Worst Animated Movies of 2013


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1 Escape from Planet Earth

It was pretty dumb and boring. - SammySpore

2 Planes
3 Free Birds

I hate when they have pizza for Thanksgiving. This is the most epic absurd ending to any animated movie I’ve ever seen!

I actually really liked this movie. Mainly because it was kind of like Flight of the Navigator with its AI time machine, Steve. I also love time travel movies. I can name at least adozen time travel movies that are better, (Flight of the Navigator, Back to the Future, Mr. Peabody & Sherman, etc. ) but "Free Birds" is not half as bad as everyone says it is. - RockFashionista

Below Frozen? Please - 445956

We know, RockFashionista. Flight of the Navigator is one of your favorite movies of all time. I have the same reasons to love Flight of the Navigator and Back to the Future as you do. Such heartfelt, original masterpieces...

And I respect your opinion on Free Birds. Actually, while it's a very dull movie, Free Birds is not as horrible as I remember it.

4 Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2

Worst Movie of 2013! Animat is right!

The movie was ok but jesus flint acts like a total idiot. It's like he has no brain at all anymore. He just does whatever stupid chester tells him to, even being a jerk to his friends. - SammySpore

With the possible exception of Silver Circle, this was the worst animated movie of the year. I hate this stupid movie so much...

AniMat was completely right of Cloudy With a Chance of Meat 2, from the ugly, over-exaggerated movie to the overdosed enviromental messages. Also, when I said "meat" in this comment, I mean as in "penis".

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5 Walking With Dinosaurs

I like this film I watched it on T.V. one time it was good but not as good as the documentary

6 The Croods
7 Turbo

The film should be called Theo

Ask AniMat. Turbo is a blatant Cars 1 rip-off. And it's also weak for DreamWorks standards.

8 Frozen

Most idiotic film of all time should have been flopped.

This should be number 1 on this list.

2013 has to be the worst year of animation. Frozen was such a disappointment, and while Frozen is a good movie for 2013 standards, its popularity deserves to decrease big time. I can live without Disney making an adaptation of The Snow Queen. The animation actually sorta blew me away. Its songs are not the worst, but Let it Go teaches kids to be very disrespectful to their parents. Also, the characters were not meant to be hypocritical weaklings. And guess what?! THEY ARE! I give Frozen a 4/10.

The movie kind of sucked but HOLY CRAP it's been a year and a half STOP OBSESSING OVER IT ALREADY! - SammySpore

9 Epic
10 Justin And The Knights of Valor

This was rubbish, had to get out of the cinema 30 minutes into the film, awful

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11 Alpha & Omega 2: A Howl-Iday Adventure

This, this should be above frozen

I agree. Perhaps they are trying to be like Land Before time?

Why does Alpha & Omega have so much sequels?! It seems appealing to insane furries, plus Alpha & Omega was not even that successful.

12 Pup

Basically, this movie is about a black sheep named Blackie, who wants to go to the moon, and a Sheepdog (that looks nothing like a sheepdog) that is in love with her, but wants to hide it. Just watch the movie, and see if you like it or not, I don't really like it. Here's one thing that ruined the movie: When Kanuto, the sheepdog saves three white sheep from a giant spider web cage, they fight a ton of Asian (or Chinese) spiders by PEEING ON THEM AND MAKING IT FLOW INTO A DRAIN. They come across a peculiar pack of dogs, and fight Pinkie, a Godzilla-sized sheep. Sounds stupid right?

I couldn't paste a picture because all it did was show the link to the website. So, if anyone wants to tell me how to put a picture next to the option, then tell me.

P.S. If you look closely, you can see the "sheepdog's" penis... which you probably don't want to know.

13 Despicable Me 2
14 Silver Circle
15 The Smurfs 2

This was a waste and wasn't even that good

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