Worst Animated Movies of All Time


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481 Sleeping Beauty (Good Times)
482 Snow White (Good Times)

How did this movie do better on this list than the wonderful, heart-wrenching, sweet, hilarious original movie? People, give this more attention, please!

483 The Three Musketeers (Good Times)
484 Little Red Riding Hood (Good Times)
485 Ben Hur (Good Times) V 1 Comment
486 Alice In Wonderland (Good Times) V 1 Comment
487 Rugrats In Paris: The Movie

Okay who's responsible for putting this here

488 Anastasia
489 Penguins of Madagascar

I am still confused on weather this in cannon.

V 2 Comments
490 The Trumpet of the Swan

Somebody please put Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius please. That movie sucks. Please put it so I can vote.

491 Finding Dory Finding Dory

Who is in charge of this list! This movie is great

And by "WHY? ", I mean why is this great movie on here. - mimitchi33

This movie was funny, full of action and really emotional. It almost made me cry

This Movie Is Awesome! - VideoGamefan5

V 4 Comments
492 Happy Feet Two
493 Gaither's Pond Series: The Great Divide
494 Boys of Valor: Fighting Evil for the Glory of God!
495 Down and Dirty Duck
496 Goat Story
497 City of Rott
498 Dead Fury

More Porn... - VideoGamefan5

499 The Stix
500 Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas
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