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1 Shark Tale

Yes this is there worst movie. The characters are very unlikable and terrible. The plot is terrible. It's just a cashgrab because finding nemo was so popular. - Dvafan2

What was this movie even supposed to be?

This is by far the worst DreamWorks Animation movie. To be honest, this is the reason why it sucks because this movie is just Finding Nemo but it only talks about sharks, how not fun. Every character is either a rip-off on someone from Finding Nemo, or they are just for filler. But that’s not all! The humor is just the same disgusting animated movie crap! To be honest, this is a DreamWorks movie with the worst story!

I pooed on shark tale and ate its fever dreams

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2 Trolls

They're too ugly.

I’m fine with what yall say! But, this is the absolute best movie ever made! This was the first time an animated movie never been the magical and heartwarming in my life! It had a great message that we all have happiness, but we need someone to help you find it sometimes. Great message there! The holiday special was awesome too! As for The Beat Goes On, screw that Netflix cartoon! It was so disappointing! It just felt different and left me a cringe instead of a smile. Definitely a must see movies!

They were hippies.The only person that's fine is Branch.And the characters were happy.I hated every hour of it.

Trolls are just meh.

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3 Shrek the Third

This sequel was so unbelievably disappointing that it made The Phantom Menace look like The Empire Strikes Back!

Why is this higher than Boss Baby? - JustAnotherUser_

Jacksfilms was right, Schaffrillas Productions was right, this sequel sucks. It needs to be removed from the Shrek canon.

This film is just not that interesting, but it can still count as humorous. And it's corny The new characters are not very funny, though. But Justin Timberlake (the voice of King Arthur) would be a great voice for Blinky (from Pac-Man World series).

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4 The Boss Baby

Go watch Bee Movie-it's better than this drivel.

I liked this movie just so you know.

Stupid and proves that Dreamworks is having trouble coming up with new ideas. The parents are idiots, the animation is ugly, and worst of all my sisters are imitating the stupid siblings! I HATE THIS MOVIE! Also, in the movie (spoilers) there are really gross things like drool, naked babies, disgusting baby food, and even vomit in people's mouths. And in 2021 there's gonna be a sequel! GROAN! Oh, and another thing, it's so STUPID! Plus, it doesn't follow through with the plot. So...you have a talking baby trying to find out why puppies have more love than stinky, annoying, ugly babies, along with an over-imaginative kid who is quite the cringe-nugget. Well, soon the plot shifts and they are trying to save the baby from getting fired, and in the end it plays out well, also showing a pie chart with people loving babies more than puppies (HOW?! ). BUT it never showed you how they got more love than puppies! This movie is horrible, stupid, and gross. Do yourself a favor. Don't watch the ...more - RedTheGremlin

Why I'm talking about it on school with meh bff? Hey BFF help me slap my face hard again this movie sucks also the ending with some "Random" guy that doesn't show face and a random girl lmao

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5 Home

What? What is this is this crap on the list? The characters suck, the movie sucks, AND SO DOES THE FLIPPING NETFLIX SHOW! And hey, Home fans, shut up and stop talking how good this crap is, BECAUSE IT SUCKS!

This movie is the worst movie in the world. Please don't watch this movie. It's stupid and babyish. It's so bad, it's even worse Antz. And Antz is a pretty bad movie. Also, the Netflix show is horrendous. It's like the movie home but the creator flushed it down the toilet!

I actually liked this movie. It was unique, and while I hate outer space stuff this movie was rather enjoyable for me. Sure, it was stupid and I really don't know why I like it so much, but I do. - RedTheGremlin

I liked it, but there are some very annoying parts. - RedTheGremlin

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6 Shrek Forever After

It has profanity in it.

This one sucked - RedTheGremlin

How dare you disrespect the almighty Shrek! Shrek is love, Shrek is life

I'll be honest. I think the fourth is way worse than the third one.

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7 Turbo

As this like a chevy ad - lemur

I used to love this movie, haven't seen it in a long time but I think it's okay.

This is Probably the Most Forgettable Animated Movie I have ever seen. At least I remember how Ugly and poor Food fight was. But this movie is so forgettable that no matter how many times I have seen Turbo I still don’t remember any of it. Even the animation.

What Was DreamWorks Animation Thinking? A Garden Slug Voiced By Ryan Reynolds Gets Sucked By A Top-Mounted Engine Of A Chevrolet Camaro And Gets Fast Stock Car Powers?

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8 Bee Movie

Why isn't this number one?

At least the memes are funny - Thepassingzone

The only thing I like about this movie is because of that meme. Ya like jazz? - DumbFriesNub

This movie promoted bestiality

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9 Antz

Apparently It got stupidly by rotten tomatoes, a shocking 93%.

Bad CGI And poor story

Way to go Dreamworks, you managed to make a bland and stupid ripoff of Pixar's A Bug's Life

This came out a month before A Bugs Life. Dull CGI? it was 1998 you fool. Go and watch your precious Frozen movie.

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10 Mr. Peabody & Sherman

I don't know. I watched it and really enjoyed it. Especially the last part where the time just collapses was really fun.

I agree. I watched this a few years ago, and I enjoyed it. I think the animation and the story itself was pretty good. - PackFan2005

It was very boring after the Egypt scene. - RedTheGremlin

I wanted to see it, I saw it & was disappointed.

What. Where did this movie come from. How did it get made. Why. - mattstat716

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11 Flushed Away

What Was Aardman Thinking?! Hugh Jackman Playing A Mouse With James Bond Suit?!

This movie is the definition of underrated, like Aardman. Sure, there is brief moments of childish insults, but this movie is actually a great, action-packed combination. So I give it a 9/10.

I actually really liked this film. - mattstat716

You know what, I’d say I really liked this film. The fact that they strayed from toilet humor, while the movie’s plot is based on being flushed down a toilet is phenomenal. I actually laughed at some of the jokes in this movie, and the story made sense. - PackFan2005

12 Monsters vs. Aliens

Makes me feel sick to watch. Sometimes I like it, other times I hate it. The only things that bother me are that BOB is super annoying and that the people are hideous. Other than that, I really cannot say that the movie was all bad. - RedTheGremlin

This is a great movie *stares into distance* “ oh sorry I was
Just staring at this bird over there” -Bob Still very great movie watching it right now

This movie is very bad. Buf the T.V. show is even worse.

Wasnt sooo good

13 Kung Fu Panda

Ok this movie is good who ever thought that this movie sucks has issues

It shouldn't be on here

I agree, it was boring and unnecessary. I was sleeping through most of it, it was so boring! I hate it! It's another crappy Film!

It was boring and unnecessary

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14 Over the Hedge

I loved this movie and the soundtrack was great. 8.5/10 if I was on IMDb or whatever

I was so confused at beginning! The story line is bland, the characters were aggravating, and the animation was hideous!

One of the worst movies I have ever laid my eyes on. I hope to never watch it again.

Good movie

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15 Megamind

What is this doing at 12? It WAs FUNNY! - HunterBoy

Easily one of it's best. It isn't as good as Incredibles, but still, a really clever superhero parody from a different point of view.

I couldn't control my LAUGHTER! The movies placed in this list like HOME, CHICKEN RUN, THE PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR, MEGAMIND, THE CROODS etc., name this list as"BEST ANIMATED DREAMWORKS MOVIES"! - Victoryboy

I like it, it's very entertaining and funny, despite the ugly people. - RedTheGremlin

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16 The Croods

I watched this movie so many times, and I regret nothing! Beautiful animation and a story that I stick to. The voice acting works and the humor worked really well for me. In my opinion, besides Prince of Egypt, this is my favorite DreamWorks film.


That I have mixed opinions against. The voice acting is not what I have expected, but it is an okay film. The humor, though, is strong enough for this film to be anticipating.

I love this movie! Dawn of the Croods was horrible though, made me like this movie LESS! Oh Dreamworks, you're doing it again, running this into the ground like you're doing with How to Train Your Dragon!

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17 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

I like em big, I like em chunky

Ok, who put this on the list?! Who ever did, I will come to your house and I will kill you.

Typical. The sequel is always worse. - HunterBoy

18 Rise of the Guardians

Boring and ugly. - RedTheGremlin

19 Penguins of Madagascar

A very bland, boring, and slightly stereotypical movie. Bad jokes, and now my sisters call Fritos "Cheesy Dibbles." Stupid. - RedTheGremlin

Its one of the best movies

Stop putting good movies on this list or I'll kill you

The jokes are very bland. Same with the scipt.

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20 Shrek

Why is this here.

This Movie was Amazing

Shrek 1 is trash and very unoriginal

Shrek is an awful film and people love it to the point where they think it is an anime when it's not?! it's not an anime. it's a CARTOON! this movie sucked and was so unoriginal. I hate it.

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21 Chicken Run

What idiot put this on here?!?!?

Why the hell would you put this movie on there?

What the hell! This movie is awesome!

Weirded me out, but it's actually funny and entertaining. Just a tidbit...disturbing maybe? - RedTheGremlin

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22 Captain Underpants

just dumb

The dumbest movie ever. Where to begin here? 1. Annoying characters. Ex. "Oh no, Krupp's changing classes...IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD! WE CAN'T BE FRIENDS ANYMORE! " Really? How dumb! 2. The characters are idiots. They think that everything is funny and they are just really stupid. 3. Annoying villains/heroes. So...what? You snap your fingers and BAM he's a superhero! That's dumb. Plus, the hero is annoying and the villain is just plain sad. 4. Too many bathroom jokes! It's like every time I start to enjoy it, this obnoxious movie hits the audience with another bathroom joke! And at the end, a giant evil toilet tries to stop kids from laughing, and then there's a rampage of evil toilets? This has got to be worse than Trolls. - RedTheGremlin

Why's this on the list

Hey, the book series was my childhood, and yet you are hating my childhood in a movie. :(

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23 Shrek 2

Go back to year 2001.
I remember they would never make Shrek 2.
I mean come on the ending. That is not a sequel ending.
Sure it was cool to meet Fiona's parents but it was a parody fairytale ending.

The first Shrek was better

24 Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

I love this movie - ArcticWolf

This one was really bad. It was a major slap in the face to the first two. Talk about weird and stupid! The new characters were lame, and the villains were freaky. Do kids really want to see a bunch of dead animal heads staring at them? No. No, they don't. - RedTheGremlin

What?! This film was awesome!

They should have stopped at Madagascar 2. - darthvadern

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25 The Road to El Dorado

What?! I really liked this movie! - pokemonrater

This movie was really bad

26 Madagascar

Every part about this movie is amazing. The movies had the box office rarity that each movie was higher than the last. The only 2 animated movies that I like more than this are Toy Story and Finding Dory.

Because I don't like this movie it SUCKS.



27 The Prince of Egypt

I like how it's Biblical, because I hate movies that aren't Christian, but it really doesn't give all the right details. It can be slightly misleading but I really love this movie! - RedTheGremlin

If this was intensional... super size me. - HunterBoy

Who put this here this movie is great

This movie isn't bad in itself, but it strays from the Bible story too much. The Bible clearly states that any re-telling of the Bible is strictly immoral and all who do it will be punished. - Patty_C

28 How to Train Your Dragon 2

I fell asleep watching this movie. Nowhere near as good as the first. What boring overrated garbage!

What retard put this on here? Its just as good as the first.

The worst Dreamworks movie ever. Passes even the Boss Baby in mediocrity.

The first one is great, but in this one it's too boring, plus the main character turned ugly when he grew up. - RedTheGremlin

29 Monsters vs Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space

It is teriball

I never heard of this. Maybe cause is SUCKS - HunterBoy

30 Ratchet & Clank

This movie was Rainmaker, not Dreamworks

If I'm right, this isn't made by dreamworks right? Am I mm right?

This movie wasn't the best

31 The Emoji Movie

Sony! - ArcticWolf

This is not dreamworks its sony

Not DreamWorks but still trash

32 Kung Fu Panda 3

This didn't need to exist.

Hey, Hey, Hey! I'm milking the last two movies! Seriously. The first movie was a classic, the second was one of the best, almost like How To Train your Dragon. The T.V. show was pretty good, even the spin-offs served purpose to the extended plot over the 2 movies and T.V. show. Kung Fu Panda 3 didn't have to exist. They could have just ended it with kung fu panda 2 and continued the T.V. series with a steven universe evolution where it started generic and it developed a plot over time. Nope! this movie had to exist didn't it? I'm not saying the premise was bad, but... If they handled it better, it would still be milking it, but at least it would still be a good movie. It could've been star wars, but was karate instead.

33 Joseph: King of Dreams

This shouldn't be here. Don't hate on Biblical movies, God should always win. - RedTheGremlin

Ok let’s be honest, Prince of Egypt should be last instead of Joseph King of Dreams. Prince of Egypt it’s music, visuals, plot, and dialogue are amazing, and this film is just mediocre. Joseph King of Dreams does not deserve this spot.

34 Free Birds

This is not DreamWorks... but it is stupid and boring.

35 Call of Duty: Ghosts

This movie sucked so much that I call it Call of Duty ghosts


This movie is the best movie ever. Why is it even on a “worst movies” list? The performance by the actors as well as the emotion and humanity it portrays was just what my 6 year old daughter needed when she asked to go to a movie on her birthday. Absolutely breathtaking the way Carlos saved his mother at the end. Beautiful movie. 10/10

36 Wipeout 3

THiS mOviE wAs GoOd

37 Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

It was that bad? I enjoyed it because it was funny. - RedTheGremlin

This movie was a horrible rip-off of Disney’s Treasure Planet. The sidekicks were like the same ones but it did horrible in the box office.

38 Puss in Boots

I don't want a spin-off from the worst Shrek character of all time.

39 How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

This was my favorite movie! - ArcticWolf

The plot is forced, and it has a generic "Happily ever after" ending where Hiccup releases his dragon because "he's not good enough for him". Also, Toothless' offspring at the end is ugly.

Proof that Dreamworks is running out of ideas and steam. T.V. Tropes called. They want their plots and tropes back.

40 Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

Why is this on here?!?!?! It's great!

This movie is amazing! It's animation is beautiful, and the film itself is a very powerful testimony of a horse who eventually gained freedom. The only bad thing is that Spirit: Riding Free RUINED IT! I hate how Dreamworks makes a great movie, then turns around and produces a stupid, ugly, annoying, badly-animated T.V. show about it. Seriously?! - RedTheGremlin

I don't like this movie


41 Kung Fu Panda 2
42 How to Train Your Dragon

WHAT?!?!? - MonkeeJuice

43 The King and I
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