Top Ten Worst Animated Movies of 2015


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1 Two by Two: God's Little Creatures

Please do not get your knickers in a tight twist just because the title says Two by Two: God's Little Creatures.
Finny, a Nestrian, and his new friend Leah have to band together to survive the elements and predators after they fall off Noah's Ark.

I don't call it brainwashing, its just a silly kids film. Kids have to be rather dim to believe in Noah's Ark.

Guess what neither God or Noah was in the film.

I've never heard of this, but its obviously just some brainwashing propaganda for christian kids that makes no sense.

2 Strange Magic

This movie has the worst looking animation.

3 Capture the Flag

Horrible acting
Bag cgi
Worst movie ever

4 Pixies

Hand me a melon baller. - RoseWeasley

Ew,I had to bleach my eyes looking at it. - FreddyFazStark123

Yeah,no kidding.Looks so ugly. - bendyfazjazz234

This movie is so bad, it makes Predator scream

5 Hell and Back
6 Alpha and Omega: Family Vacation

Ok can I explain...yes this is messed up trash... loinsgate why would you do such a thing to one of the best movies you made! I gave it a chance um... nope to late!

1st alpha and omega: this one was cute, great comdey, made me laugh, sad-scences, good CGI, roomace, and childhood 3d movie and.. no pups being the heros! the story made lots of since, I wish kate and humprhey can stay not being husband and wife! this should be on theaters the sequels dserve being raspy home videos! I wish the sequels had good comdey like the 1st one!

alpha and omega 2: when I heard of it, I was so happy but when I wacthed it was just no... it was a winter editon but not one of those winter holiday fun! this was a waste of time bad CGI but vocie acting and instead kate and humprehy got two sons named STINKY AND RUNT! DUMB NAMES! think of better names like sparky & rascal sounds cute! so there two sons who are the heros instead like... I am sorry lets say: what the heck! why would they do such ...more

Bad movie of with ugly 🐺s like the 1st alpha and omega was the cutest wolf movie 🍿 Just funny comedy, good romance and yes drama... YES KATE AND HUMPREHY USED TO BE GOOD CHARACTERS! Classic. But let’s start to the beginning let’s just say the sequels are messed up and never even seen. The 1st alpha and omega was so adorable and funny at the same time, smooth makes sense and no pups that lol fat to the ground like in the sequels. But like real pups ( wolfs, dogs, foxes, etc) are so cute :3 but the pups in here are so badly ugh... the 2nd alpha and omega was ugly bad and Kate and humprey got two sons named stinky and runt! Yes dumb names well.. runt may be a cute name compared to other things like a villain with a kid named runt. But stinky is such a another name...he was not even stinky at all that will be s better name for s funny skunk. But naming your kid stinky and runt are dumb. Instead of our two main characters being the hero’s the two pups are with dumb names... the ...more

7 Curious George 3: Back to the Jungle

There are 3 movies? I thought there was only 1.

8 Adventures of Blinky Bill: Blinky Bill's Red Car
9 Home

The songs aren't too bad, but the movie is meh. - RoseWeasley

Well, the movie's bad, the Netflix animated series is even worse. Just watch one of the episodes and your day will be ruined.

Boring, characters are annoying, so is the music. Immature humour. (i.e. drinking pee) and it spawned an abysmally bad netflix animated series.

Screw The Haters
I Love This Movie

10 Minions

I Just Don't Want Anymore Violently Abusive Comments Towards This Movie And Just Please, Respect Other People's Opinions


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11 Shaun the Sheep Movie

Who put this here this movie is cute

12 The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

It took a hour to start out of watering but nice Peter and epic Lloyd was in it and made a battle in it so yeah I liked this movie

The trailers were misleading, but the movie was still very good.

This movie is so overrated.

13 The Good Dinosaur

This film is so boring, I just want to burn it to Hell! How could you, Pixar?! You've made Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Ratatouille! Those were all great! So why even make this lousy abomination?

14 Hotel Transylvania 2

This needs to be no. 1. - PageEmperor

I’m the first person to comment on this? Well...okay. Anyways, hate to admit but this was the first time I was disappointed in an animated film. And yes I still find it an accomplishment that I enjoyed/accepted every other animated film before this one with a few exceptions.

I know this will sound cliche because I’m getting older and all, but I found this film to be way too kiddy. I mean sure I wasn’t a child when I watched this but still! I was excited to watch this at first since they advertised it everywhere, but when I saw it I was disappointed. I didn’t find a single funny moment! The plot was way too basic, the humour was mostly a bunch of gross stuff that tried to be funny but ended up being disgusting and even the beginning was unwatchable.

I mean the first one was only ok but at least it can somewhat appeal to ages 3+! If anything, the only good thing about this film is that now my favourite, 2nd favourite, and least favourite animated films are all part ...more - PageEmperor

15 Huevos: Little Rooster's Egg-cellent Adventure

Looks like another Chicken Little.

Animation: 3/10

3/10 with the Seal of Garbage

16 Inside Out

Stupid film. - bendyfazjazz234

The lesson of the movie is terrible.

Inisde out is a classic idiots!


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17 My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Friendship Games
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