Top 10 Worst Animated Movies Not Made by Pixar

There are quite a lot of bad animated films! And these are the worst of the worst! Not including Pixar of course.

The Top Ten

1 Foodfight!

Do I even need to explain? The movie is just product placement galore! Seriously! It is so annoying! A lot of people consider this as one of the worst animated movies of all time! And they are certainly right! It's atrocious! The story is awful! The animation is awful! The characters are awful! Nothing makes sense! I'm curious to know how drunk the the writers were when making this! This movie had a surprisingly high budget! Which is weird because the animation is some of the worst I have ever seen! I feel bad for the celebrities who were in this film! I've met Wayne Brady before. He's a nice guy, but his character in this movie was just terrible! Never watch this movie! - MegaSoulhero

Second worst animated movie of all time. Don't watch Foodfight! I give Foodfight a 0/10!

Trash movie! Why does the director of this movie want to make a Tetris movie?

The CGI in Suicide Squad, Jurassic Park III, The Mummy Returns, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine look like Mona Lisa compared to the hideous animation in this horrible disaster!

2 Norm of the North

Norm of the North SUCKS! It is HORRENDOUS! Who would enjoy something like this!? The fact that this made it into theaters is ridiculous! This feels more like a direct to dvd movie! It's so stupid! I can't think of anyone would find a twerking polar bear to be funny! None of the jokes get a laugh! The lemmings are very annoying! There's one scene that involves them peeing in a fish tank for about a minute! It's just... it's not funny. The animation is also very terrible! That's the biggest reason why people wonder how something like this made it into theaters! Most of the characters barely serve any purpose to the plot! Some of them could've been written out entirely and it wouldn't change anything! The story is stupid! The writing is stupid! Everything about this film is stupid! I hate this movie! HATE IT! Every second of it is torture! If you haven't seen this movie, don't watch it! - MegaSoulhero

This get's too much hate, It was pretty enjoyable to be honest, should be much lower than than Foodfight and A Car's Life. - darthvadern

It's scary that there are people in the world who deemed this movie worthy of being released in the cinema

3 A Car's Life

Yo ho, yo ho! A car's life for me! If you thought Cars 2 was bad! It is! But I'd watch that any day over this hunk of garbage! It's one of those ripoff films that tries to be like a Disney movie. There are also movies like Kiara the Brave, Ratatoing, Frozen Land, What's UP, and some other ones. They are all terrible! I don't remember much from this movie, but I gave it a watch out of boredom, and I hated it! Unlike the characters in Pixar's Cars, these characters have their eyes located where their headlights should be! Cars 2 has already proven how creepy this looks! I remember this one character who has the most annoying voice ever! It was like nails on a chalkboard! The animation is bad, but you probably already knew that. This movie does not try at all! It's horrible! - MegaSoulhero

How is this not at number one any film the studio who made this movie has made has been a $2 poorly animated movie that your uncle finds at a dollar store and gives to you as a present - Himalayansalt

The budget was $500...the $500 was spent on donuts and hookers - TheCriticalCritic

4 Tentacolino

Dumb idea for one of the Titanic cartoon movies a sequel. Finding that Titanic is in the fictional lost city.

There has never been a good animated Titanic movie! Seriously! I didn't even care for the James Cameron movie! But these animated ones made me appreciate it more! The animated Titanic movies are just awful! Every single one of them! They just get worse with each movie! And the worst of the three is Tentacolino! When the movie got to the rapping shark scene, I was very tempted to turn off the movie! I really wish I did because it got worse from there! I felt like I lost a few brain cells from watching it! The writing is just awful! Nothing makes sense! Whose idea was this!? Avoid it at all costs! - MegaSoulhero

5 Home on the Range

This is the worst Disney movie ever made! How did one of the greatest animation studios manage to create something this unwatchably bad!? It is beyond stupid! Before watching it, I knew it was going to be bad, but I was surprised to realize that it was HORRENDOUS! The characters are annoying, the songs are forgettable, and the villain is the worst Disney villain ever! "Oh, I can hypnotize the cows by yodeling! " If that sounded stupid, that's because it is! I have never met anyone who likes this movie! I know some people who like Chicken Little, but if you ask anyone what they think about Home on the Range, they'll either say they never saw it, or they hate it! Terrible! - MegaSoulhero

I just watched this and now want to jump off a cliff

6 Where the Dead Go to Die

You didn't originally have this on the list? - DCfnaf

I forgot it existed. I actually try very hard to pretend it doesn't exist. - MegaSoulhero

This movie looks like a really ugly pc game from 1998

7 Ratatoing
8 Mulan II

Mulan 2 is garbage! It is absolutely horrendous! I don't see how anyone with a brain can enjoy something like this! It ruins everything that made the first film so great! There is nothing good about it! And if you like this movie, why? Mulan is completely out of character! They made her focus on love rather than doing what's right! They made Mushu a complete jerk! The songs are annoying! The animation is awful! This is the worst Disney sequel ever! It ruined such a great film! Hopefully the live action Mulan remake will be good. - MegaSoulhero

I've never seen it, but I guess since I like Norm and much other hated movies, I can't judge it yet. - darthvadern

I saw this movie and I liked it, but the ending had me guessing. Since the princesses didn't marry the prince/princes, does that mean Mulan's country will be attacked like the Emperor said would happen? (Sorry, I forgot some of this movie) Or does it still not because the Golden Dragon of Unity said that they should marry whomever they please? I feel like Mushu should have also said, "And you will forge an alliance with Mulan's country even IF the princesses didn't marry your prince! " And, (I just now thought of this) how would their father react to them not following their royal duties, and especially their courtship/marriage to a bunch of guys he never met personaly?
Another thing I didn't like was that they basically stole a song from the last movie, and it wasn't as good as the first movie's. The song I liked the most was the one that went, "I wanna be like other girls." But now that I think about it, the version the princesses sang was better than the song that played at the ...more

9 A Troll in Central Park

If a movie has the word "troll" in the title, it will most likely suck. Dreamworks' Trolls, Troll 2, and A Troll in Central Park! Don Bluth is an animation genius! He created Labd Before Time, American Tail, and Secret of NIMH. So what happened here? What exactly is the target audience? Kids? Even as a kid I would've thought this movie was stupid! I feel like this could mess up a child's brain with its over the top cutesy imagery and its sappy songs! I wanted to punch the main character in the face! Don Bluth's other movies were very dramatic and dark while also still being for kids. But this movie just insults the intelligence of children! Wow it's so bad! I don't know what Bluth was thinking! It's just so annoying and way too dumb! - MegaSoulhero

Awful! If you want to watch a good don Bluth film, watch the land before time, secret of Nhim, & a American tail

Rated E for Embreyo - TheCriticalCritic

10 The Little Panda Fighter

The Contenders

11 Felix the Cat: The Movie

I've always wondered why Mickey Mouse hasn't gotten his own theatrical movie yet. It can't possibly be worse than this! I'm not a fan of Felix the Cat, but this movie is just terrible! What even is this!? There's not much of a plot! It just feels like a bunch of random events that they just randomly mashed together and decided to call it a movie! The audio really gets on my nerves! There are moments when the background noise is louder than the characters talking! Also, the movements of the characters' mouths don't really match what they are saying! The animation is very poor! There are tons of moments that made me scratch my head and think "Are they serious? " It's just so bad! - MegaSoulhero

12 Eight Crazy Nights

Horrible, just horrible.

Most of Adam Sandler's movies are terrible, and this is no exception! It's a movie about Hanukkah. And after watching it, I'm kind of glad I'm not Jewish! The main character isn't likeable in the slightest! He is such a jerk! How can we relate to him? The old guy has an incredibly annoying voice! The jokes are horribly dumb! The animation is great though. I'll give it that. I just wish they didn't waste such great animation on such a terrible story! There are songs in this movie and they are pretty forgettable. This isn't the worst Adam Sandler movie, but it's still torture! - MegaSoulhero

I'm representing all the jews out here when I say this movie sucks - Himalayansalt

13 Sausage Party

I might get some hate for this. When I first saw this movie, I thought it was okay but had some flaws. But the more I think about it, the worse it gets! I don't see how this movie is funny! Food swearing every other sentence? How is that funny? We get it! You're an R rated film! I feel like it mostly focuses on trying to be an R rated film instead of focusing on an actually good story! There are some things that aren't explained. The food are able to move around and stuff and from the humans perspective, they just look like regular food without arms and legs. So when the food walk around, what does that look like to the humans? There's even one scene where two sausages go up to a window to escape, and a woman sees them! Why doesn't she question how they got up there!? And the ending is just... I wish I never saw that! This movie is just a poor attempt at comedy and tries way too hard to be get that R rating to the point where it tells a bad story! - MegaSoulhero

When this film was being made, they treated their animators like crap and refused to credit most of them - TwilightKitsune

Try eating a taco after you watch this movies it's hard - Himalayansalt

14 Doogal
15 The Aristocats

@ClimaxDome, I like it to

16 Frozen

Guilty pleasure, this was pretty good. Probably not great, but still good.

17 The Ten Commandments (2007)
18 Batman: The Killing Joke

Very disgusting insult to the legendary novel of the same name!

19 Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World
20 Fun and Fancy Free
21 Rio 2

I don't hate it, but it is super bland, 3/10. - darthvadern

22 Chicken Little
23 Shark Tale
24 The Secret Life of Pets
25 Minions
26 The Lion King
27 The Angry Birds Movie
28 Hotel Transylvania
29 Ice Age: Collision Course
30 Shark Bait
31 Beavis and Butt-Head Do America
32 Sing
33 The Emoji Movie

Gene is the only good character in my opinion, mostly because of his adorableness. I think him not saving the deleted ones is because he was busy fleeing from Smiler... he would have saved them if not for Smiler.

This needs to be In the top 10

34 Ralph Breaks the Internet
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