Worst Animal Crossing Games


The Top Ten

1 Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival

The Only Bad Animal Crossing Game - VideoGamefan5

2 Animal Crossing

Animals in this game are offensive and rude. - Mariomaster63

What whoever hates this is a piece of trash - spodermanfan1000

Why is this game even ON this list?

Talk about worst list ever 😒

3 Animal Crossing: City Folk

NOOOoOooOoOoO! Get this off! - ForestFeline

4 Animal Crossing: Wild World

I hate this game. City Folk is better yet so many people like this more!

5 Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
6 Animal Crossing: New Leaf

The characters are so rude.

7 Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Imagine New Leaf. Take away mayor privileges, most of the villagers, and your village. Then, replace it with greedy and selfish villagers, a lame campsite, a lame camper, little to do when 10 minutes passes, and other ridiculous crap! I hate this game. Happy home designer isn’t even that bad, aside from how rude snooty villagers are when you finish their house. They say, “I could have done it myself, but thanks anyways.” But you know? That’s NOTHING compared to how EVERYONE in pocket camp is rude! They make you spend several hours of your time just to get them in your god damn campsite! New leaf is what this game wishes it could be.

8 Doubutsu No Mori
9 Doubutsu No Mori E+
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