Worst Animated Movie Characters


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1 Dex Dogtective - Foodfight! Dex Dogtective - Foodfight!

Most Stupidest idiot Ever, Really - VideoGamefan5


2 Norm - Norm of the North Norm - Norm of the North

He's super dumb and retarded looking - VideoGamefan5

Yeah I hate him. - Powerfulgirl10

The worst one - Triceratops

He sucks!

3 Stanley - A Troll In Central Park V 1 Comment
4 Doogal - Doogal

Doogal Is A Cringeworthy idiot, He Looks Like A Piece Of Crap! - VideoGamefan5

He Sucks. Lame

Its Dougal not Doogal.
Dougal from the Magic Roundabout 1970s cartoon.

5 Davey Stone - Eight Crazy Nights
6 Surly - The Nut Job V 1 Comment
7 Hans - Frozen V 1 Comment
8 Bellwether - Zootopia Bellwether - Zootopia V 2 Comments
9 Douche - Sausage Party

I never saw Sausage Party, but why would a character like this be in a movie about food? - RalphBob

This thing is a lot worse than any of the characters above

10 Sid Phillips - Toy Story Sid Phillips - Toy Story

He's so annoying In the first toy story

Really Dumb - VideoGamefan5

Really bad - micahisthebest

The Newcomers

? Garmadon - The Lego Ninjago Movie
? Gene - The Emoji Movie

The Contenders

11 Dory - Finding Nemo/Finding Dory Dory - Finding Nemo/Finding Dory Dory is a major character from the film, Finding Nemo and its sequel, Finding Dory. She is a blue tang known for her short-term memory loss and tends to forget almost everything, even the fish that she knows personally. This makes the mission to find Nemo even more difficult for Marlin. V 3 Comments
12 Caillou - Caillou's Holiday Movie Caillou - Caillou's Holiday Movie

Caillou Sucks - VideoGamefan5

13 Whitey Duvall - Eight Crazy Nights
14 Pigeon Toady - Storks

I agree he is unnecessary to the movie only downside with some others - epictoonsfan1

Did they HAVE to make him look like Trump? - ZootopiaFan


15 Lemmings - Norm Of The North

They're my least favorite characters of the movie. - Powerfulgirl10

Every single character from this is bad - Triceratops

V 1 Comment
16 Robin - The Lego Batman Movie

The Movie Is Not Even Out Yet And I Already Hate This Character!, A Mixture Of The Robin In Batman And Robin (1997) And Teen Titans Go, Two Disgraceful Abomination Robins Together!, Just Like I Think The Lego Batman Movie Is Going To Suck - VideoGamefan5

17 Ariel - The Little Mermaid Ariel - The Little Mermaid Princess Ariel is a fictional character and the title character of Walt Disney Pictures' 28th animated film The Little Mermaid.
18 Eduardo - Rio 2

He's somewhat of an @$$! #*% if you ask me. Heck Blu himself at one point calls him a "total nut job" which is another good way to describe this character. Honestly he's my least favorite Rio character in the whole franchise because of how he treats Blu at first. (sure he maybe gets a little better at the end of the movie but still I don't like him because of those very reasons I mentioned)

19 Chief Bogo - Zootopia Chief Bogo - Zootopia

He is a jerk

20 Buck Cluck - Chicken Little
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