Welcome to How to Make the Worst Movie of All Time! Here we will demonstrate everything you should do to assure your audience is running from their seats, screaming in terror.

1. Begin by making your backgrounds as blurry and block-like as possible. Audience members should have no idea what they're actually meant to be looking at.

2. If you're not constantly moving the camera, there's clearly something wrong with you. Even in a still shot, make sure you're continually zooming and moving the camera in and out and side to side. You should be striving to give your audience motion sickness.

3. Make sure the shade of your environment is that special puke color to make the audience envision the great metropolitan sewerage system while they're watching your cinematic train wreck.

4. Assure the camera is jerky, and I mean REALLY jerky! It should give your audience the thought that their screen is broken.

5. Make sure your characters look as dead-eyed and ...more

This movie may not be as bad as Where the Dead Got to Die, but my God is it close. Everything about this movie is as bottom of the barrel as it gets. The story basically combines the randomness of those animated Titanic movies combined with jokes that makes Adam Sandler's recent films look like comedy gold. The animation is unfinished with awful backgrounds, uncanny character designs and character animation, awful effects, and lip movements that never match up to what the characters are saying. The story also suffers from piss poor pacing, being way too dark for a kids movie and terrible dialogue. Not only that, but the sound mixing is awful, the characters all range from bland, annoying to downright creepy, the voice acting is lackluster to say the list, the mascots used in this movie are wasted to breath cameos and the script is so bad that you would think that the writers were on drugs. I mean how the hell can a sixty five million dollar movie be so terrible? 1/10.

Okay I have not watched it but I saw a JonTron video about it, let me just say do not I repeat DO NOT even consider about getting this movie this movie was made in 2013! The animation looks horrible, the characters scare me, and the movie just plain sucks when it comes to a storyline. On Imdb this is one of the worst movies EVER this got like a 2/10 :( on there. A GOD DAMN 2 OUT OF TEN! Please don't buy this movie it is a waste of money, time, and it will crush your soul into tiny bit-sized pieces. Please if you do buy this movie Burn it and CURSE IT TO ETERNAL SUFFERING IN HELL! Thank you

I just started watching Foodfight! on YouTube (which is good, since I don't want to go to the trouble of wasting money on such an ABOMINABLE MOTION PICTURE! ), but had to stop in the middle of the beginning of the movie for now. I wish I could like this movie, but it just fails on so many levels. Only a few minutes into the movie and I did not laugh a single laugh. Only SOME of the voice acting is decent and the animation looks so bad that the graphics of the Nintendo 64 look so much better by a long shot despite being older than the movie itself. Wish me luck that I don't lose brain cells as I go on a quest to see how horrible this movie is so that I may do a VERY LONG rant post when I'm through with such a nonsensical mess of an animated film. In the words of Gilgamesh from Fate/Stay Night, this movie should be honored that I even considered watching it, because for me, I have never actually seen a bad movie beginning to end until this came up. Foodfight! shall forever be considered ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

What did I watch. Firstly let me start when I thought this movie was gonna be good. Me and my family on xmas day were looking through Netflix and found "Foodfight" my first thoughts were this is horrible but my young brother wanted to watch it. Once we were about 10 minutes in I decided to look on websites on this movie and saw that the reviews were horrible. I also saw that how to make a foodfight movie on a random website and dear god what a waste of 90 minuted of Christmas Day it was for all of us. I don't know how we lasted through the entire thing but the only one watching it by the end was my 5 year old brother who was laughing at all the terrible jokes. Once the subtitles came on we turned the to on and I said what was that. We all agreed that this was hands down the worst movie I've probably ever seen at home. Don't mind me saying but I'll rather watch titanic ii twice. For all those thinking about watching this please don't bother.

A movie filled with substandard writing, countless food product references, both obscure and well known, two-dimensional characters, and CGI that looks like it's from the early 90s.

The only possible reason to watch this movie would be to mock it for how horribly and unbelievably pathetic it is. It might have worked as a comedy for small children, but it tries to take itself way too seriously, and ends up failing as a result. It may not be the worst animated film ever, but to say the least, I think it would be a challenge to find something worse.

This movie was released ten years after it was originally made, and boy does it show. First, the animation; this movies animation would not be acceptable in 2002 (it's original intended release year), let alone 2012. The characters faces look like plastic models with no life, and are all ultimately appalling to look at. The product tie ins suck too, the mascots almost never speak, and are merely in the background for no reason. And the story is about as stupid as you'd expect it to be, it really is.

Why did I do it? Why did I have watch this piece of hard-on crap? Oh my God. Oh... My... God. I heard that this film was bad, but Almighty Lord above, tell me why it was even made? In all sincerity, this had to be the absolute worst thing I have ever seen on a screen. Bird crap on my window screen looks better than this. Dragging my balls over a mile of glass would've felt so good compared to seeing this. I SAW this film, but I still can't believe it. - Mcgillacuddy

I heard about this movie from nostalgia critic so then I found this crap heap of a movie on YouTube for free apparently this movie doesn't have a copyright then I called my friend and we reviewed it and by the end I was crying on the countertop because everything about this heaping pile of crap is deplorable RUBBISH AND SO BAD THAT IT TERRIFIED ME AND STILL COST 65 MILLION DOLLARS TO MAKE I'm STILL NOT SURE IF THIS IS A KIDS MOVIE OR A H

This should be number one! Bad animation, bad voice acting, bad jokes, everything is bad about this movie! I can't believe it has a budget of 65 million dollars! They wasted 65 million dollars on making a crappy movie! This movie is an insult to food mascots! Don't let your kids watch this movie!

Foodfight is just horrifying. Nothing about it even makes sense, and when you have even the weakest sense of what's going on, it's something awful and painful that you shouldn't know. This film should be a punishment for theft or something evil, as this is an evil film, only evil people deserve to watch it.

Food Fight! Was the worst movie I have ever almost seen. I watched 10 minutes of this movie and quit. The animation was down right horrible, the plot was everywhere, the characters were annoying and it was utterly horrible.

I hate this Movie SO MUCH! The animation is so rushed and took no effort to make. The way the characters move is very unnatural and very weird. The weasel guy, thing, has to be a nasty color of poop to at least make 30 people want to throw up. If you look in the backgrounds at the people, They do the same animated dance or wave over, and over again. My favorite character in this movie so far is Mr. Clean which he only got like 5 seconds of screen time. - pepsiColaOrderfilms

More of 65 millions two make this?

The animation is poor

The characters are a stereotype of a stereotype

The plot is awful

Many errors in the movie

Really deserve to be in the list (not in first but yet in the list)

Keep in mind that this is the worst animated film you'll see in your entire life. I already watched "Home on the Range" (2004), "Chicken Little" (2005), "The Wild" (2006), "A Troll in Central Park" (1994) and "Titanic The Legend Goes On "(2000) and I never spoke so seriously. Seeing is believing. - Palmeiras

The animation is disgusting, by far the worst I've ever seen. The colours are sickening, the camera is terrible and keeps zooming in and out and spinning around. I actually literally feel the urge to vomit whenever someone mentions Foodfight! - SheepBuggy

I watched the preview for this movie and man, it was one of the worst movies ever. The animation is cheap and the characters look ugly. The movie had no real meaning to it, just some people and animals throwing food, that is the whole point of the movie. - AnimeDrawer

Why was this made? Who thought this was a good idea? Why does this movie exist? Questions we will never really have answers too. Unless the answer to all three questions is that the people involved were high, it seems the most logical explanation.

The poster can't have animation. Animation as the name suggests, is an animated drawing.

The film may be bad, but you clearly can't criticise the animators

The acting is so darn terrible! The animation is so darn terrible! The script is so darn terrible! The plot is so darn terrible! To scary for kids!
To stupid for teens!
And last to unwatchable for anyone els, especially long time fans of the products they put in this is movie it just can't even exist its just can't this can be number 1!

I'm not going to lie. I actually feel like I'm going to literally puke whenever someone mentions this movie. Something about the disgusting colours and animation whilst being around the theme of fast food makes me gag. - SheepBuggy

Maybe the people stole the hard drives so a monstrosity of food fight would never exist but it did but the 2002 version in the trailer is outdated but at least the characters faces and bodies move!

If you don't want to read the long version of the comment below then read this one, its like feces being thrown at your face by mentally deranged monkeys made of paper

I'd let the reviews speak for themselves. It's stupid, makes no sense and comes from the mind of the guy who produced the Mortal Kombat movies (I'm serious, look it up).

I'm not gonna say anything apart from it's just terrible it's worse than never say never. I'll just like to say something to all those who actually like this, if you find a wall jump through it head first please