Teen Titans Go to the Movies is the Best Animated Movie Ever!

MegaSoulhero I didn’t think it was possible, but there managed to be an animated movie that surpassed Fantasia! Pretty much every year we get new superhero movies. Mainly from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe. However, it’s not often when we get animated superhero movies. Sure, last year we got Lego Batman, but this year, in addition to Incredibles 2, we got a highly anticipated movie based on the highly popular cartoon, Teen Titans Go! I saw it and I am excited to talk about it! By the way, I’m gonna have to warn you that this review contains....


Basically, it’s about Robin wanting to get his own movie so he will be seen as a real superhero and not be seen as a joke. There are a lot of genius moments. A lot of cleverly written scenes. Like when they’re fighting the balloon man and in the middle of the fight, they have a long fart joke and then instead of defeating it, they go into a pointless rap. That is just genius. This leads to the Justice League telling them that they’re not real superheroes and they’re just jokes. Of course, they’re right. Which is pretty much what the entire series is centered around. I mean, it’s not like the movie is gonna focus on these characters that the movie itself is saying is are annoying. Oh wait, it does. But it’s done to perfection because the movie makes us feel bad for the characters that we’ve been making fun of 5 years despite them most likely gonna continue their annoying shenanigans as the series continues. So brilliant! I felt the emotion when Robin was running out of the theater full of superheroes after getting humiliated. It’s just amazing how they can make us care about a character who has done absolutely nothing for us to even care.

Now let’s talk about this movie’s villain, Slade. We all remember Slade from the original Teen Titans cartoon. Ron Perlman gave a very great and intimidating performance. So who was the best choice to replace him in the Teen Titans Go movie? Will Arnett! You’d think that hearing his voice come out of Slade would be distracting, but it wasn’t. And the joke with the Titans confusing him for Deadpool definitely didn’t go on for too long. In fact, it should’ve gone on longer! There are a bunch of other references as well. They even throw in a Lion King joke! This may seem like a reference that only exists for the sake of having a reference like that in the movie, but that’s because it is. And it's absolutely brilliant. There are even a bunch of random song numbers. I mean, how can you not love random song numbers that add absolutely nothing to the film? Regarding superhero references in the film, what’s a superhero movie related thing from recent years that people like to make fun of? Oh yeah! The Martha scene from Batman v Superman! Sure, pretty much everyone has already made fun of that scene and there’s nothing else clever you can do with it, but this movie still does it. And I love it for doing that. Robin wanting a movie so badly that he decides to be a selfish jerk and drag his friends into ruining the origins of popular superheroes despite him being a character we should be rooting for is just hilarious. Watching characters do unforgivable acts like this is always so entertaining. Which is why the Little Mermaid is such a masterpiece. He even ruins Batman’s origin despite Batman being the reason Robin exists. But the thing about this movie is that it doesn’t care about what’s logical and what’s not. That’s very respectful. Oh, and who can forget that musical scene with baby Superman twerking his naked butt? This took a group of animators to create and it paid off well! Since they know we thought that was great, they added a lot more scenes with closeups of people’s butts! Such genius!

Not only are there butt jokes, but there’s also a scene with poop jokes. Because, as we all know, the best joke you can put into any animated kids film is a poop joke. They focus on this joke for at least 2 minutes in hopes of getting people to laugh the entire time, and they accomplish it. I mean, you gotta remember it’s a kids film. Sure there are films out there that treat children with respect like Toy Story, but that did that have any poop jokes? Nope! Teen Titans Go knows how to be a kids film! This is the humor that they should always be shown! One thing that’s missing from this movie is the main character having an argument with his friends which leads to a separation between them which would later get resolved and lead to them coming back since a lot of animated movies have that. But this movie doesn’t do that. Except it does. Because it’s just one of the basic dumb rules of making a cliché animated film. Not that I’m saying this movie is dumb because it’s not. The most genius thing this movie does would have to be the twist. That director named Jade who makes the superhero movies turns out to be Slade! This is one of the greatest twists in cinema history! I totally didn’t see it coming! It takes absolute skill to come up with a twist that surprising and clever. One that no one would be able to guess.

The final battle is so intense that it gives Marvel a run for their money. Speaking of Marvel, there’s a Stan Lee cameo! I don’t know why he makes a cameo, but he just does, but it doesn’t matter why he’s there as long as it’s funny so we can overlook the fact that it doesn’t make a lot of sense and is only there for people to say that Stan Lee is in the movie. Throughout the movie, Raven is shown to be able to make a portal that can send people into another dimension or something which she could’ve easily used to defeat Slade earlier. But the way they actually do defeat Slade is even better. They do a reprise of that sick rap from the beginning! After once again being told how silly they are! Yep! There’s that self-aware humor again with the movie making fun of itself and making its large flaw not a flaw anymore because it acknowledges the flaw. That’s just how this kind of humor works. It’s clever writing. This movie does absolutely perfect. Very smart.

This movie seriously has a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes? Did I watch a completely different movie? Sure, there were some funny moments and some nice action, but the story makes absolutely no sense. Oops. Did I accidentally type this?

So yeah! Teen Titans Go to the Movies is an absolute masterpiece! Easily the best animated movie ever and the one of the best movies of all time! You know what else looks great? That live action Titans series! The one with Robin killing people, Raven being an insecure school girl, Starfire being a pornstar, and Beast Boy being Hiro Hamada. I am so looking forward to that!


What was your actual rating - iliekpiez

3/10 - MegaSoulhero

Are you gonna do a real review on this? - nicolasb5194

I haven't seen it yet, but I thought it looked good - ProPanda

I actually loved the film.
Ron Perlman is the best Slade, but Will Arnett was really good. Slade was supposed to be somewhat of a comedic villain in this film so casting Will Arnett actually makes sense. Although the Teen Titans aren't the most heroic characters ever they did save the world from Slade so they are likeable. I personally think their mildly rude and chaotic antics are a lot more fun than boring heroes who always do the right thing like Wonder Woman and some versions of Superman.

However if you don't like the film that's fine. It's not everyone's cup of tea.

The live action Titans may be bad or good. People are already saying it sucks despite not seeing any episodes. I admit it looks weird and a little off putting, but it has potential. - girlcool

No your wrong Food Fight is the best movie ever. - Drawbox

It was pretty bad alright - B1ueNew

I couldn't tell you were being sarcastic until I read the whole thing. - visitor