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21 Cheese Hat

They are available in jamma clothing store and r nm they r sooo ugly and don't LOOK GOOD ON ANYTHING please buddy me I'm mayatiger1 my sis is starssophie

22 Freedom NM Top Hat

I used to have one but it's really not worth wearing. - RedTheGremlin

I see nms wearing these EVERYWHERE. Almost every nm that trade attempts me throws in a... Freedom Top Hat! These items should be deleted they are SO anoying!

23 Woven Shoes

They are hideous, no color looks right, and makes your animal look clunky and cheap. It's awful.

I tried to make an outfit from these once...and failed epicly. These shoes are not only in outlandish colors that aren't even on the Animal Jam animal color palette, but they look so cheap and don't match anything! - RedTheGremlin

24 Leg Armor

This looks awful on every animal. I mean, they are sold at the Jam Mart Clothing. They are just really bad and worth nothing. :'(

25 Skullies

They got removed from the game because they looked like a crotch on pandas.

They're back! Duh-duh duh duh duh duh-duh duh-duh-duh - RedTheGremlin

26 Steampunk Goggles

Freakishly ugly. Who would buy one of these? - RedTheGremlin

I just... I don't even... Who added the this item to Animal Jam?

27 Elf Bracelets

So ugli only good with artik wulf spikes

28 Headdress

GROSS and its just a clothing beta guys

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