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301 Wings

Not the classic silent movie that won the first Oscar for Best Film but a pathetic rip off on Planes

A stupid ripoff of a stupid movie - Gunner224

I survived this.

Lol when I was rummaging through the DVDs to watch over the hedge at our neighbours, I saw this inside

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302 Baru-The Wonder Kid
303 Cheenti Cheenti Bang Bang

Is this some stupid rip-off of the great movie, chitty charity bang bang?

Looks like Mr Bug Goes to Town/Hoppity Goes to Town goes Bollywood...pathetic. - bigg3469

304 Roadside Romeo
305 Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit

Huge ripoff of Kung Fu Panda, terrible voice dubbing, awful cast (Rebecca Black... Really? ) and no originality in the screenplay throughout. I'm not surprised that this was an international commercial flop

Rip off of Kung Fu Panda

306 Bambi II

Big Rip Off of the original Bambi, I was waiting for a movie when Bambi had Children and stuff. But no, they had to make a more boring a baby movie of when his mother died and shown when he did until he grew up. WHO CARES OF WHAT HE DID! WE WANT BAMBIE GROWN UP! NOT AN ANNOYING STUPID DUMB FAWN WITH ALEXANDER GOULD

Wow, this was pretty bad. I actually read the book of Bambi and it was magical, but then they made this movie, at least the first one was even good. This one made me question life.

They made me think Bambi was a loaner

Why Bambi is young in Bambi II NO GROWING BECOME ADULT! AND NO GENO AND GURRI and FALINE! Why! It has adult in lion king ii simba's pride! BUT NOT FAWN AGAIN! AT Bambi 3 We want ADULT! GRRR! - SpencerJC

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307 The Rescuers
308 The Mighty Kong

Stupid musical version of King Kong that literally wants to go ape with rage.

309 Digimon: The Movie

The movie is alright, in my opinion it's wayyy better than Pokemon the First movie, it's like doesn't have any dumb sad scenes but it's horribly dubbed... it's nice they add some more sounds to some scenes but voice acting is horrendously childish...

310 Oliver & Company

Got worse reviews than Home on the Range

311 Millionaire Dogs
312 Heidi's Song
313 Mulan II

The animation is garbage compared to the original

This is one of the worst Disney movies! Who asked for a sequel anyway? - olliv

314 Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World V 1 Comment
315 The Proud Family Movie
316 Kung Fu Magoo

The kids in the background say it all. "Please kill me..."

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317 Exchange Student Zero

A Australian poor attempt to mix the catoon humor and the anime

Don't was a good result

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318 The Life & Adventures of Santa Claus

This version sucked! The Rankin Bass version was better!

319 The Flintstones: Hollyrock-A-Bye Baby
320 A Flintstones Christmas Carol V 1 Comment
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