Top Ten Worst Animated Movies of 2015


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1 Two by Two: God's Little Creatures

I've never heard of this, but its obviously just some brainwashing propaganda for christian kids that makes no sense.

Boring, cheesy, and annoying animation that only Freddy Krueger would enjoy

Seriously? Two by Two? Capture the Flag? Strange Magic? Hell and Back? Home? Sponge Out of Water? those movies were awesome

Come on, only five of these movies are bad

2 Capture the Flag V 1 Comment
3 Strange Magic
4 Hell and Back
5 Pixies

This movie is so bad, it makes Predator scream

6 Curious George 3: Back to the Jungle

There are 3 movies? I thought there was only 1.

7 Adventures of Blinky Bill: Blinky Bill's Red Car
8 Home

Boring, characters are annoying, so is the music. Immature humour. (i.e. drinking pee) and it spawned an abysmally bad netflix animated series.

Screw The Haters
I Love This Movie

9 The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

The trailers were misleading, but the movie was still very good.

This movie is so overrated.

10 Minions

I Just Don't Want Anymore Violently Abusive Comments Towards This Movie And Just Please, Respect Other People's Opinions


The Contenders

11 Shaun the Sheep Movie
12 The Good Dinosaur
13 Inside Out V 4 Comments
14 Hotel Transylvania 2
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1. Home
2. Strange Magic
3. Capture the Flag
1. Two by Two: God's Little Creatures
2. Hell and Back
3. Capture the Flag



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