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161 Thunder and the House of Magic

I actually liked it

I Enjoyed this movie.

Sucks big time. Worst film of 2014

Not sure if I liked this or not…

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162 Romeo and Juliet: Sealed with a Kiss

Took the tragedy that is Romeo and Juliet, made it into a seal movie, and gave a stupid, Disney like ending. And by that I mean everything is MAGICALLY solved by the power of love!


50 shades of weird.

Go see the reviews of Bobsheaux and Jambareeqi to see why the animation is great even though we hate this movie (big time). - The Ultimate Daredevil

163 The Lego Ninjago Movie

The movie isn't out yet. Also, it's supposed to look like that. It is Legos. Probably not as good as the other theatrical lego movies, but far from one of the worst animated films ever made. A more fitting pick would be the Emoji movie.

This film was pretty bad, the jokes were unfunny and cheap, just a cash-grab - VideoGamefan5

Why is this here get it off this list and replace it with The Emoji Movie

Predicting a 2-3/10 from me - VideoGamefan5

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164 Turbo

You know this list is messed up when Tangled ranks higher than Turbo...

The perfect word to describe this movie is LAME, its probably the lamest movie I've ever seen

Went to see it with my grandparents. I was kind of impressed

It's about a fast snail.

But not as bad as movies like Foodfight. - Lunala

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165 The Ant Bully

They should of shelved this sissified crapfest instead of Rover Dangerfield! - bigg3469


This is a movie.
Also it sucks.
A lot.

A stupid sissified movie that is a slap in the face to the pest control/extermination industry! This should be re titled as "A.I.E.E.S.A.S.A.M" (Agonizing-Idiotic-Extremely-Embarrassing-Stupid Ass-Sissy-Ant-Movie) If fact this stupid garbage was so incredibly bad even The Razzies (r) (TM) didn't want to nominated it as Worst Feature Film of 2006! - bigg3469

166 The Care Bears Movie

This movie wasn't that bad, I actually still enjoy it and like it even though it has its flaws.

*Sigh*... - LOTP

167 Hercules

Take this off! This is one of my favourite Disney movies! What idiot put this on here?!

Really? Hercules is amazing! It is probably one of the funniest animated movies and has one of the best love interests that animation has to offer!

James Woods Is In This, How Could It Be Bad? - BeatlesFan1964

Never watched it I wanna watch it - Belle9090

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168 A Goofy Movie

I loved this movie when I was younger. Now I think it's decent.

I cannot believe I hated this movie and I don't want Disney Channel to show this movie ever again

Rubbish. Nonsense from beginning to end.

This is babyish.

169 Shark Bait (The Reef)

The heroes celebrate the shark getting possibly killed and eaten, who exactly is the bad guy here?

I so hope that this movie gets shark bait itself!

How is this not Number 1? This movie is horrible. From the story to the animation... I could get past rip-offs of great movies but they did it horribly. This is as bad as Foodfight.

This is a piece of crap, go ahead and watch the sequel instead (which is much better by the way). - darthvadern

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170 Osmosis Jones

The animated parts are good, the live action parts are stupid and gross.

Does jones sound familiar. Let me add Indiana, ring a bell yet

Two words: Nostalgia Critic

And also inside out too

Take out the live action and it would be a good movie

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171 Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure

This does not get the hate it deserves. It is a Nickelodeon movie, a straight-to-video sequel, babyish, weakly animated and stupid in combination!

172 Wubbzy's Big Movie

Eight year old me loved this movie, but as my eyesight and brain developed, I learned to know this is garbage. - Swellow

Stupid stupid BUTTZY gets a movie oh my god

I'm 8 and I HATE IT

173 The Good Dinosaur

Land before time was my favourite when I was little

I love this movie, back off haters and let me enjoy my movie in PEACE! - Trollsfan536

This movie is awesome, shut up haters

This would scare little kids, and it's not funny. - micahisthebest

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174 Sid the Science Kid: Sid the Movie

I loved the series when I was 8, but this...

What happened

This film is for five year olds, why pick on it? - Trollsfan536

Sid the stupid kid

175 The Peanuts Movie

My favorite movie. Not many people will agree.

I love this movie it's funny, the lesson is good, and it also has a character from game shakers as the voice of lucy

I love The Peanuts Movie

It's good - Lunala

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176 Happy Feet

Wait a minute, George Miller, THE DIRECTOR OF MAD MAX directed this?!? What the hell happened

You should see the trailer lol

OK whoever made this list is a dickhead I mean your putting movies that are long time classics.

Relly why is it on the list? It's a good movie. I sould recommended

177 Happily N'ever After 2: Snow White—another Bite @ the Apple
178 LEGO: The Adventures of Clutch Powers

The part at the start where he tries to takes the crystal and the monster them scares me brings back memories. - Lunala

The lego movie 2014 is better - SpencerJC

LEGOs are interesting!

Legos are BORING!

179 Despicable Me 3 Despicable Me 3

I saw this movie today. OH MY GOD, THIS WAS GARBAGE! (at least compared to the original.) The plot was bland as hell and WAY too overstuffed.

Not too bad but the original is better. There aren't a lot of minions in this one and the cheese festival part was weird. Also all the minions leave gru then go to jail.

Also gru's twin is unlikeable and has THE MOST annoying voice and he looks like a girl. Ugh I want to hang myself after hearing dru's whiny voice. it gave me ear ringing and headaches. - Lunala

If this movie got bad, Why is it even worse than Ice Age: Collison Course, Shrek the Third & Toon City: Legend of Everfree.

It’s wasn’t really bad though.

180 Monster High: Boo York, Boo York
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