Top Ten Worst Animators On YouTube

The Top Ten

1 JulyILovemyself

Am I glad they deleted that channel, she was making porn videos, people!


2 MikeLovesMineCraft

I hate him so much!


3 August jojo

... That is Mike

4 Cristali & Zafiro Toon! (ValdroxX Studio)


He traces everyone's hardworks, but at least he didn't traces Sleepykinq's one.

5 Shellfox99
6 Wolfychu Wolfychu

She doesn't do animations. Her insecurity annoys me (I never saw her in real). she claims to be shy but she is just one of them (the irregulars).

Her Animation are so damn bland though

You guys are just jealous of her ^ grow up

"You guys are just jealous of her ^ grow up"
at least we're not jealous of her bland and lazy animation and unreal voice, unlike you hypocrite fan, watch another animator who is better at animating than her like Sleepykinq, Darlinqq, Yeagar (I know her animation are dirty and pervy but still it's really smooth) and others

7 Blueriver1288
8 Sly Wolfey
9 Assinblackflag
10 TheOdd1sOut

Okay whoever put him on the list can go die.

Who wants to bet a salty Riceboy fan placed him here? - SomeguyontheInternet

He’s the best dude ever!

The Newcomers

? Starriaat
? Craftronix

God he sucks. one look at his animation quality and content, you will die of cringe

The Contenders

12 Rossali

Who put her on the list? Take her off NOW!

I would rather watch Guava Juice rather than this crap

She sucks shes the worst number 1 now

13 Kittydog

Her content is pretty decent, but I never understood her popularity

She draws pornn

14 Jaiden Animations Jaiden Animations

I hate her,enough said.

15 Perfect Fish Productions

Cringe stuff made on Paint using the square tool to make heads and bodies. Not to mention the disproportionate arms. Ugh.

16 Super Minecraft Kid

He isn't even a animator?

17 Furblicous Furby Girl

I HATE THIS YOUTUBE! She likes furbies when she's 13+. Also, her animations are really bad. I'm 9 and I HATE FURBIES!

Uh this youtuber is on the list 2 TIMES. that's how bad she is.

18 Furbilicious Furby Girl

It's already on it

Furbies are dumb. And Furbilicous Furby Girl is dumb. Honestly, she's 13+ and she likes furbies! I mean, furbies are for babies! Her animation is also really bad. For example, to make a furby shake their bloody head, all she does is move her eyes. THAT'S IT.

19 Speechie

Pretty dramatic person who rants about stuff she never actually experienced

just… I can't….

A complete bitch who acts edgy to gain views from middle schoolers. She has no idea how school grading systems works, calls anyone who dislikes her work "edgy haters", and has reportedly banned people from both her discord and Twitter for disliking her videos. She seems like a synical hoe and not a fun person to hang out with.

20 Swoozie

He barely does any animation work! And he keeps calling his stick figures amazing!

I LOVVEEE his stories, but his animations... not so much.
I think BlackSen does the animations for him. They are pretty okay but his own is not very good.

21 AnimatedJames

Fart fetish. Enough said...

His stuff is uninteresting and more clickbait than even the likes of Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. (PewDiePie)

22 Sleepygrim
23 Samination
24 Nicktendo SML
25 Awfulfanvore fanimations
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