serve as filler so that James could make sure his "R.O.B." review would be Episode 100. Just suffers from being boring and forgettable. - BloodyThunderX

I really run out of reasons here. This episode is here because it is just forgettable like Alien 3 but not as forgettable as that one. - Cazaam

Boring, very boring and I sat through Toxic Crusaders!

It's basically just James narrating the gameplay. Very boring and one of the first real signs that the AVGN quality was taking some dips (to me, anyway).

12 Tagin' Dragon

This episode as well as the others in this Christmas series I would say are the worst AVGN episodes. His humor here as well as his delivery of every line seems very forced as well as the anger it was almost as if he was not trying in the slightest and didn't really care. A couple of his newer episodes have been good and seem to be back to par. I don't know what he changed but I'm glad.

13 Wally Bear and the NO! Gang
14 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

How is this here? He wasn't even Angry Video Game Nerd at the time. - Gehenna

Not the re-visit, but the first time he played it (the Episode 2). This episode was awful. It didn't show much of the gameplay, just a single play. The quality? It was recorded with a camera, so you could barely see the T.V. ! THANK GOD IT WAS RE-VISITED!

Well this was at a time that the nerd didn't even exist, it was just called "bad nes games" or something generic like that. - DensestPotato

15 Nintendo 64

Not an actual episode. The "Nintendo 64" video is just James playing in his character whilst parodying the "Nintendo 64 Kid"'s dramatic reaction of receiving an N64 as a Christmas gift. - BloodyThunderX

I don't remember him reviewing the N64

If he did, it would actually be very positive, unlike from The Real Cinemassacre who needs more hate while Cinemassacre needs more love.

16 Lester the Unlikely

Who put this on the list? I thought it was HILARIOUS. - MusicalPony

One of the weakest episode by far, the jokes just didn't work at all and they were random as hell. And James sounded so boring throughout the review.

17 Nintendo World Championships
18 CD-i: Part 1: Hotel Mario

For Not Referencing YouTube Poop Videos

19 Hong Kong 97

I like this one

20 Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest

YOU DARE INSULT THE NERD?! Irategamer is the real stupid ripoff!

Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest is good, that Nerd is stupid. Worst episode.

21 Super Mario Bros. 3 / The Wizard

Seriously? I thought this episode was amazing!

Seriously, AVGN?! This is one of the best games ever! It can't be a sin if it's so good!

Super mecha death christ, enough said, now delet this. - DensestPotato

22 Virtual Boy
23 Plumbers Don't Wear Ties


24 Karate Kid

It's old so it's excusable but it felt rushed and the jokes were poorly delivered

25 Beetlejuice
26 Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout

Earlier AVGN review that sticks in people's minds for its trademark shock image (taking a giant on Bugs Bunny's face) but in hindsight is even less funny in context. In fact, the entire routine seemed forget it was telling a joke and just focus on taking the flogging Bugs skit up to 11 on the overkill meter.

Bugs' revenge in Crazy Castle was better. By then, the Nerd had picked up the comedic timing to make it work.

27 How The Nerd Stole Christmas
28 Wish List Pt. 1
29 Wish List Pt. 2
30 Secret Scout
31 R.O.B. The Robot
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