Titanic: The Legend Goes On


This film may be a huge insult to history, but yet somehow that other animated titanic movie manages to be an insult to THIS. you can't make this stuff up, I swear. However awful this movie is, at least it never pretended that people didn't die. seriously, the other movie flat out says nobody died on the titanic. I can't comprehend the stupidity behind such a decision.

AND to make it even worse, the other animated titanic movie HAS A SEQUEL.

This movie may be a great huge insult to history, but believe it or not, there is another Italian animated titanic movie that is actually worse than this. YES. you people heard me out loud and clear. there is actually something out there and is worse than the rapping dog.

The other movie instead says that nobody died on the titanic. that makes me so angry that I want to say the rapping dog is more closer to the real story of the titanic!

A huge huge HUGE insult to the people who died on that tragic crash. People DIED. Why have two plots of undeveloped love and have one about mice; it's not American Tail, it's an ANIMATED TITANIC MOVIE!

I don't care if you want to show rapping dogs teaching mice about danger or something, you can't have talking animals unless they're even subtle enough to pass on. In fact, don't make a Titanic movie if you want to show some bull happy ending. PEOPLE DIED.

The animation is something good, I give some points for that, but the plot is weird and stupid, transform a great tragedy in a kid's joke, the dog rapper its only a stupid way to made humor, and the characters are only a copy for another movies like cinderella and 101 dalmatians (seriously appears two dalmatians a part of the movie)

This movie is... oh my god this movie is just wrong! This movie is very insulting to those who died on the ship. I mean, what if one of your great ancestors was on that ship and you had to sit through this genocide of history? I mean who would make a movie about the most tragic and deadly wrecks in history and make it a children's comedy? It's like making an animated movie about 9/11 just wrong and insulting.

A rapping dog. this is more weirder than you would expect. not that he's wearing a Jersey and singing music that won't be developed for several decades, but what motivates him to do so? I mean, after he saved that little young mouse's life, why does he all of a sudden start a musical number?!.

Well the rapping dog wasn't in the Italian original so sadly the American dub invented the rapping dog! Was everyone's life saved on this movie. The second cartoon everyone's life was saved thanks to the octopus giving them a happily ever after. Some people and maybe the American rapping dog could have died.

I have to laugh at everyone who gets their knickers in a twist over the three Titanic cartoon movies. One of them I saw in the dvds in Poundland. Three movies that are probably not very known. (How many people know the sequel to The Legend of the Titanic, when they go to the under sea city) It was silly the rapping dog, but was everyone saved like the Octopus saved everyone in The Legend of the Titanic? They wont make any movies over any other world disaster, these were just odd cartoon movies because people liked to make Titanic movies way before the 1997 Jack and Rose.

The people who made this movie are complete idiots. Do they actually know anything about the Titanic, or did someone just tell them the Titanic was a boat? I think probably someone just told them the Titanic was a boat.

Here is a list of upcoming animated movies based on tragic events

9/11 the animated movie (2088) with a twerking cat

The animated Boston marathon bombing movie (2057) with a bird doing gangnam style

The Sandy hook elementry shooting animated movie ( 2077) featuring a pole dancing squirrel

And lastly...

The animated Malaysia plane disappearance movie! (2078) featuring a stripping fish

Did the writers even do some research about the Titanic? No, they did not even go on Wikipedia or something to find out about the ship that crashed into an iceberg and killed hundreds of passengers.
The movie rips off a bunch of the live action film and a bunch of Disney movies like Cinderella, 101 Dalmatians, and even The Three Caballeros(if they were mice)! They also stole many characters from the Don Bluth films and Anastasia. And don't even get started on the rapping dog! I saw the Nostalgia Critic and JonTron reviews on this film.

When people say about making other animated movies about disasters and everyone survives I'm guessing that you're being sarcastic. These films weren't just about everyone survived its also about romance of the main characters.

Could you believe there's actually people who liked this movie as a kid?! Not only do you want to rethink your career as a parent, but you (and that includes everyone else) should also rethink your career as a living human being!

I want to know who made this. The Titanic was a tragedy and someone got the great idea to make an animated movie about it? Why? And it is marketed towards children. Why? Who okayed this movie?

It's movies like THIS that make me ashamed of being Italian

What kind of movie is this? It's junk! Why would they make a movie about this?! I mean SERIOUSLY! A Rapping Dog! Dear lord, what an awful movie. - TopTenJackson

Even though the rapping dog is a huge insult to the real disaster of the titanic, the dog (fritz) is a much better rapper than lil Wayne.

Let me be honest, I've seen worse. As a matter of fact, the SEQUEL to THIS MOVIE called "Tentacolino" is even worse and makes even lesser sense than this one, but keep in mind that Titanic: The Legend Goes On is so bad that people have discussed on whether or not it actually EXISTS. - Mcgillacuddy

The rats said they were on some tour or something.

Who knows? What's a rapping dog doing on the titanic with a stereo and hasn't been invented yet?

This movie and the other one literally felt like they were written by first graders! Does Italy like make it legal for kids to create their own cartoons?

I've never seen and never gonna see it. The cover dose not look like it cares about how serious the Titanic sinking really was I mean random cartoon mice?

Yeah. This movie is a giant slap in the face to all of the people that died on the Titanic. Do these people have any reverence? This movie is horrible!

Uh, yeah... about that rapping dog, I think we should probably just classify it as a big-lipped alligator moment, move on, and never speak of it again. - LeiaSkywalker

You have to wonder what kind of drugs they were taking when they made this, and the other two animated titanic movies.

This was the exact same movie as 1999's "The Legend of Titanic", another, I bet, really horrible film.