Top Ten Worst Animated Dreamworks Sequels

As How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is soon released in theaters, it's time to make a few Dreamworks related lists. This time it's for the worst animated Dreamworks sequels. Now I don't think any of these sequels are bad so this list of going to be hard to..., wait a second, no. It's one of the easiest lists I have ever done. Why? Not only are there only a total of currently nine sequels, but I already made the opposite list about six months ago, so I just need to mirror this list. On top of that there are upcoming Dreamworks sequels as well so it might be one of the easiest lists I have done so far. So here is it!

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1 Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

These all are not the worst! Home is! - Badabooo2

The only movie on the list that I didn't like that much. The story was decent, and I liked the villian but the setting just plain sucked! The first two had cool enviroments that fit with the movies, the first one had the awsomne island of Madagascar which already looked pretty cool and a bit of New York City in the beginning. The second one had the awesomne african savannah which REALLY fit with the characters considering they are african animals. However this third entry has the characters on a ' circus that doesn't fit at all! The new characters are boring too. I just find this movie to be somewhat of a dicgrace to the trilogy, it was just decent. - darthvadern

2 Kung Fu Panda 2

As some of you might know I'm not the biggest fan of Kung Fu Panda 2, however it's still an excellent movie that deserves a lot of attention. It has the second best villian in the trilogy, Lord Shen, his voice in the swedish dub rocks and his design is excellent! - darthvadern

3 Shrek 2

As a child this was one of my favourite movies of all time! And I still consider it to be a masterpiece! It's not the best Shrek movie, but it's the second best. The story has got to be the best in the series. Although I'm too lazy to write it down here, it's excellent! I especially love the intro with Prince Charming traveling to the tower and Shrek and Fiona's honesymoon. Overall just an excellent movie. - darthvadern

This movie was awesome. Take it off the list. - B1ueNew

4 Shrek Forever After

While this movie does have an important message, the movie was just so depressing to the point it's not that enjoyable. I will agree, it's a great movie, but it's not the best. - darthvadern

5 Kung Fu Panda 3

The best of the Kung Fu Panda movies! I know many people won't agree with me but, I do think it's better, while the two precedessors had serious plots and action, this movie takes the franchise to a whole new level! Less action, funny new characters and an even more serious plot, In the beggining Shifu lets Po be a teacher to the furious five and it goes wrong, Shifu knew it would go wrong and tells Po about Chi. Po later finds his dad Li and he takes Po and Mr. Ping to the colorful secret panda vilage up in the mountains, not only is it beautiful but it has many new funny characters in it too! It has touching moments and hilarious scenes and stuff, the main antanogist Kai who is a yak, is probably my favorite character on the whole movie, he's a spirit warrior who plans to steal all the chi from every master in China including the pandas so that he can control other people, Another thing I love with this movie is that Oogway returns. Oogway was such a funny character from the first ...more - darthvadern

6 Shrek the Third

This should be number 1.

As many people might know by now, I find Shrek The Third to be the best of the franchise. This movie just felt more exciting and had a much more darker tone than the previous two entries, it's not the most depressing of the series (that goes to the fourth one) but quite depressing. The story was also pretty cool. I loved the fact that Prince Charming was the villian, he was a pretty cool character in the second one and he gets even more personality in this one and it's excellent! - darthvadern

7 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

This is certainly oe of the more nostalgic movies on the list, I remember when I was four and our family saw this movie at home and I ate ice cream, aah, the memories, 2008 was one of the best years ever! It's hard to describe what is was like, but I LOVED it! Anyway, this movie still holds up. It's got a cool story and the return of Nana from the first one was great! The only horrible thing was the intro which reminds me of Anaconda, but otherwise I love this movie. - darthvadern

This list is the opposite of one of my previous lists. The only somewhat bad movie on this list for me is Madagascar 3. Everything else is good to excellent - darthvadern

8 How to Train Your Dragon 2

Truly an excellent movie! One of the best animated sequels of all time! I will admit the first two times I saw it I didn't like it that much, may be due to the fact that I was nostalgia blinded to the first one, but now that I watched it a third time, it was far better and seriously underrated! It has an extremly good story that feels completely different from the original and the amount of emotion is unreal! Truly one of the greatest movies ever made. - darthvadern

Game of Thrones for kids, which is NOT a compliment.

9 How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

The third installment of the How To Train Your Dragon trilogy released in theaters on February 22nd, 2019 in the United States - darthvadern

10 Trolls World Tour

Watch it first

The sequel to Trolls released in theaters on April 17th of 2020 - darthvadern

Must admit that the first one seemed like a cheap copy of The Smurfs, the sequel I think will be more dirt tan the first one - MickeyMouse

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