Top Ten Worst Anime Characters of 2016

Just like every year, there are good and bad in anime, some of them including the characters. Same rules apply as the Top Anime Characters of 2016 list, the character has to have debuted in a 2016 anime, so as great as Jotaro Kujo of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure or Makoto Naegi of Danganronpa are, they are not qualified as they debuted earlier than 2016.

The Top Ten

1 Subaru Natsuki - Re:Zero Starting Life In Another World

He's like an annoying internet pop up ad that won't budge - TwilightKitsune

Was there any contest in regards to this? - SelfDestruct

garbage - TiffanyHwang

2 Emilia - Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World

Most Useless Girl Of 2016 - TwilightKitsune


3 Rem - Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World

Really annoying

This is a coincidence, all of the podium being Re:Zero. But yeah, almost every character was awful in the anime. - SelfDestruct

Somebody explain why she was crowned Best Girl Of 2016 - TwilightKitsune

Nah, In my opinion Rem is one of the better characters. But Subaru and Emilia do deserve their spots in this list - MLPFan

4 Iyo - Big Order

I feel like she is just there to attempt to ruin every single good moment of Big Order, but thankfully she didn't ruin most of them. - SelfDestruct

5 Yuri Katsuki - Yuri!!! On Ice

He wasn't that bad. Not as bad as Subaru, anyways... I actually quite enjoyed seeing Yuri's character develop from a shy, scared boy to a more confident guy. - Absolite

As generic as a sports anime protagonist gets. - SelfDestruct

6 Betelgeuse Romanée-Conti

This is the 4th time a Re:Zero character ends up being in this list! Betelgeuse is your typical run-off-the-mill psychopath villain and isn't any unique character unlike Shougo Makishima of Psycho Pass who was always calm and collected while being a psychopath at the same time, which is what made Makishima unique as a villain. Him on the other hand, is as basic as a psychopath can get, except on even worse levels. - SelfDestruct

7 Haruka Seameyer - Dimension W
8 Satou - Ajin Demi-Human

My husband, why? :"( he's a bastard.. but beautiful ^^ - TiffanyHwang

9 Kawai Miki - Koe no Katachi

She plays the victim card, humiliates a remorseful Shoya, RUINED his ability to continue making friends and having a fresh start. She needs to DIE and SUFFER!

I never thought that many fans of this movie would hate this character, she was in the bullying of nishimiya shouko with ishida and the others in elementary school.
She was laughing at the entire bullying, and then couple of years later, she pretended that she was never there, like she thinks that she feels bad for her.

10 Viktor Nikiforov - Yuri!!! On Ice

The Contenders

11 Gaku Yashiro - Erased

Many people hate him for being a generic serial killer villain. So I guess this one was out of popular vote. - SelfDestruct

Screw this guy. - Absolite

12 Elf - Nanbaka
13 Chika Takami - Love Live! Sunshine!!

I don't hate her,but I don't like her voice,along with Ruby Kurosawa. - MilkTae

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