Where The Dead Go To Die: Review/Rant

Welcome people, today I want to discuss about a movie that I heard of thanks to TheTopTens. I saw this on the Worst Animated Movies list, and since curiousity got the best of me, I decided to look up this movie. And the results were absolutely suprising. I was really shocked once I saw the trailer. I heard that this got negative feedback, so I watched the trailer. Did I think this movie was amazing or did I think it was horrible?

My Opinion On This Movie
It was straight up garbage, I thought it was worse than horrible, this so called "film" should really be banned and in the trash can. I hate this movie with burning passion, in my opinion, this is the worst animated movie. This movie really deserves number 1 on the Worst Animated Movies list. Where The Dead Go To Die is just wrong at many levels, pretty much there is so many things wrong with this movie. I have never seen anything worse in my life because at least all other animated works somehow have more potential and creativity. Who even created this movie? This guy or girl or whoever created this movie needs to be banned from making disgraceful movies like this one. It might even be the worst movie ever in general. WARNING: Nobody should ever watch this, it will give you nightmares.

First of all, lets talk about the animation. Seriously, I have never seen any worse animation in my life than the one of this movie, even a toddler can make better animation. Imagine an animation that has not been finished and the characters move like robots, this is what baseically the animation in this movie looks like. The characters all move like robots, there is no realistic feel to the animation. It does not even come to life, it feels so out, especially for a CGI movie. The ways the characters move their bodies looks so unrealistic that even the animation of Peppa Pig looks more realistic. It is like the animators just rushed through the movie and just left the animation uncomplete because they were too lazy to give a realistic animation to the movie. A more life-like animation, like Pixar for example is part of what makes people like movies, now that company has breath taking animation that is so realistic and well done. This animation however was completely effortless and ugly.

Speaking of the animation, the art is so ugly. The art makes me grimace, it is so bad that even a baby can draw better characters. Everytime I look at these characters, I want to puke at how horrible they look. They look like failed attempts of realistic humans and some even look like creepy versions of little kids shows, how worse can this movie get? The backgrounds look horrible and effortless. Did the creators tried making it realistic but their art skills are too ugly to make them look good? Don't even talk to me about the one-eyed monsters of this movie, horrid creatures.

The plot is bad and it makes no sense, all I see is people suffering really badly. Is this just about people dying? Where are the emotional moments that are heart warming and relatable? This movie has none, you don't feel anything, you just feel horrified by the creepiness of this movie. Part of what makes a movie great is having relatable and emotional moments, this movie has none. I hate the fact that this movie is basically people just dying, which is too mean and cruel spirited. Don't get me wrong, I love violence in movies, but this is just too cruel and too violent, there is no actual emotion in this. How is this movie not banned? Also, the things the characters in this movie has to suffer are too awful to even be mentioned.

Voice Acting
The voice acting is basically a bunch of boring, creepy sounding vioces that sound robotic. Imagine a robot speaking in a very scary voice, that is basically how all the voice actors sound like in this movie. It is like the voice actors are not even trying at all to give the characters good voices. Bad voice acting annoys people a lot and this movie does have annoying voice acting. You cannot feel what the characters actually feel, they just simply speak, no actual emotion or connection with the characters, that is what the voice actors sound like.

Comparison and ratings
Overall, I rate this movie 0/10 for lack of effort and feeling. The makers of this trash did not even try to make this movie good. There are millions of animated movies much better than this one. Even Frozen and Foodfight!, which are considered the worst animated movies are better. Frozen is not even top ten worthy of the Worst Animated Movies list, the animation and character design is amazing and outstanding, and the voice acting is decent but some parts of the plot and the songs is what really made Frozen bad, but not comparable to this movie. Foodfight! is a bad animated movie that has cheap animation, bad art, okay voice acting, and uninteresting plot, but at least the all of those qualities are still better than that of Where The Dead Go To Die. This movie actually deserves to be the worst animated movie, not Frozen nor Foodfight! I don't know a single person that likes this movie, who would like a piece of useless trash? I only heard negative feedback from this so called movie, which actually deserves hate and no love.

I would not recommend this movie to anyone. If you are an easily scared person, don't ever watch this or else it will scar you for life and you will have nightmares, luckily, this is not me. Kids, stay away from this movie as much as possible, there is a lot of innapropriate scenes and it is way too violent and gross. Parents, make sure nobody ever watches this movie, especially not your own kids. Look, I am not overprotective when it comes to entertainment, but this movie is too innapropriate though, even South Park is more appropriate than this movie. If I had kids, I would let them watch anime and any type of cartoons just as long as it does not affect them, but I could tell this movie will affect them, I would even let them watch South Park if they are mature enough, but never this movie. I think everyone, regardless of age, should stay away from this film, end of story. Anyways, thanks for reading!


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