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281 Bartok the Magnificent
282 Pokémon: The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back

I'm sorry but I may have to agree with the critic that this film was bad. It's story was boring along with the characters, though I liked Mewtwo and his battle with Mew. Alongside them, I only recognized the evolved forms of the three starters fighting eachother as they had markings; other clones were literally the same as the other. And the message was just a plain waste; despite Mewtwo learned that humans are good, the other characters don't learn anything as they had to lose their memories. So, Ash and Pikachu come to realization that Pokemon should not fight and that violence is wrong, Jessie and James vow to never catch another Pokemon again, Meowth and his clone learn to focus on the 'same' and afterwards, the whole message was a complete waste. So overall, I really dislike this movie and wished it could have been done a whole lot better. Sorry, but this is my opinion.

Had so many holes in the plot you could drive a intermodal freight train thru! Of course this (the English language version) was produced by the morons of 4Kids Productions.

They debuted donphan in the wrong generation

The movies got better and better.
Genwunners probably want to take this off the list

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283 American Pop V 2 Comments
284 Pippi Longstocking V 1 Comment
285 The Pebble and the Penguin

How the hell could Rocko fly?! It's never explained like AT ALL! Explain movie! EXPLAIN!

286 Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure
287 The Little Cars 3: Fast and Curious

This movie/series deserves to be on every worst list. Even for the standards of average bad sequels, this is as weak as water. Plus this movie involves a prissy car that has the same voice as the most overrated SEGA character of all time.

Rip off of Cars.

When fast & furious humps cars

288 Birds of Paradise

I can't believe someone actually ripped off Rio because as far as I know Blue Sky Studios's films aren't usually ripped off

A total rip off on both Rio and Rio 2

Pixar was to show a movie than was a copy from rio, but they cancelled because it was a COPY, why video brincado don't do exactly the same thing?

Rip off of Rio 1 and 2

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289 Wings

Not the classic silent movie that won the first Oscar for Best Film but a pathetic rip off on Planes

A stupid ripoff of a stupid movie - Gunner224

I survived this.

Lol when I was rummaging through the DVDs to watch over the hedge at our neighbours, I saw this inside

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290 Baru-The Wonder Kid
291 Cheenti Cheenti Bang Bang

Is this some stupid rip-off of the great movie, chitty charity bang bang?

Looks like Mr Bug Goes to Town/Hoppity Goes to Town goes Bollywood...pathetic. - bigg3469

292 Roadside Romeo
293 Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit

Huge ripoff of Kung Fu Panda, terrible voice dubbing, awful cast (Rebecca Black... Really? ) and no originality in the screenplay throughout. I'm not surprised that this was an international commercial flop

Rip off of Kung Fu Panda

294 The Rescuers
295 The Mighty Kong

Stupid musical version of King Kong that literally wants to go ape with rage.

296 Millionaire Dogs
297 Heidi's Song
298 Atlantis: The Lost Empire
299 Mulan II

The animation is garbage compared to the original

This is one of the worst Disney movies! Who asked for a sequel anyway? - olliv

300 Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World V 1 Comment
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