Top Ten Worst Animators On YouTube

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1 Jaiden Animations Jaiden Animations

Repetitive content that appeals to 12 year olds who think they're the most awkward human on the planet. Begs for sympathy her video about eating disorders and then milks it for all it's worth with the music video. Not to mention the video is only about 30% her animations and 70% a bunch of random people. Not funny, not original, not entertaining at all. Terrible channel.

She kind of popularized this "relate-able and awkward introvert" humor that really pisses me off. It just makes people sound like whiny jerks more than anything else. Also she needs to stop with the memes

She's actually has good at animating

She sucks at higher levels than anyone. Portraying a quirky, awkward persona. I hate it when they tell we do so much work, When they barely animate it. Many individuals do a lot better than her. She has a team of 10 members, and my god those videos seem like slide shows.

2 Wolfychu Wolfychu

Why are some of her voice lines so slow like it will drag on gotta do anything to keep that fake voice on

Not even an animator - AntBlaze

She doesn't really animate.

Her voice is so annoying and high pitched that I bet a 40 year old man couldn't hear her voice

3 TheOdd1sOut


Oh please, this man created Sooubway

He used to be good

Whoever put this guy on has no life

4 Cristali & Zafiro Toon! (ValdroxX Studio)

I would rather have the old Akia Dalia sorry if I said that wrong than to have Cristali. Yeah I know she was rude and a little immature but at least she didn't lure in kids.

I don't like this dude because he traces a lot of people,i know he said sorry but he said it was for inspiration and for some reason he still does it so I am not forgiving him ever and he likes inaproppriate and bad stuff and is still expecting to have fans?! Nice try but no way you are getting any fans with the bullcrap you are creating!

It’s a furry who is also a pedophile that asks 14 year old girls for nudes. Need I say more?

A pedo tracer...

5 JulyILovemyself

Am I glad they deleted that channel, she was making porn videos, people!


6 Speechie

Why are James and Jaiden higher than her? - AntBlaze

Self inflated ego, selfishly entitled and edgy just for the sake of trying to be relatable and "funny." Her videos are like being accepted into a clique you'd see in Mean Girls or another cliche teenage drama, where you hear constant droning on about first world problems or manipulative trash talk. Self centered to the max and a tracer at times, too. Just a average bitch who comes off as unlikable (at least from her online persona), but possibly in person as well.

She is a ass bitch

Pretty dramatic person who rants about stuff she never actually experienced

just… I can't….

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Fake videos, and clickbait.

"I have a dad but it turns out that he's a werewolf"


Fake Stories, story booth copy cat

8 MikeLovesMineCraft

I hate him so much!

9 FuturisticHub FuturisticHub

How is Odd1sout above this?

10 August jojo

... That is Mike

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? Jacknjellify

Watch at your own risk if you dare. Subscribe to Alan Becker instead.
A person who created BFB, one of the biggest Blue Whale Terrorist Attacks I know. - techswallow

BFB IS FOR TERRORISTS! Watch at your own risk! This person started a Blue Whale Challenge!

? Spellis

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11 Kittydog

KD is a dippin amazing artist and singer but yeah, she's overrated, like there are better artists out there who get like no attention
I wonder if she gets trampled by fans every day at school :P
I feel a little sorry for her cause she's 16 and still in school yet she has all those fans and everyone at her school knows she's a big animator

She should be #1. Her stuff tries way too hard to be edgy, gives furries an even worse name, has toxic-looking colors, half a heart in everything, is very inappropriate, looks sped up and rushed, has nightmare-inducing designs, has horrible pop drums, and is extremely dull.

Unicorn vomit

Her content is pretty decent, but I never understood her popularity

12 illymotion

Pretty obvious she's lying about her ex, puts herself on a pedestal, makes pretty obvious lies and she has a cancerous fanbase who give out death threats without thinking about it.

Her stories feel untrue

All she does is milk the abusive ex stories and it’s annoying. Like the other guy said she puts herself on a pedestal.

Worst animator ever!

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13 Shellfox99
14 Blueriver1288
15 Fox Goodman
16 Sly Wolfey
17 Assinblackflag
18 Furbilicious Furby Girl

I disagree I like furbies I have two old 90s ones and two newest ones

It's already on it

Furbies are dumb. And Furbilicous Furby Girl is dumb. Honestly, she's 13+ and she likes furbies! I mean, furbies are for babies! Her animation is also really bad. For example, to make a furby shake their bloody head, all she does is move her eyes. THAT'S IT.

19 My Story Animated

Holy hell how is this not higher up I’m amazed all of the story’s are fake the drawings look like clip art they took off of google and it’s just all around awful

21 Rossali


Who put her on the list? Take her off NOW!

I would rather watch Guava Juice rather than this crap

She sucks shes the worst number 1 now

22 Nicktendo SML

Awful - mlcassidy9

23 Pencilmation

He is the worst wow the pencil is rude to its friend he is not a good Kid Cartoon

24 SomethingelseYT

My problem with this guy is there isn't really anything special about his channel. His animations look close if not exactly like Jaidens and I don't know why he doesn't color in his Character. Everything else is colored, why no the character

25 Spechie Spechie

On the list twice... - AntBlaze

26 AnimationEpic

Likes BFB too mich


This is truly the WORST animation chanel on yt.

27 ItsAlexClark ItsAlexClark

He took a picture of JaidenAnimations (Don't worry, it wasn't creepy) and posted it on the internet before she revealed why she didn't have a face reveal and she did ask to blur her face, but he didn't. That picture is deleted now, also, he is aggressive at TonyvToons

28 Swoozie

SWooZie is Amazing and he isn't a bad artist IF YOU look at his older videos you can see he is very good at cartoons and you gotta understand It takes time to animate so he has to do the easiest animations possible

He barely does any animation work! And he keeps calling his stick figures amazing!

I LOVVEEE his stories, but his animations... not so much.
I think BlackSen does the animations for him. They are pretty okay but his own is not very good.

29 Perfect Fish Productions

Cringe stuff made on Paint using the square tool to make heads and bodies. Not to mention the disproportionate arms. Ugh.

30 Super Minecraft Kid

He isn't even a animator?

31 Sleepygrim
32 Furblicous Furby Girl

Uh this youtuber is on the list 2 TIMES. that's how bad she is.

I HATE THIS YOUTUBE! She likes furbies when she's 13+. Also, her animations are really bad. I'm 9 and I HATE FURBIES!

33 Starriaat

Lazy animations.

34 SweetoTOONS SweetoTOONS

Don't tell everyone ok

He is nothing but a Justin Bieber wannabe looking cringelord who always makes these overly sweet saccharin and cringy ass videos that would put me off sugar for the rest of my life also I think he's a pedophile give me the fact that his girlfriend sounds like a little girl I might be wrong but I can always speculate

35 Young Yong Tales

AKA the cereal box Odd 1s Out

36 Fennah

Has a bad case of favouritism inside his community and his 3D animation is fine but needs a lot of work. The worst is, when someone tries to tell him that, he will either ignore them or report them for harassment.

37 GingerPale

Gingerpale is a terrorist lmao

38 Its Giraffe Kraft

He is underrated

39 AnimatedJames

His stuff is uninteresting and more clickbait than even the likes of Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. (PewDiePie)

Fart fetish. Enough said...

40 Samination
41 Awfulfanvore fanimations
42 Craftronix

God he sucks. one look at his animation quality and content, you will die of cringe

43 Kphoria
44 Amplitude Frequency
45 Jzboy Animations

He isn’t bad that’s why I put him down here. But he let all his fans down. Enough said.

46 Flashgitz
47 Ratboy Genius
48 Nicale Fox

Garbage...just garbage - badartists

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