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221 Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas In July

This is one of the movies that are on my list of "Top 10 Worst Movies With Good Animation". - Kieran Stark aka The Ultimate Daredevil

The villain's death is really disturbing, he becomes a tree

The Villain in this movie is my own name!

222 Ivan the Incredible

This Is The Worst Movie I Have Ever Seen The Song Is Also For 1 Year Olds

More like Ivan the Incredibly STUPID!

Couldn't. Finish it it was so bad...

This should be higher

223 Hey Arnold! The Movie

An old classic.

224 Arthur Christmas

I read this list as Best Animated Movies... - wrests

This Movie Is Great!, 5/5 - VideoGamefan5

225 Disney's a Christmas Carol


Screw this crap ps this is not Disney! This is the crappy imagemovers digital!

226 Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly

Why did they turn broly into a sludge man that moves slowly - ikerevievs

Original Broly was badass this is just lame.

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227 Fairy Tail: Priestess of the Phoenix V 2 Comments
228 Frozen Fever

Frozen fever is the worst short Disney film ever. I hate cinderella and this is an annoying movie, at least better than the movie

I've never seen a worse short film in my life. Annoying characters and a terrible story. Why do people like Frozen again?

This isn't even a movie

This should be 1

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229 Frosty Friends

Is this really a movie? It's a collection of episodes from Thomas, Bob and Barney, I love Thomas the tank engine loses.

I dank you, you dank me, will you help me build the swag?

This counts as a movie?


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230 The Frog Prince

Yet another easy lawsuit that Disney never took advantage of. - Mcgillacuddy

Rip off of The Princess and The Frog - Discord1

This is the worst animation I've ever seen, and the princess is obnoxious and not likeable. - olliv

Video Brìnquedo!

231 Corpse Bride

This movie scared me the first time I watched it lol I was 9

Take this off. Right now.

Kinda scared me


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232 Charlotte's Web

No it is not, Remove this from that list.

This was a classic! - bigg3469

Watch the live action one instead

233 Kung Fu Panda 2

The best part of the movie was when the giant pagoda fell down.

This is the best the kung fu panda ever. Who put this film here?

no just no

234 Kung Fu Panda

The North Korean Ripoff was far worse

The sequels are better than this

This is good! Why is this on here?

This is great! - micahisthebest

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235 When Black Birds Fly

I was the one who added this to the list because it was created by the same guy who made Where the Dead Go to Die, which was the absolute, hands down, worst movie I've ever seen. - Mcgillacuddy

Sounds racist, if you know what I mean

This was actually worse than Where The Dead Go To Die.

God dang it! Who gave Screamerclauz the tools to animate again? Even David Lynch would be horrified by the crap he makes!

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236 Ratchet and Clank

It's for the fans of the games. This movie has one funny moment but the rest was kinda boring

Just saw it earlier and it sucked.

Yoshi player gave it a 7/10, so I think this movie is mostly for the fans of the games.

Still better than The Lion King regardless of what liars think otherwise.

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237 Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone

Look like Land Before Time

My childhood favourite.
Get this outta here. - ad48

238 The Rugrats Movie V 1 Comment
239 Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy

I hate gt why did they make a movie of it thank God it's non cannon to dbz like all of gt is non cannon - ikerevievs

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240 Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Jimbles please

Thank you

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