The Wild


This is not a total rip off of Madagascar it is a slight rip off of Madagascar and speaking of rip off shrek is a rip off of a whole bunch of Disney movies!

This actually came in production before Madagascar and I read this on deviant art gust go to deviant and type in the wild then look at a comment in a devastation with the wild and also shark tale is actually a slight rip off of finding nemo and shark tale sucks.

I liked it when I was younger but age does get to you and you soon realize that all the movies you thought were good are actually forgettable - Mcgillacuddy

I used to like it, but now I don't. It's a pretty weak movie. To me, it seemed to rip off three movies: The Lion King, Finding Nemo, and Madagascar. - Wildstar93

I liked but it can't exist. Do what ever you want with this hate it all you want but it is a classic of my childhood of guilty pleaser!

Why did Disney make a rip -off of Madagascar!?!?

Horrible movie. I watched this movie when it came out and it was so bad I haven't seen it since.

This is not a total rip off of Madagascar it is just a slight rip off of Madagascar.

Oh what sad times when Disney can copy films at will bought by old ladies

Ripoff to Finding Nemo and Madagascar

This movie sucks but Shark tale is awesome. I mean really will smith as a fish, does it get any better than that. And why anyone would hate lion king is beyond me

I can't believe I actually liked this when I was little.

If you come to think of it its actually a good movie.

Its not really a ripoff of Madagascar I am so right!

Most offensive rip-off of Madagascar ever!

Always seemed to like it when I was little.

Well really its not the same thing as Madagascar what I like both movies so its not the exact thing as madagacar really. It is not a necessary rip off of Madagascar it is just a lion from Africa ending up in a zoo not a lion ending up in Madagascar wich is a part of Africa but there are no lions in country of Madagascar well I thought it was ok maybe 6o%?