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141 The Nightmare Before Christmas

How awesome this film is? Think the opposite of food fight!

I'll be honest, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a excellent film. - Movie_Lord_of_2015

! who the hell hates this movie?

Not me, I love this movie and this is something I watch every Christmas and Halloween!

I think there should just be a sweet dreams before christmas

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142 Sleeping Beauty

I don't get how this movie is bad. I watched it when I was little and I enjoyed the film, - Movie_Lord_of_2015

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143 Tinker Bell

This movie was good but they should stop making movies about her, it's too much.

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144 Fantasia

What!?! I Thought The Movie Had Fantastic Animation! - BeatlesFan1964

This movie is a classic!

When I was little I loved it

Its not Disney's fault.

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145 Return to Never Land

This improved on part 1

146 Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel

Okay, Disney! We get it! We know you bought Marvel! Quit rubbing that fact in our faces!

This is the most bizarrely put together crossover devised by Disney.

First star wars now this! Oh please kill me

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147 Ratatouille

Seriously? This movie is one of the best comedy's I have ever seen

The Brazilian ripoff was far worse.

This movie was amazing! Why is it on here?

Whoever put this on here needs to jump off a cliff

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148 Pokemon 4Ever: Movie

Why is this Movie here!? I know that I have not watched this movie yet but even if this movie might be bad I have Known Pokemon since I was little! Please remove this from the list.

My finger slipped and I accidentally voted for this. Yes, Ash sucks, but just look at that Celebi! It's so cute! - RiverClanRocks

I had diarrhea watching this, so I spent most of the time on the crapper, but from what my little sister said, it sucked

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149 The Emoji Movie

I bet when this comes out it will skyrocket to the top ten - JamesBourne

It's Not Out Yet But When It Is, We Will put it in the top 5 along with foodfight and norm of the north - VideoGamefan5

I bet by the end of 2017, this will be in the top 5. - drdevil

What's with all the hate for this one?

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150 SpongeBob SquarePants: Truth or Square

Eh, it was just too lazily written and bland, especially for the tenth anniversary special. If you say it's good and you've only seen the trailer, watch the movie because the trailer is very misleading! Also, where were all the flashbacks to actual EPISODES? The only reference was to "Stuck In The Wringer", and that was terrible. - Garythesnail

This isn't really a movie. The only SpongeBob movies are The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie and The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

This is 20 minutes how is it a movie. It was made in 2011, and it wasn't shown in cinemas. Movies are 1 Hours to 4 Hours. - lizard302


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151 Dorbees: Making Decisions

Ong it Suucks

152 Smurfs: The Lost Village

I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I actually liked the first two movies (I literally like everything), but this is pushing the limit. The first two movies were universally hated. This is totally pushing the bar. The plot is that they aren't the only smurfs and they find female smurfs. Modern Fairly Odd Parents is criticized heavily for assigning new characters (I actually kind of like it), so why do they think it would be a good ideas? All in all, while I have not seen this movies, and I'm not sure if I ever will, this was a horrible mistake. They would have made more money if this film wasn't made.

Why does this movie even exist? Everyone hated the first two, even though I enjoyed them. I admit I have not watched it, but get this phenomenal plot. The Smurfs discover a lost village with female versions of themselves. How original. They would've made more money if this film wasn't made at all.

This is what this movie get for being 39% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Such more terrible as Open Season.

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153 The True Story of Puss 'N Boots

I have kitty soft paws...

! This movie was so Emotional and Funny! I love it

Why do people keep putting great films on here? - Gunner224

Whoever put this here will get a big fat slap from me!

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154 The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

This is a good film,

It's not bad, but it's not really great either

So many movies my sister likes but I don't

This is good movie
But I don't know why do we have 33% rotten tomatoes not gettin higher more than Bambi ii 50% rotten tomatoes both has 60% score
I don't know why - SpencerJC

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155 Tom and Jerry: The Movie

I wouldn't be surprised if that idiot Phil Roman, who directed this derailment, got fired from the studios after the film flopped at the box office. What the heck was he thinking, throwing away the Tom and Jerry slapstick and the exhilarating chasing like that and changing it to a main subplot about an orphan broad with really awful songs?!

I mean, who in the right mind hired a moron like Phil Roman to even direct this mess? Did he even watch Tom and Jerry as a kid? Did he even stop to even think about the main characters? NO!

Was he on crack when he worked on this mess? I mean, for crying out loud, where the hell did he get the ideas for bad Villains?

This movie sucks some major ass. It gets rid of everything about Tom and Jerry, no slapstick, they talk, they become friends, and an extremely stupid story that has nothing to do with the show.

Animation is good, liked it when I was a kid.

But, it has no real slapstick, exhilarating chasing, a main subplot about an orphan girl, the songs are really bad, there are no over-the-top violent scenes and Tom and Jerry talk. No.

Only good things is that the intro and beginning was loyal because it has them fighting as always, animation's good, Aunt Fig is actually a funny villain and this film isn't bad for kids.

But why the songs, why the characters, why the subplot, why the hell do they talk?

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156 Thunder and the House of Magic

I actually liked it

I Enjoyed this movie.

Sucks big time. Worst film of 2014

Not sure if I liked this or not…

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157 Hotel Transylvania

This movie of an prejudice conflict in Halloween are need in a sequal with wizards and witches.

This movie with prejudice conflict were very goofy, silly, and even seedy for Halloween as a personifitions of Halloween itself.

This is an awful movie.

It's ok... but Hotel Transylvania 2 is my favourite movie of ALL TIME

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158 Cheenti Cheenti Bang Bang

Is this some stupid rip-off of the great movie, chitty charity bang bang?

Looks like Mr Bug Goes to Town/Hoppity Goes to Town goes Bollywood...pathetic. - bigg3469

159 Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure

I saw this recently at a friends house because they were babysitting some little boy who loved this movie. Friendly kid, but their taste in movies needs improvement. - JamesBourne

Alpha and omega was fine without a sequel, god damn it!

What a stupid sequel - micahisthebest

Oh dear...

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160 Cinderella II: Dreams Come True

Cinderella didn't even need a sequel!

Worst Disney Sequel to Cinderella ever

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