Where the Dead Go to Die


There is so much bad stuff about this movie, that I can't list them all. The fact that this isn't in the top 5, boggles my mind, watch the movie... It is so bad...

I've already complained about how horrible this "film" is once, but I have to do it again. Why must I do it again? Because it's just that bad! On that note, I've seen "Foodfight! " and The Amazing Bulk. Despite the eye strainingly blurry animation generic characters, and sexual jokes that a 10 year old could understand, I found "Foodfight! " to be enjoyably stupid. As for The Amazing Bulk, that was incredibly boring, (and I consider it an animated movie because every shot of the actors was either on a green screen or used a CGI background blatantly found online,) it did actually have some elements of filmmaking: 1. You can actually tell what it is, or at least what it's trying to be: a parody of The Hulk, 2. Despite not even being an Austin Powers fan, I could tell that the villain was supposed to be a spoof on Dr. Evil, 3. The Bulk uses the somewhat classic, (though horribly executed), narrative of starting in the middle or end of the film, and 4. There's two stories that cross paths.

This movie is child porn. It should be illegal.

Whoever put Frozen on this list is clearly a troll. Overrated or not, it is clearly not one of the WORST ANIMATED MOVIES OF ALL TIME. This however probably takes that throne by a landslide. If you don't believe me, watch it and see for yourself.

I watched the trailer one silent because I don't have ear buds and the graphics were worse than most rip offs of popular movies. It was excessively gory, had I couldn't even tel if it had a sexual content or whatever that dog thing was doing, the animation is that bad, don't even watch the trailer, go watch something like frozen that at least isn't this horrendous.

This movie is literal torture. It is is so bad I can't describe it!

This movie is from hell. This movie from the devil's anus. This movie haunts me. This movie offends me. This movie destroys all of my hope for the human race. This movie is horrible. This ain't just the worst animated movie ever, it's the worst animated thing ever. MrEnter. I feel your pain.

What is this? Seriously!? What is this?!? How is this a thing?!?!? I've never seen this movie, ( I mean I recently heard about this! ) but I went and watched the trailer and... HOLY this makes food fight or and a horror movie like The Haunting innocent!

How the heck is this not number 1? At least Foodfight has better morals, voice acting, and color. This movie is not funny at all, it is just plain disturbing. This movie has no plot, just a disgusting, unlikable kid who is in love with a dog and disrespects his mom, that's it, terrible morals. The animation is so ugly, the characters move like robots. And their voices sound like robots too. Was the creator high on drugs or something? - AnimeDrawer

I have to give it a TRIPLE ANIMAT"S SEAL OF GARBAGE. it so bad and I am shocked to say I saw it without any prior knowledge of it. I sat around and watched The Annoying Orange to get my mind off it its that horrific. I have even passed this video on to warn other animation review YouTubers to stay the H away from this bile. The only redeeming quality it has is that it can honestly be called the WORST FILM (not just in animation) EVER. And when that is a REDEEMING quality your whole crew, producers, actors, directors, and all who work at the release company should be in jail for BILE LIKE THIS. I only sat through it because I wanted to start reviewing Animated Films but this deterred me away so bad that I still have nightmare of Labbie and its been six months granted they are lessening. I want to give this movie to the FBI to find this guy and put him in a padded soundproof cell and force him to watch it on loop. I want the pain of anyone else who has seen this to be lived every ...more

This movie is messed up and needs to be burned in hell

OH MY GOD! Never in my life have I EVER seen an animated movie that is literally WORSE than Foodfight! THIS SHOULD LITERALLY BE AT NUMBER 1, because it's a step below Foodfight! This is the WORST animated film that I have EVER seen. It's way too drugged up, nothing makes sense, EVEN THE PROBLEM SOLVERZ LOOKED BETTER THAN THIS! Not even modern SpongeBob had THIS kind of disturbing imagery. This is even worse than a Troll in Central Park, and it needs to die. CURSE YOU, JIMMY SCREAMERCLAUZ!

Frozen is on 3 while this is on 6. I'm sorry is this a dream?

This is one of the worst animated movies... Period. Look it up on wikipedia.

This movie is terrible the animation sucks the stories suck the voice actors are horrendous I would rather watch food fight than this - Mswalgren

The fact that Frozen is higher than this makes me worry about humanity. - poopmckenzie

Worst movie ever. If I catch my brother watching it on his Xbox or phone I will smash his electronics even if he is not watching on it.

Not only is this a bad movie with terrible animation, But it's scary! Why isn't this on #2?! - Movie_Lord_of_2015

This is the worst and most disturbing animated movie I've even seen a bit of.

Only number 14? You're kidding me!
This movie was made by a heavy drug addict. The animation is
Horrendously unfinished, and the content in there...

It's inhumane.
You have brutal killings, frequent child pornography, child abuse,
Beastiality, extreme sex, bigoted imagery, and most importantly,
A penis is ripped off a man. On-screen!
Seriously, how can Jimmy ScreamerClauz live with himself?
He created the first animated snuff film and very hopefully
The last.
Now I have to admit, Foodfight is a disgrace but, I think this
Should be number one due to the sheer shock value
And bigoted content. And that's something that Foodfight
Doesn't have.
Thank ' God.

An interesting idea that was executed horribly.

Only movie that has given me legit nightmares

If Satan made a film, either this his film or his wasn't as terrifying. the animation is astonishingly awful. The content is Satan times Hitler evil, the voice acting sucks and basically everything and everyone is terrifying and creepy!

This movie is beyond terrible! Even worse than Foodfight! The person that made this film belongs in a mental hospital. I'm not even convinced that a human made this!

How in the holy mother of hell did this movie even get released!

This has to be the worst animated movie ever. Oh good god, this should be banned