Top 10 Worst Animated Movie Parents

As the title of this list says this list we will be looking at the worst parents from animated movies this includes legal guardians and or step parents as well.

The Top Ten

1 Judge Claude Frollo - Hunchback of Notre Dame

Before there was Mother Gothel there was Frollo, after he chases down and kills Quasimodo's mother then proceeded to try and drown him in a well he is stopped and guilt-tripped into becoming Quasimodo's adoptive father as he forces him to live in the bell tower away from the outside world were like Gothel only more crueler forbids him from leaving the bell tower due to the cruel nature of the people who will resent him because of his deformity and Quasi of course sneaks out to the festival of fools where he is breifly cheered on by the people as he is crowned the king of fools before the people turn on him just like Frollo told him would happen and as poor Quasi pleads for his master to help him Frollo allows the torment to continue to teach Quasi a very harsh lesson, aside from that Frollo constantly treats Quasimodo horribly abusing him mostly emotionally and later tries to finish him off during the climax.

He literally kills a woman and makes her son his slave

Worst parent, but great villain.

2 Mother Gothel - Tangled Mother Gothel is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures' 50th animated feature film Tangled.

She kidnaps Rapunzel from her parents after her hair inherits the magic from the flower used to cure the queen that Gothel tried to hide and locks her away in a tower never allowing Rapunzel to leave the tower so Gothel herself can hoard Rapunzel's magic hair to keep her young.


3 Buck Cluck - Chicken Little

Noting about Buck Cluck is redeemable, at the beginning of the movie after Chicken Little claimed that he got hit in the head with a piece of the sky Buck convinces everyone that it was an acorn that hit him instead as he literally throws his own son under the bus allowing him the citizens of town to mock and humiliate him he didn't even want him join the baseball team fearing he'll embarrass him, and even after Chicken Little joins the team Buck is still unsupportive and groans along with everyone else when his son is finally allowed to play in the game as they fear he'll cost them the game for them only to everyone and even Buck's surprise Little actually hits the ball and win the game as Buck finally shows pride in his son but it doesn't last after Little and his friends attempted to tell everyone about the space ship Buck once again sides with the town and disowns his son again.

He doesn't support his son, but instead joins the laughing crowd

Wow so bad cares about his image only he unintenially abuses his son

Neglected his son

4 Sheila Broflovski - South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut

After Kyle and the other boys become heavily influenced by the Terrace and Philip movie Shelia takes it upon herself to start a protest group and convince the United States to go to war with Canada, what make it worse is that her own adoptive son Ike is also Canadian as Kyle brings up later in the movie, non the less she kills Terrance and Philip allowing Satan and Saddam Hussein to rise from Hell and invade Earth.

5 Ms. Onc-ler - Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

She never supported her son in his dream until he becomes successful with his thneed invention and she's the one who tells him to start cutting down the trees to make more of them and Onc-ler just goes along with it (which is why the movie fails as an adaption of the book as in the book and the short the Onc-ler is the one who makes the decision to cut down the trees) and after all the trees get cut down and Onc-ler ruins the environment and puts himself out of business Ms. Onc-ler and the rest of the family just pack up and leave as she disowns him.

Mother troll

6 Ariel - The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea Princess Ariel is a fictional character and the title character of Walt Disney Pictures' 28th animated film The Little Mermaid.

Though its understandable she wanted to keep Melody safe from Morgana's clutches how she went about it is why she's on the list as she has a giant wall built to keep Melody from the sea and doesn't bother to tell her daughter about the whole situation or about her mermaid heritage and later after finding out that Melody went over the wall and found her locket Melody asks her about it and Ariel not only refuses to answer her questions but scolds Melody telling her to never go out to the sea again which causes her to runaway and meet up with Morgana who tricks her into stealing King Triton's triton allowing her to rule the sea.

Why is she always on these kind of lists? Don’t tell me that it’s time to change my favorite Disney princess. Or is it Disney’s fault again? CURSE YOU, DISNEY!

7 Stu Pickles - The Rugrats Movie

You can pretty much put all of the parents from the movie in here but the worst of them would have to be Stu, despite being a loving husband and father he is completely blinded by his own ego and puts all his hopes in winning a toy competition to win 500 dollars which isn't nearly enough to help support the family especially with a new kid on the way as his brother Drew tries reasoning with him to get a real job instead of wasting his time as a failed inventor, and he also becomes really careless with the kids leaving them in the care of his father Lou who even he knows is incapable of watching them as he constantly falls asleep as Phil and Lil attempt to take Dill back to the hospital dragging the others along for the ride as Angelica kicks the Reptar wagon that was suppose to be sent to the competition sending it rolling outside and as Angelica realizes they have Cynthia she goes after them so not only does Stu and Lou lose Tommy and Dill they lose everyone elses kids including ...more

Blinded by ego, leaves his sleepy father to take care of his kids, all to win $500? That's not enough to support, especially with a new kid.

8 Talia al Ghul - Batman: Bad Blood
9 Perry Babcock - ParaNorman

Almost as much a bad father as Buck Cluck, Norman's dad gets very annoyed with him with his ability to talk to dead people and later after Norman freaks out during the play due to him getting a vision of the witch's curse he berates him while driving home telling him that its one thing to act like a total nutcase in front of his family but not in front of the whole town then later as Norman tells him he didn't ask to be born with his powers as his dad replies well neither did we.

10 The King of Arendelle - Frozen

He should've lost all full custodies of Elsa to more exceptional, more formal, more intellectual, more natural-born, more precocious, more prodigious, more professional, childless human grown adult fit, real, royal, richer, wealthier, higher upper class, noble, gentry, more affluent, more luxurious, overprivileged, more gifted, more proper, primmer, highborn, magical, supernatural ice powered perfectionists/tycoons who normally show courtly manners in public, at least actually try to help her learn to control her powers and Anna to carefree, spirited, wild, lowborn, lower-class, middle-class, casual, informal, non magic, outdoorsy, ordinary childless human grown adult explorers/live wires/simple non royals at hearts who're truly more open minded about/normally believe in supernatural magic

Instead of actually trying to help their daughter Elsa to learn to control her powers they tell her that she needs to hide them from the world and basically isolate her from the world even from her sister Anna which only made the problem even worse as Elsa becomes more fearful that she could hurt others with her powers that she is unable to control them.

He should have just taken Elsa to the X'Men mansion like in that HOSHE video

Unfit father

The Contenders

11 King Runeard - Frozen II

Elsa would've had canon ice magic powered, surrogate, better paternal kingly grandfatherly figures than that Runeard, whereas, Anna would've had canon non magic, ordinary, magic worshiping, surrogate, better paternal grandfatherly figures than that Runeard because of his (Runeard's) prejudice against magic.

Agnarr would've had canon non magic, ordinary, magic worshiping, surrogate, better paternal fatherly figures than that Runeard because of his (Runeard's) prejudice against magic.

12 Mel Meh - The Emoji Movie

Both are pretty horrible parents who want to lock up their son Gene from the world due to his problem of having more then one expression.

13 Lady Tremaine - Cinderella
14 Mr. Fox - Fantastic Mr. Fox

Aside from putting his family and the rest of the community in jeopardy after he angers the three farmers by stealing from them but he's also a terrible father to his own son Ash constantly favoring his nephew Kristofferson over him and even brings him on a heist with him and not allowing Ash to come.

15 Bob Parr - The Incredibles Robert "Bob" Parr, also known as Mr. Incredible, is the protagonist of The Incredibles and is the deuteragonist of Incredibles 2.

In the first movie Bob constantly forced his family to move time and time again after he blows their cover by trying to be Mr. Incredible again which really angers Helen because he's so caught up in the past trying to relive his glory days and missing out on his kids lives, after he blows his cover again and not willing to tell Helen he got fired again he takes a job offer from Mirage which later gets him into even more trouble when he finds out he was actually recruited by Syndrome who is revealed to be Buddy his former fanboy who was using him and the rest of the other supers to perfect his Omnidroid weapon this then leads to him putting his own family in danger when they come to his rescue and they are nearly killed when Syndrome launches a couple of missiles at the airplane they were on.

I'd say Bob is 50/50

16 Fa Zhou - Mulan
17 Zeke Yeager - Attack on Titan
18 Abbot Cellach - The Secret of Kells
19 Judge Vinsmoke - One Piece
20 Evil Step-Mother - Cinderella
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