MegaSoulhero THE NEW MAGIC SCHOOL BUS REBOOT IS GOING TO SUCK!!! OH MY GOD IT LOOKS BAD!!! LIKE, WOW!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!? WHAT IS THIS!?!? When I heard that a Magic School Bus reboot was coming, I got excited. I loved the original cartoon when I was a kid. Then when I found out it was going to be on Netflix, I was a little skeptical. Because Netflix comes out with TERRIBLE cartoons! Except for BoJack Horseman. And then they released a trailer for the reboot which is titled "The Magic School Bus Rides Again" and it looks like trash!

I was so angry while watching this trailer! First of all, let me talk about a problem that a lot of people seem to have. The animation! The animation looks atrocious! They show is animated in flash and it looks very cheap! It just doesn't look good at all! It's kind of sad that the cartoon from the 90s has better animation than the version from 2017! It looks like it was made by toddlers! It's very lazy and cheap! And I'm having a really hard time getting used to the new designs of the characters! But my main problem would definitely have to be the inclusion of Ms. Frizzle's sister! Felicity Frizzle! Ms. Frizzle still appears though. She's even voiced by her original voice actress! So I thought to myself, maybe this won't be such a bad thing! But then her sister came in and she's essentially the replacement for Ms. Frizzle. That seems like kind of a waste to bring back Lily Tomlin and then have her character get pushed to the side to make way for a new character! Felicity is voiced by Kate McKinnon whom you may know from everyone's favorite movie, Ghostbusters (2016)! She can be a great actress at times, but in this trailer, she doesn't sound very enthusiastic! I really loved Ms. Frizzle in the original because of her enthusiastic attitude! But her sister just seems very boring! The show's supposed to be exciting! Only good thing I could say about the trailer is the theme song. It's sung by Lin-Manuel Miranda and he does a pretty decent job. But even he can't save what looks like a terrible reboot!

The Magic School Bus reboot looks very bad! Why do a lot of reboots have to be so terrible? So far, DuckTales is the only good one I can think of! I understand this new Magic School Bus cartoon isn't for people who grew up with the original. It was made for kids of this generation and that's fine. But it seems like a failed attempt at nostalgia! Why does Ms. Frizzle need to be there at all? I am not excited for this reboot! It looks terrible! My god!



Man, I've already seen two YouTubers rant about the Magic School Bus reboot already, and those are Vailskibum94 and Black Critic Guy. I agree with pretty much everything you said from the poor animation quality to the poor nostalgia appeal. It may not be totally devoid of educational value, but it sure doesn't do any good justice to the original cartoon. And I thought Cartoon Network was the only one bad with reboots. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Guys, we only have 2 good reboots:
Ducktales and Danger Mouse. - visitor

And TMNT 2012. - TheReviewer20

Samurai jack reboot - visitor

@lolsy That wasn't a reboot. It was season 5 and the original writers worked on it. - MegaSoulhero

Oh yes well Voltron and The Legend of Korra - visitor

Does MLP: FiM count? - SachiyoHasegawa

At least we have The Adventures of Puss in Boots Season 6 to look forward to. - TheReviewer20

The Magic School Bus was my childhood. I watched it at school. This reboot looks awkward. I would rather watch Voltron: Legendary Defender. - visitor

A reboot of a cheesy kids show that taught you stuff GENIUS! - cjWriter1997

Eh, it's just Flash animation makes the graphics slightly cringier. Seems fine. - ProPanda

CAPS LOCK - LarrytheFairy

ok - Therandom

Worst Cartoon reboots
-PPG 2016
-Magic School Bus reboot - PeeledBanana

Yo Yogi - visitor

And ren and stimpy adult party cartoon - PeeledBanana

Oh that is the worst cartoon ever. Lets call it unmentionable and horrifying. - visitor

And Ben 10 2016 and Tom Jerry Show - Drawbox

WHY OH WHY DO REBOOTS EXIST. Are you just to lazy to come up with an idea for a new show so you destroy an old one? - TwilightKitsune

Nope. They just exist to cash in on the hype of certain cartoons and there you go.

This is way better than PPG 2016 though. - DCfnaf

So, the Best Reboots are:
•Danger Mouse.
•Legend Of Korra. - visitor

Legend of Korra sucked - MegaSoulhero

That's one of my favourite shows - visitor

And the award for the laziest animation of 2017 goes to... - DCfnaf

The Emoji Movie - visitor

Nah. Look at both side by side and tell me which one looks more cheap - DCfnaf

The lego ninjago movie - VideoGamefan5

@VideoGamefan5 How is the animation for the Lego Ninjago Movie lazy? - MegaSoulhero

@VGF5 Dude, it's the same animation as TLGM. Just because you don't think a movie is gonna be good doesn't mean the animation is lazy. - DCfnaf

Um ya know Disney made a great decision, deciding to renew Pickle and Peanut - visitor

How is the animation for the lego ninjago movie good? , TLNM is lazy because its plagerized, the same storyline as lego movie and lego batman movie, - VideoGamefan5

@VideoGamefan5 Storyline and animation are two different things. - MegaSoulhero

I thought it was laziest animated movie/cartoon of 2017, the lego ninjago movie is still not a good movie - VideoGamefan5

The animation looks like those creepy cartoons on Youtube. O_o - Drawbox

This is why I don't want America to localize anime. They can't even adapt their own cartoons right! - RoseRedFlower

Ya it sucks there is no phobe - visitor