Top 10 Worst Animated Works

Hello, pals.This is something i wanted to do since i first experienced the horror that is to watch FoodFight (Which many consider this as the worst animated movie of all time.)

I'm going to put any type of cartoon. It doesn't matter if it is Japanese or German or whatever.
If it's horrible, it's going to be here.

The Top Ten Worst Animated Works

1 Where the Dead Go to Die

I've already talked about it on the "Worst Animated Movies of All Time" list, so I can't stress any further how indescribably, horrifyingly bad this movie is. - Mcgillacuddy

"This is worst THAN every cartoon"
Grammar error.

Looks Like A More Awful Version of Foodfight - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, but this is bad, rotten, enough to put it in number one. This is worst that every cartoon put in this countdown, is worst than Foodfight!, the actual name is bad, the "PLOT" is something that
"only a mother could love", the animation is disgusting, the dub is horrendous, the topics tolded and the actions and decisions made by the characters are
Despicable and unforgettable.
Not even the worst criminals,unstable pyshopaths in the world would find this thing appeal to watch or even passable
It's horrible to think about it, it's disgusting to watch it's shameful think that someone or some people needed to write, talk, draw and think in order to make this movie...
I'm just going to pu my comments in this one, because every cartoon in this list is a masterpiece, ¡¡¡¡COMPARED TO THIS!
See ya next time, in another top 10.
I'm done.

2 Foodfight!

I actually think it's a fun film, especially Christopher Lloyd's Mr. Clipboard. - girlcool

3 Sanjay and Craig Sanjay and Craig is an American animated comedy television series that aired on Nickelodeon from May 25, 2013, to July 29, 2016, for three seasons and 60 episodes. The series is about a 12-year-old boy named Sanjay Patel who owns a talking pet snake named Craig.
4 Ren and Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon
5 Fanboy & Chum Chum Fanboy & Chum Chum is an American 3D CGI animated television series created by Eric Robles for Nickelodeon. It is based on Fanboy, an animated short created by Robles for Nicktoons and Frederator Studios, which was broadcast August 14, 2009 to July 12, 2014 on Random! Cartoons. The series was first more.


6 The Emoji Movie

This deserves all the hate it gets...

7 Boku no Pico Boku no Pico is an anime series of three OVA episodes created by Katsuhiko Takayama. It was released to DVD on September 17, 2006.

I don't know why this isn't number 1... - Criz

8 Midori: Shojo Tsubaki

The guy on the cover (middle) looks like Hitler - TwilightKitsune

Have you been watching phantomstrider lately? - Not_A_Weeaboo

9 The Annoying Orange

This is more of a live action show, but I agree that it belongs in this list. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

10 The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!

Hey! Nothing against Drawn Together! The movie might not be as good as the series, but it's still fine for your daily dose of politically incorrect humor. - Martin_Canine

They didn't have an actual story to put, so they decided to be extremely controversial with the humour and scenes on the movie
(really, it's almost improvised).

The Contenders

11 Home
12 Tentacolino
13 The Lego Ninjago Movie
14 MAD
15 Shark Bait
16 Big Mouth Big Mouth is an American adult animated sitcom created by Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett featuring teens based on Kroll and Goldberg's upbringing in Westchester County, New York, with Kroll voicing his fictional self.

Did the creators of the page leave the image 'cause they think it was too funny?

Kick buttowski picture strikes again. - Not_A_Weeaboo

17 The Little Panda Fighter

Should be number 1

Go watch on youtube "where the dead go to die" trailer and think about this comment for a moment.

Silly. - girlcool

18 The Garbage Pail Kids Cartoon Garbage Pail Kids is a Canadian cartoon series which was produced in 1987, based on the popular Garbage Pail Kids trading cards, produced and directed by Bob Hathcock and co-written and developed by Flint Dille.
19 Future-Worm! Future-Worm! is an American comic science fiction animated television series created by Ryan Quincy, who previously created IFC's Out There, for Disney XD.
20 The Adventures of Paddy the Pelican
21 It's Fred!

Is this supposed to be a Great Old One or an Outer God in the Lovecraftian universe? - nerffan8000


22 Ratatoing

My dear, I was originally going to make a short post about how bad Ratatoing is but I have to admit that the food smells delicious! You make me proud and the food here is perfect, the restaurant is perfect and I'm more than willing to pad out both the run time and the length of this post just to say how the food here is cooked to absolute perfection! Marcell Toing you impress me more and more with your ability to make a fine meal, keep it up and I'll gladly call you my waifu and my daddy. I have to admit that everything about this restaurant is top notch quality, which I don't think can be said for the animation, story, just about everything that goes into a movie but that's not important because of how mind blowing the food is. If I can convince the audience that the food tastes good for a quarter of the movie's run time then I've done my job. After all, what's the need of getting to the point when it's so much easier to dwell on the same topic for an eternity? Isn't that what you ...more - nerffan8000

23 Tappy Toes
24 Norm of the North

I like it. - girlcool

25 Teen Titans Go! 'Teen Titans Go!' is an American animated television series produced by Cartoon Network. The show follows a superhero group called the Teen Titans, and shows what happens when they go home and have silly adventures. This show is Cartoon Network's revival of the popular 2003-2006 American animated television more.

Funny. - girlcool

26 Uncle Grandpa Uncle Grandpa is an American animated television series created by Peter Browngardt for Cartoon Network that premiered on the network on September 2, 2013. The series is based on Browngardt's animated short of the same name from The Cartoonstitute.
27 The Amazing World of Gumball The Amazing World of Gumball is a British-Australian-German-American-Irish children's animated television series created by Ben Bocquelet for Cartoon Network.

Personally, I find this to be a great... show. I don't know what it is besides a comedic program, but it's great. I can see how some people would dislike it (the cartoon/reality combo, the nonsensical elements), but that's what the show wants to be. Weird.

The episode I put on the worst animated works was The Girlfriend, that may be the only Gumball episode I find not only bad, but one of the most despicable messages ever put on a Cartoon Network show. I don't know why am I suppose to be laughing at abusive relationships and physical threats. I don't find it funny, neither threaded with respect.

Why is this awesome show on the list?

Good show. Arguably amazing.

This show is good in my opinion

28 Gogs
29 The Mighty B! The Mighty B is an American animated television series co-created by Amy Poehler, Cynthia True and Erik Wiese for Nickelodeon. The series centers on Bessie Higgenbottom, an ambitious Honeybee girl scout who believes she will become The Mighty B (a superhero) if she collects every Honeybee badge.
30 The Nutshack The Nutshack is an American adult animated sitcom created by Ramon Lopez, and co-created by Jesse Hernandez.

It's the nutshack, nutshack shack shack-shack you get it? no? it's the nuthsha-SHUT UPPP!

31 My Little Pony: The Movie (2017)

Really good film. - girlcool

Yes, the animation here was terrible. The show's animation wasn't big budget stuff, it had simple, not that detailed backgrounds and they weren't sweating to make sure it looked Batman: The Animated Series good, for example, but it still was smooth, and it looked like a world you could go into and enter. This movie on the other hand? Unlike how with a lot of movies based on shows and anime, where the animation quality is a step up to the series, the animation for this movie was a step down. The animation and movements are choppy, inconsistent and stiff; the shading looks like crap, the 2D and 3D (why did they even need to use 3D at all? ) did not blend well with N64-PS2/Gamecube quality graphics, (I heard they did it in 3D and animated 2D over it or something), and the cardinal sin: the frame rate flip flops back and forth from being fluid/smooth to (most of the time) very laggy and stiff like a video game, and it was outsourced also, they blew their obviously very low budget on ...more

32 Breadwinners Breadwinners is a 2014 animated comedy television series produced by Nickelodeon. It is about the adventures of SwaySway and Buhdeuce, two ducks who drive in a rocket van delivering bread to their customers.
33 Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World
34 Zootopia

Sure... a movie with a fully developed and thought out social system, characters whose chemistry is as great as in 40s screwball comedies, combining a message of not stereotyping people while at the same time telling a classic crime story that can be taken seriously despite many original humorous elements, with animation at its highest possible quality...
Yes, that's definitely one of the worst animated films possible. Not. - Martin_Canine

That happens when I put the option to make everyone put their own opinions.
If he thinks the movie deserved to be here, then it's going to put it here.
Even Inside Out can be here, that depends on the people.


35 Phineas and Ferb Phineas and Ferb is an American animated comedy-musical television series. Originally broadcast as a one-episode preview on August 17, 2007 and again previewed on September 28, 2007, the series officially premiered on February 1, 2008 and ended on June 12, 2015 on Disney Channel, and follows Phineas more.
36 Gnomeo & Juliet
37 Eiken Eiken is a fanservice-themed manga and anime series created by Seiji Matsuyama. The story depicts the life of schoolboy Densuke Mifune after he is forced into the mysterious Eiken Club.
38 Steven Universe Steven Universe is an American animated television series created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network. The show's based around a young boy by the name of Steven Universe, who is a hybrid of a gem and a human. He lives with his gem friends, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl.
39 Ed, Edd n Eddy Ed, Edd n Eddy is a Canadian-American animated comedy television series created by Danny Antonucci for Cartoon Network, and the sixth of the network's Cartoon Cartoons. The series revolves around three preteen boys: Ed, Edd "Double D," and Eddy—collectively known as "the Eds"—who live in a suburban more.

Good show. - girlcool

40 Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vivid
41 Tom and Jerry Clarify on their Friendship Malayalam Shooting Location

Is this a real film? - girlcool

Tf did I just read? I don't know if I should laugh or be pissed off that this is actually a thing.

42 Bolivar el Heroe
43 Mega Man Star Force Mega Man Star Force, known as Shooting Star Rockman in the original Japanese language version, is an anime and manga series based on the video game of the same name.
44 Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa
45 Sailor Moon Crystal Sailor Moon Crystal, known in Japan as Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal, is a 2014 original net animation adaptation of the shōjo manga series Sailor Moon written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi and produced in commemoration of the original series' 20th anniversary.

The worst Sailor Moon anime that nearly ruined the reputation of the Sailor Moon franchise and turned it into a joke, the story was a bad shot-by-shot adaptation of the manga that didn't get rid of and strengthened the manga's flaws, the characters were bland compared to their manga counterparts (and the original anime's too), and the art/animation quality were appallingly ugly, stilted and clunky. - SailorSedna

At least the animation is beautiful. - girlcool

46 Kodomo no Jikan
47 Jungle de Ikou!

I don't know how this piece of trash got licensed in the US. - SailorSedna

48 Gravity Falls Gravity Falls is an American animated television series produced by Disney Television Animation that first aired on Disney Channel, and then on Disney XD from June 15, 2012 to February 15, 2016. The series follows the adventures of Dipper Pines and his twin sister Mabel in the fictional town of Gravity more.
49 Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale
50 Little Princess School
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