Top Ten Worst Animators On YouTube

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1 Jaiden Animations

She has white knight fans, every single critique video about her they always mention she had anorexia even though it has nothing to do with the video.

Repetitive content that appeals to 12 year olds who think they're the most awkward human on the planet. Begs for sympathy her video about eating disorders and then milks it for all it's worth with the music video. Not to mention the video is only about 30% her animations and 70% a bunch of random people. Not funny, not original, not entertaining at all. Terrible channel.

She kind of popularized this "relate-able and awkward introvert" humor that really pisses me off. It just makes people sound like whiny jerks more than anything else. Also she needs to stop with the memes

She sucks at higher levels than anyone. Portraying a quirky, awkward persona. I hate it when they tell we do so much work, When they barely animate it. Many individuals do a lot better than her. She has a team of 10 members, and my god those videos seem like slide shows.

2 Wolfychu

She doesn't do animations. Her insecurity annoys me (I never saw her in real). she claims to be shy but she is just one of them (the irregulars).

Her voice isn't real, I'm a music producer, I can hear the pitch shifting in her voice. She needs to stop lying, there's no point.

Her voice is so annoying and high pitched that I bet a 40 year old man couldn't hear her voice

She deserves to be here and her boyfriend should be on number 1. she does not even draw and she lies more than pinochio. the only thing that is not a lie about is her voice. but she's still a annoying fraud. and don't even tell me about her pack of military wolves and supporters...oh wait I mean fans and subscribers.

3 TheOdd1sOut

The most narcissistic and the most egotistical animator on YouTube based on his stories, he can never put himself in others situation and can never admit when he did something wrong, but when the rare moment occurs when he does admit his mistake, he then proceeds to act like a big prick over it. Also, his animations are sub-par at best.

This guy just can't keep his mouth shut. He talks crap about other YouTubers that he knows are better than him. He should be number 1 for his unnecessary trash-talking nonsense. I love Jaiden. She should not be on this list. Talk crap to me all you want Odd1sOut fans. You still won't change my opinion.

Dude! What the heck? This guy totally rocks. He's the best youtuber I've ever meet. He actually entertains people unlike other youtubers like I don't know, Ricegum? Maybe whoever put him on this list should stinking die!

At first I found the guy who was truly just himself. Then he found his way to the ranks of other normal "YT'rs". Now he is just like every other YouTuber on the planet. It truly is a shame he chose to chase the views and fame instead of his morals. (Which made him great in the first place)


Walt Disney and Chuck Jones had to fight for animation for this kind of filler? Isn't what they were against... This is why I hate the "Animate My Life" genre.

It's a StoryBooth rip off. I don't even know WHY the stories actually happen! I believe some of them are too fake to believe.

Literally ripped off every Animate My Life channel possible. Glad it shut down 2 months ago.

Wait! The stilted pictures they use count as 'animation'? That's an insult to Video Brinquedo!

5 Cristali & Zafiro Toon! (ValdroxX Studio)

OK why is this below Jaiden Animations and TheOdds1Out? This guy is a straight up pedophile and an art tracer who deserved to be rotting in jail.

I don't like this dude because he traces a lot of people,I know he said sorry but he said it was for inspiration and for some reason he still does it so I am not forgiving him ever and he likes inaproppriate and bad stuff and is still expecting to have fans?! Nice try but no way you are getting any fans with the bullcrap you are creating!

I would rather have the old Akia Dalia sorry if I said that wrong than to have Cristali. Yeah I know she was rude and a little immature but at least she didn't lure in kids.

An art-stealing pedophile who deserves to rot in prison

6 Speechie

She made a video whining about her art teacher for...not wanting her to draw anime when she was supposed to be doing something else.I feel like she's better as Speggi - RoseWeasley

A complete bitch who acts edgy to gain views from middle schoolers. She has no idea how school grading systems works, calls anyone who dislikes her work "edgy haters", and has reportedly banned people from both her discord and Twitter for disliking her videos. She seems like a synical hoe and not a fun person to hang out with.

On the list twice...

Why are James and Jaiden higher than her?

7 JulyILovemyself

Am I glad they deleted that channel, she was making porn videos, people!


8 My Story Animated

They suck, period

Fake and weird

Holy hell how is this not higher up I’m amazed all of the story’s are fake the drawings look like clip art they took off of google and it’s just all around awful

9 MikeLovesMineCraft

I hate him so much!

10 illymotion

Pretty obvious she's lying about her ex, puts herself on a pedestal, makes pretty obvious lies and she has a cancerous fanbase who give out death threats without thinking about it.

She's top 5 of the worst channels I've ever seen. And her views and subs are fake, nobody can get this popular in just a few months.

Her stories feel untrue

Worst animator ever!

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11 Fox Goodman

He traces the Odd1sOut. A LOT

stop tracing

12 FuturisticHub

How is Odd1sout above this?

13 Kittydog

She should be #1. Her stuff tries way too hard to be edgy, gives furries an even worse name, has toxic-looking colors, half a heart in everything, is very inappropriate, looks sped up and rushed, has nightmare-inducing designs, has horrible pop drums, and is extremely dull.

Her content is pretty decent, but I never understood her popularity

Worst animators: all of them they are all furries who make bad animations. I don’t know why I ever liked some of these people. The animation community is full of furries who make 1 minute animations to copyrighted music. They are called “animation memes”. Pure cringe.

KD is a dippin amazing artist and singer but yeah, she's overrated, like there are better artists out there who get like no attention
I wonder if she gets trampled by fans every day at school :P
I feel a little sorry for her cause she's 16 and still in school yet she has all those fans and everyone at her school knows she's a big animator

14 ItsAlexClark

He took a picture of JaidenAnimations (Don't worry, it wasn't creepy) and posted it on the internet before she revealed why she didn't have a face reveal and she did ask to blur her face, but he didn't. That picture is deleted now, also, he is aggressive at TonyvToons

HOLD UP! How is he aggressive or rude? He's awesome! He shouldn't even be on this list and neither should Jaiden!

Pretty rude and aggressive

Boring, raspy voice

15 August jojo

... That is Mike

16 SomethingelseYT

My problem with this guy is there isn't really anything special about his channel. His animations look close if not exactly like Jaidens and I don't know why he doesn't color in his Character. Everything else is colored, why no the character

This dude is fire! His songs are epic.

The only video that I really like on his channel is his “ I’m something else” song, I listen to it a lot, it’s really catchy and funny, also he is a great rapper

17 Shellfox99
18 SweetoTOONS

He seems like a really nice guy but his art isn't that great - RoseWeasley

Don't tell everyone ok

He is nothing but a Justin Bieber wannabe looking cringelord who always makes these overly sweet saccharin and cringy ass videos that would put me off sugar for the rest of my life also I think he's a pedophile give me the fact that his girlfriend sounds like a little girl I might be wrong but I can always speculate

19 AnimationEpic

Go easy on the dude! He JUST created II2 Ep 14 and this is how you repay him? (I will still respect your opinion but no reason to hate him) "Likes BRB too much?!" He can like what he wants!

I like this channel but I respect your opinion

This is truly the WORST animation chanel on yt.

Likes BFB too mich

20 Blueriver1288
21 Sly Wolfey
22 Furbilicious Furby Girl

Furbies are dumb. And Furbilicous Furby Girl is dumb. Honestly, she's 13+ and she likes furbies! I mean, furbies are for babies! Her animation is also really bad. For example, to make a furby shake their bloody head, all she does is move her eyes. THAT'S IT.

I disagree I like furbies I have two old 90s ones and two newest ones

It's already on it

23 Pencilmation

Honestly, I find the animation to be creepy. And the videos are like an hour long. The only good thing about this dude is that he puts timestamps in his description.

He is the worst wow the pencil is rude to its friend he is not a good Kid Cartoon

24 Assinblackflag

Don't know him.
Don't want to.

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