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201 Captain N: The Game Master

It may not be perfect but still a guilty pleasure. The Timon and Pumbaa show is much worse.

This is not even a movie it's an animated series

This is a show of such bad portrays!

This isn't a movie.

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202 Cool World

This movie is too dirty!

The concept is great, but the plot is so slow and nonsensical it's boring to watch. I had to take 10 minutes breaks near the climax.


203 Disco Worms

This movie looks funny.

Laughed as soon as I saw the name and cover. - Lunala

Ok this looks like a bad movie like a really bad movie.

204 Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

This is one of the greatest films I have ever seen. It's better than almost all of the Pixar films, for me. It never had a dull moment, the acting was amazing, the plot well put-together, and the visuals completely breathtaking. They really need to make a sequel to this amazing film.

it's super far from top 10 and so boring, even the trailer is boring and this is for babies

Most boring movie ever. No one wants to watch a movie about boring owls doing boring stuff.

It's about owls fighting. - Lunala

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205 Thumbelina (1994)

Eh. The music sucked 100% but the movie was...

206 A Snow White Christmas

Since when Snow White became a platinum blonde and what the heck happened to the other six dwarfs? - bigg3469

207 The Wild Thornberrys Movie

Who added this masterpiece to the list? - 445956

I remember when Nickelodeon putted the trailer for this movie in every single SpongeBob VHS possible! - GumballWatterson

208 Boo, Zino & the Snurks
209 Codename: Kids Next Door: Operation Z.E.R.O.

Very weak plot line that had more hole than the craters on the Moon.

I like this movie but yeah the plot could of still been better but I still like this.

210 The Secret of the Hunchback
211 Bolt

This movie scks I hate bolt his powers are not real and made my eeys and ears hurt

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212 Fritz the Cat

Cat's doing drugs and having sex with prostitutes. Better off watching South Park.

One word: Hooker

This movie seems very disturbing. - ProPanda

I think this movie inspired hentai anime and the bad side of the furry fandom.

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213 Hoodwinked!

Underrated that's all I have to say

The animation ruined the entire expirience for me! I was about to put this 2nd on my best list, but for the god damn animation

Great writing. Awful animation. - Tayxd123

When a filmmaker bases a movie off fairy tales it makes it boringer

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214 Thumb Wars

It's an awful Star Wars parody with creepy live action thumbs. Plus, there are even more thumb parodies of movies like The Godfather, Batman, Frankenstein, The Blair Witch Project, and Titanic.

I haven't even heard of this and the cover looks horrifying.

I remember when they played this on Cartoon Network.

A kriffing disgrace to the best film saga in the galaxy! The director can bathe in Mustafar's lava for creating this horrific abomination of a 'film'!

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215 Pixies

I saw this at my grandmas house because it was the only thing that was under the kids section. The only thing, and usually there were millions of things! Pretty freaky, also kind of scared me when the goblins- ahem pixies doomed him to a life of restless hell.

The "Fairies" looks more like Hobgoblins in this cheesy flick!

His lifeless eyes take your soul

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216 The Aristocats V 3 Comments
217 The Incredibles

This REALLY shouldn't be here.

Its called the incredibles because it is incredible

That was a good movie

218 Winnie the Pooh

Silly old bear

219 A Monster In Paris

1 Of The Greatest Animated Movies EVER!

Monster in paris is strange

Its Only French

Was it a monster? I was too scared
To watch it

220 Pinocchio 3000

People Listen! All Pinocchio Films Shouldn't Be On This List. All Of Them Are Classics.

This is the worst film to ever come out of Scandinavia.

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