Worst Animated Ripoff Movies

These are those movies you see at a very cheap price and that try to cash in on something popular at the time and most of the time all the films are awful and have terrible animation.

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21 Frozen Land

This bitch copied frozen

22 A Mouse Tale

Still a ripoff of ratatolillue

23 Birds of Paradise

No that movie is a rip off rio and free birds screw sparkplug entertaiment video brinquedo grindstone entertaiment phase 4 films dingo pictures and the asylum up there asses

24 Boat Dock

Horrible ripoff of bubble bath bay

25 Frog Kingdom

Ripoff a the princess and the frog

26 Kikansha Yaemon

It is a japanese mockbuster of trains

27 Elias the Movie

Dumb ripoff of boats

28 Kiddo the Super Truck

Ripoff of trucks

29 A Fish Tale

Ripoff of shark tale a dreamworks ripoff

30 Little & Big Monsters

Ripoff of monsters vs aliens

31 Izzie's Way Home

Horrible ripoff of finding dory

32 Sky Force 3D (2012)

Crap ripoff of planes

33 My Little Horse

A pathetic ripoff of my little pony

34 The Tiger Guard

Horrible rip off of the lion guard

35 Jay Jay the Jet Plane

This show is creepy and it is a ripoff of Thomas the tank engine those planes a scary

36 A Toy's Life
37 A Monster's Life
38 Postman Pat: The Movie

A ripoff a top cat the movie

39 Leo the Lion: King of the Jungle
40 Legend of a Rabbit

Another kung fu panda rip off worst than the little panda fighter chop kick panda and panda warrior wich these kung fu panda rip offs were relesed in 2008

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