Top 10 Worst Animated Sony Movies

Did you see the trailer for The Star? That movie looks TERRIBLE! Sony has made a lot of bad animated films. So here are their worst ones.

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1 The Emoji Movie

This movie fails at being in touch with the crowd it tried to cater to, which is my biggest issue with it. In its focus to be hip it came out as a huge disconnect. Do they really think that young kids are that petty? I mean I get it some people are too focused on their phones and such but older people do it too so I found it laughable that the child made such a big deal over a smiley. Every generation has its ups and downs but millennials aren't as dumb as this movie likes to think hence why there's such a disconnect. Stop relying on loud music, memes, "cool" phrases, edgy looking characters, or trying to copy other movies' tactics and focus more on building depth and clever jokes and an actual COMPETENT story. - SweetBasil

As much as I dislike this movie, you guys are starting to overhate on it, you guys feel suicidal over a kids movie? , really? , I feel like many people will disagree with this comment anyways - VideoGamefan5

Terrible, cash-grabbing movie. Sony is apparently trying to act "hip" with children, but if I was a child, I would ultimately refuse to watch this garbage. - Catacorn

Waiting for someone to make the meme movie. The ugly faces on memes, except for the matchstick men ones.

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2 The Smurfs

Who's idea was it to make a movie about the Smurfs entering a portal and ending up in New York City? It's basically a ripoff of Enchanted. Except Enchanted was actually a good movie. I feel bad for Neil Patrick Harris. He's a great actor, so it pains me to see him in something like this. He must've been desperate for a paycheck. And of course the movie has to take place in New York City because it's the easiest way to put a lot of product placement in a movie! It's not even subtle! Also, take a shot every time the characters say the word "smurf". I know saying "smurf" to replace other words is a way that the Smurfs communicate, but they do it so many unnecessary times that it gets really annoying! This is one of the worst movies to be based on a cartoon. Terrible. - MegaSoulhero

Oh, why did Harry Shearer accept the offer to play Gargamel in this horrible piece of blue crap?

I used to like this. Then I realized how creepy it was. - Cartoonfan202

Wasn't Moe Syzlak's (from the Simpsons) voice actor as Gargamel?

3 Sausage Party

One thing I can't stand is movies that try so hard to push for that R rating that it ends up not having a good story. One of the reasons why I hate the South Park movie. I get that Sausage Party wanted to be the first R rated CG animated film, but I felt like that was the main focus. It was nothing but food swearing! It was funny the first few times, but it got old real fast! The movie also left me asking a lot of questions. What do the humans see when the food move? And when they do move, why don't the humans question it? There was one moment when some baby carrots were running away and then a lady just sees them rolling like regular carrots. That still doesn't answer what she would see if she saw the hot dogs go up to the window. And she doesn't question how they got up there! The only way the humans are able to see the food as living beings are if they're on bath salts! Which is beyond stupid! This is not a good movie. I know people like it, but in my opinion, it failed at comedy. - MegaSoulhero

Cheap movie about food and people cursing and doing disgusting acts. I lost my appetite watching the trailer, but the movie? The movie is littered with sex jokes, curse words, and food orgies. - Catacorn

I haven't seen this and I don't want to. - Cartoonfan202

It also ruined hot dogs for me

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4 Smurfs 2

Despite the first movie not being a critical success, it still managed to make a lot of money. And so a sequel was made. And people hated it. Understandable because it SUCKED! Just like the first movie, there's a bunch of unsubtle product placement! There's this one scene where Gargamel is using a tablet and is fascinated by the fact he can swipe on it. I felt like I was watching a commercial. The humor was very unfunny. I didn't laugh once. I really hate when people use the excuse "it's for kids" as an argument. Just because it's a kids film doesn't mean that it should be terrible! Toy Story was a kids film and that was really good! This movie just insults children's intelligence! It's not as bad as the first movie, but it's still awful. - MegaSoulhero

As per the original movie. - Cartoonfan202

5 Surf's Up 2: WaveMania

I LOVE Surf's Up! It was such a great film! Surf's Up 2, however, sucks. I am very sick of these WWE crossovers! There was the Flinstones, the Jetsons, Scooby-Doo, and now Surf's Up. Why is it that when Sony makes a good animated film, they must ruin it with a bad sequel? This movie is so stupid! Not everyone is a fan of WWE! Including me! Cody is no longer voiced by Shia LaBeouf. Instead, he's voiced by the guy who voices Finn from Adventure Time. Big Z doesn't appear in the movie even though he was an important character in the original. The inclusion of wrestling stars makes no sense. It's a movie about surfing for crying out loud! The animation is also a step back from the original. But it's a direct to dvd movie. What do you expect? This movie was unnecessary. - MegaSoulhero

I loved the original Surfs Up. However, this one was disappointing. Just stop with these WWE crossovers. - Cartoonfan202

Are you implying penguin John Cena is not the greatest thing ever put to film? - Jackamalio

Considering how good the first movie was, you just don't know how angry I was when this was announced. I saw the title on YT "Surf's Up 2 Trailer" and I was so hype, only to realize that it was just a god damn knockoff to promote crappy PG-era WWE. - Mcgillacuddy

6 The Angry Birds Movie

Oh look! A movie about a mobile game that barely anyone cares about anymore! I'll admit, I used to play Angry Birds on my phone a lot, but did it really need a movie? I mostly found the movie to be pretty dull. Given that it's a movie about a game that is literally just slingshotting birds and breaking down forts built by pigs, it doesn't give them a lot to work with. But the fact that it was a popular game made them realize that they can make profit off of everyone's love for the game. The movie was announced back when the game was still popular, but came out after people had already forgotten about it. The characters in this movie are irritating! I like Josh Gad, but Chuck was my least favorite character! I also thought Red was pretty terrible. Throughout the movie, he is such a jerk! It makes me wonder why we're supposed to care about him! The movie succeeds at being a movie based on a game, but fails at being a movie all together. - MegaSoulhero

Red's a jerk because, oh wait, his house got trashed and NOBODY cared... - mattstat716

The angry birds movie, while seeming like a too late adaptation of a game, is actually a scathing commentary on the refugee crisis and the dangers of political correctness and globalism. - Jackamalio

I actually liked this film. At least it is better than majority of the other films on this list.

I am just glad that I as a gamer recently escape the angry birds disaster for 4 reasons:
1. they removed the Google Chrome version and no longer playable (witch was fun)
2. They made the PC versions no longer playable (Witch AB, AB seasons and AB space where all fun)
3. Angry birds 2 with there ridiculous microtransaction
4 this movie, enough said

Every time I see The Angry birds franchise now a days I just want to puke :(

(But to be fair this movie is NOT as bad as The Emoji Movie)

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7 Open Season 3

So apparently Open Season is a trilogy. I don't understand why but the third one is the worst in the franchise. It's another direct to dvd movie. It pretty much has some of the same problems that I had with the second one. Boog and Elliot's voices are replaced AGAIN, the jokes never got a laugh out of me, and there are a lot of things that don't make sense! It's a very forgettable movie! Not a lot of people know of its existence. And for very good reason. Don't watch this movie. - MegaSoulhero

The plot, the animation, everything about this movies is bad, Madagascar 3 Europe's Most Wanted was this movie, but done right, it took the same concept with the animals joining a circus, only it was more funny, action packed, and heartwarming, where as this movie has childish humor, a stupid plot, and lots of bad characters (Eliot in my opinion is the worst character in the whole Open Season triliogy by the way), pretty much everything about this movie is juST HORRIBLE!

All the open season sequels are bad. - Cartoonfan202

Sooo... Why does this have 2+ sequels? - mattstat716

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8 Hotel Transylvania 2

I don't know what happened, the first one was pretty good but this one was a letdown. Their tricks became more apparent to me. Playing loud songs to make a quick scene just doesn't cut it for me. The jokes didn't land and overall was just a huge missed potential. - SweetBasil

This should be higher, I was so anticipating for this since the first one's one of my favorite animated movies of all time, but this is what Sony made for us, hopefully Hotel Transylvania 3 will be better. - darthvadern

This was actually good in my opinion. - Neonco31

I have seen bits and pieces on this Netflix, it wasnt that good. - Cartoonfan202

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9 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

Why is this so high, this movie used to make me happy back in 2015 when I was sick, GET THIS TO THE BOTTOM! - darthvadern

I love this movie! Why does everyone else disagree?

10 Open Season 2

I haven't watched the first Open Season movie in a long time, but I remember liking it. Although, I was kind of little when I saw it. Open Season 2 is not a good movie! Considering it's a direct to dvd movie, that shouldn't be surprising. They didn't even try with this one. No funny jokes, no great characters, and no Ashton Kutcher! Seriously! Ashton Kutcher was my favorite thing about the first movie! He didn't return for this one! The humor is way too childish and treats its audience like idiots. Avoid this movie! Not worth your time! - MegaSoulhero

Ugh, direct to dvd throwaway. - Cartoonfan202

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? Hotel Transylvania 3 Hotel Transylvania 3

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11 Surf's Up

Actually forgot this existed until now. It was actually pretty good. - Alpha101

No! This one is great!

But...But... I like this movie... Take it off!

What an atrocity. - darthvadern

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12 Planet 51
13 Open Season: Scared Silly
14 Open Season

It has childish bathroom humour and IS REALLY offensive to hunters, horrible message. - darthvadern

15 The Star

I can't believe Gabriel Iglesias has to star in another potentially bad animated film this decade! First, it was Planes. Next was The Nut Job (and its 2017 sequel). Then came Norm of the North. And now he's starring in a pathetic comedic film about the birth of Jesus. Why can't my man Fluffy just star in good films like he did in The Book of Life and the upcoming Coco? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Sony has only a few watchable movies in stores now. let's see, the not so amazing Spiderman movies were rubbish, the new Ghostbusters failed to be engaging, only a few people have bought tickets to see the very disappointing bachelorette party from hell, everybody despised and loathed the very unoriginal & unnecessary generic kids movie about texting symbols that nobody asked for, Jumanji looks extremely cringy, and as for the Star, what the hell, Sony? I want something engaging! Not this cringe worthy pandering crap that you call films!

Why are they ruining the birth of jesus - BoyGenius234

Just by watching the trailer you know it'll suck.

16 Zambezia

Samuel & Jeff, why star in this crap? You're too good for this!

17 Smurfs: The Lost Village

This is a movie that people either love or hate. I'm sort of in the middle. I don't think it's a terrible movie, but it wasn't very good either. But then again, I've never been a fan of the Smurfs. So I didn't find much enjoyment in this movie. The characters were one dimensional, the story was predictable, and the voice acting was awful! Whenever the characters speak, I can't stop thinking about the actors recording their voices in a studio! Overall, this is a very bland and forgettable movie that doesn't have a lot going for it. It's better than the other Smurfs movies, that's for sure! - MegaSoulhero

Eh, its mediocre. - Cartoonfan202

It's meh, but way better than those two awful live-action remakes.

I get that it was predictable and cliche, but I’d definitely take this any day over those two live-action movies.

18 Hotel Transylvania

Sony did make good movies like Lawrence of Arabia, Memento, Men in Black, Ghostbusters and Spiderman 2, but have given up on all their efforts with garbage like the Jumanji reboot, Unfunny Night, the Garbage Party, that atrocious Why Him? movie with James Franco, and cash grab animated movies with little to no substance what so ever.

This was one of the only good Sony movies. - Cartoonfan202

The best animated movie of all time (please respect my opinion) - darthvadern

This movie is really overrated, espically due to the fact sony sold this series to Disney (the new animated series), I could imagine the upcoming 3rd film being awful - VideoGamefan5

Was this one that bad? The second one was horrible but I don't remember disliking this one. - SweetBasil

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19 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Really, if you don't think this should be number 1, just watch AniMat's review on it. - LarkwingFlight

This movie doisen't derserve to be here. - darthvadern

20 Dear Dumb Diary
21 Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2
22 Peter Rabbit
23 Pixles

Bad dialogue and poorly written characters and ripps of a futerama episode

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