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21 The Prince of Egypt

This movie isn't bad in itself, but it strays from the Bible story too much. The Bible clearly states that any re-telling of the Bible is strictly immoral and all who do it will be punished. - Patty_C

22 Captain Underpants

Why's this on the list

This movie will suck, hard. - Trollsfan536

This is the worst animated film of all time I should rather call it captain looserpants

This was ok, not the worst, not the best, just ok. It should not be on this list

23 The Emoji Movie

This isn't dreamworks, but it still sucks

I feel like The Emoji Movie's characters have the same personality as the characters from Shark Tale, DreamWorks Animation's most infamous flick ever.

Oscar the Wrasse as Alex
Lenny as Hi-5
Angie the Angelfish
Don Lino/Lola as Smiler

Oh yeah, how three-dimensional (please note the sarcasm)! >8(

24 Kung Fu Panda

Who the heck put this on the list? This one is awesome

Everybody has opinions do not threaten to kill someone

What the hell

Take this off or I'll kill you

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25 Madagascar
26 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
27 Flushed Away

This movie is the definition of underrated, like Aardman. Sure, there is brief moments of childish insults, but this movie is actually a great, action-packed combination. So I give it a 9/10.

I actually really liked this film. - mattstat716

28 Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

They should have stopped at Madagascar 2. - darthvadern

What?! This film was awesome!

The proper ending for the proper beginning.
Mediocre at best. - mattstat716

29 Monsters vs Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space
30 Ratchet & Clank

If I'm right, this isn't made by dreamworks right? Am I mm right?

This movie wasn't the best

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