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Sakura Haruno is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.


Sakura should be #1! She's annoying and bossy, and was as good as useless in Part 1. She was always standing in the sidelines, watching Naruto and Sasuke do all the fighting. In her battle against Sasori, Chiyo did most of the fighting, while Sakura was merely Chiyo's puppet. And it's INCORRECT to say that she defeated Sasori because she DIDN'T. Chiyo even tells Sakura that Sasori could have avoided her last attack, but instead he chose to let his defenses down. She's really no any different than she was in part 1.

To future writers in anime or any sort of literature, I want you to analyze Sakura Haruno. Once you do that, I want you to make sure you don't create a character such as Sakura. She does have some positive character traits in her development, I'll give her that. The thing about her character though is that she does not stand above the other Konoha 11 but rather blends in. Any character trait she has, someone else already has it. The only thing that separates Sakura from the Konoha 11 and Sasuke is that she has pink hair and is given the cry baby role. That's legitimately the difference in terms of her overall character. Everyone has their own gimmick, unfortunately Sakura's character is to cry often.

She does get better towards the end of the series, but her image of how the fans perceived her is ruined through 10+ years of being nothing more of a background character who happens to talk more.

If you take the cry baby persona away, there are other things that bothers me ...more

Sakura...I don't hate her because of her flat chest or forehead. Sure, she's smart and a good medical Ninja, but she is utterly useless on the battlefield. The main reason why I hate her is because her entire character revolved around Sasuke. She was willing to give up everything for a man who showed no interest in her, and tried to kill her. She ended her friendship with Ino, the person who helped her get her confidence back after she was bullied, all because of Sasuke. He was her goal from the start while Naruto wanted to become the hokage, and Sasuke wanted to avenge the Uchiha. Now, people say Hinata's goal was Naruto, but at least she has a logical reason for liking him. He changed her and inspired her. She never had a reason to stop liking him, he was never rude to her and never tried to kill her. It's truly upsetting that someone as brilliant as Kishimoto made Sakura a heroine. She was at the battlefield during the ninja war, her own life was on the line and all she thought ...more

I used to like sakura and love how she beat people around...until I realized something, that whole reason was almost only because of a boy, that tried to kill her, and she never ever spoiler ever moves on from him. I mean that's just weak, she's supposed to be a strong character yet she doesn't even stand up to the guy that called her annoying and tried to kill her. It's not that I don't like her because she's annoying or something, it's just that she's a bad character. First she's beating the bad guys up then SASUKEKuuun like get hit by a realization train or something and realize you are chasing some guy that doesn't care for you, that's annoying. Like she claims she loves him yet she never in the whole series once asked him how he felt, why was he was doing what he was doing, she never tries to understand him or whatsoever, never, like that's selfish. And I thought maybe when the series ends things will clear up but nope, anyone who knows how it ended knows what I'm talking about.

Terribly developed failure of a "heroine" - had the potential to be interesting once, but has practically developed backwards since. She has no resolve or inner strength and instead alternately cries on the sidelines and gets too confident in her own ability to handle her emotions... before realizing she can't do it, breaking down, crying on the sidelines again, and deciding to leave everything to Naruto and Sasuke.

This girl does NOT deserve to be a protagonist. She's done SO little for the actual plot. Just treats Naruto like crap all the time, and worships Sasuke. And its incorrect to say she's strong because she's NOT, all she can do is throw one punch and heal a bit. She is the only protagonist that couldn't even surpass her master (don't get me wrong, Tsunade is my favourite female anime character).. So this is why she is so hated.

Sakura simply acts too cocky when she was weak helpless fodder most of the time and on top of that she causes unnecessary drama because she is just that ego centric and the world has to revolve around her, the always forgotten member of team 7 what a joke. She was the most privileged of the bunch and always throws a pity party for herself.

The girl overestimates everything she does but she is so irrelevant almost to a sad degree when it came to the grand scheme of things.
She deserves to be with sasuke at least they are both selfish and equally annoying.

She is not a good ninja. She is not a good friend. She is not a good teammate. Her character is just so unlikeable, she has zero redeeming qualities, she doesn't deserve to be friends with anyone because she treats them all so horribly. She deserves this top spot.

For almost 700 chapters of Shippuden (not even counting Naruto) she has stood there and done nothing for basically the entire time. There were so many chances she could have done something, but all she does is stand there and watch. She is just dead weight to team 7. The few times she does do something, she still ends up needing saving. good job sakura, you are utterly useless. go die already because there is no use for you in Naruto

'shes awesome in Shippuden! ' I cannot believe how much I hate this idiotic statement. Did you even WATCH the match against Sasori?! Chiyo basically did all the work, all Sakura did was act as a puppet so get your facts right! ! The bit without Chiyo.. We learned Sasori WANTED TO DIE. So he went easy on them. Just like that, all her victories were pretty much done for her by someone else. She's nowhere near as strong as you say she is... She's actually the 4th weakest ninja. Add that to the constant punching of Naruto, the constant 'Sasuke! Sasuke! '.. And welcome to the mind of Suckura.

The Sakura Haruno Drinking Game: Drink 1 for every time she cries, gets beaten, mentions Sasuke, or needs to be save.

Waterfall for every second she stands there doing... well, nothing at all. Double fist it if she clenches her fists and looks at it.

In part 1 she just watched Naruto and Sasuke fight and when Sashke was leaving she was comparing the death of his clan and saying that's what she would feel like if he left, after she said she had family and friends thus girl isn't only annoying she's and idiot and Tsunade wasted her time training this idiot with a giant forehead she didn't get stronger, and she only uses her super strength to punch Naruto she acts like she's strong and she said it's her time to shine like no, no matter what this girl is still useless and she's a flat character she never changes except she gets what she. Wants and a has a daughter with Sasuke and I'm pretty sure her daughter is gonna be just as useless but yeah there's many more but it's just too much

I hate Sakura, she should understand that Sasuke or nobody wants her, but Naruto, of course, but she diss him completely. She is so annoying and irritating and Sasuke has already said it to her kind a thousand times, but she never listens and will continue to follow him and diss someone else and specelly Naruto. I hate her voice, I hate her hair ( pink is so corny ), I hate how she plays cool and strong by beating up all the guys except Sasuke, she dare not even look at him straight. Naruto deserve any better. Naruto always saves her, but she never even say "thank you". She deserves to be the 1 on this list.

Naruto is one of the coolest anime I've seen, so I'm not going to try and hate on it but Sakura really is the worst anime character. Ever. She's irritating, and her little one-sided Sasuke love is annoying. Love has its place in Naruto and makes the anime that much better, but there's no room for the elementary school style crush Sakura shows when we're waging the fourth ninja war, or trying to bring our friend back to Konoha before he gets killed by another village. She's pretty much useless in a fight, even though everyone tells her she's not. I'll admit that she's had her little achievements, (medical ninjutsu, defeating Sasori) but they were all with help. She has no compelling backstory and has done nothing on her own prettymuch. If her name was in the dictionary, the definition would be worthless. #1 spot is 100% accurate

Every character has a major flaw. Naruto's is that he's dense. Kiba's is that he's ignorant. Hinata's is that she's shy. But all of these flaws can be ignored cause there are great things about these characters. Sakura is a crybaby, she's useless, and she's super ignorant. She thinks she's so much smarter than everyone else. Um sorry Sakura, Shikamaru has an IQ level of over 200. No matter how many times Naruto had to save her sorry self, she never thanks him. And then all she can think about is Sasuke. I'll admit that I like her healing ninjutsu but her personality isn't great. Honestly I think she should be #1.

I find it endlessly hilarious that on a list that includes murderers and psychopaths, Sakura tops it as absolute worst every time. There are so many lists about terrible or annoying characters and she's usually number 1. I mean she deserves it because she's annoying and useless and obsessive. It just proves that she truly deserves to wear the crown of The Worst. - NerdBunny

Sakura is a ungrateful brat, and I bet she doesn't even love Sasuke. She doesn't do anything but complain. Sometimes I wish she would quit being so useless. She would always get in trouble and yet when ever Naruto saves her, she would never thank him when Naruto basically risk his OWN life saving her. That girl needs a therapist.

I never understood this dumbass, the one thing that made me hate her more was when she tried to get sasuke attention by ridiculing naruto dream to be hokage just because she thought sasuke would pay attention to her. Youd think that since she was once bullied as a kid, she would be nicer to naruto. The worst part is when she gets pregnant by sasuke, everyone told her to stay in the village because sauske was going on very dangerous mission and he needed to stay focus but no, she follows him and has their daughter in the sound village and a few years later surada questions that since there were no birth records in the leaf village then how could sakura prove that she was her real mother!

By far one of the most annoying, manipulative, selfish spoiled little twits ever to grace and anime. Sakura is a huge sore spot on the Naruto series. Insufferable and extremely annoying. I cringe everything she opens her mouth. Naruto and Lee should not waste their efforts on such a loathsome vile person like her!

Why does Sakura even like Sasuke? Hinata likes Naruto due to his determination and perseverance. Hinata saw Naruto as a good role model and Naruto even helped her out in the past. With Sakura I guess it's just looks.

Honestly, anybody who votes for her clearly doesn't know a damn thing, she has monster strength after being trained by tsunade, she is ultra powerful just like the rest of team 7, so you can't exactly call her "weak" or "useless" Because she definitely isn't, in the first part she wasn't as badass and strong as she is now but look at her. Also, she isn't annoying, she's passionate about sasuke, I'm sure a lot of you are also passionate about something, it doesn't make her annoying. So do your research before judging her!

Sakura is more useless than a magikarp! I know people say she got better over time, but in all honesty she really didn't when compared to Naruto and Sasuke! Then she just won't give up on Sasuke, even though he treated her like garbage!

She was just a damsel in distress trying to cause problems between sasuke and naruto's frienship. All she did was try to cause some stupid love drama nobody wanted. The show suffered because of that. No other naruto team had love issues between them they were all close friends meanwhile sakura only cared about that. It was just wrong of her to constantly hound sasuke by saying she loved him because he was so attractive and then run to naruto saying she loved him because he was a village hero, was she crazy or something?

Worst character created ever. So much potential down the drain now she's a slobbering fangirl with no amount of self-respect, wagging her tail to please the one she """loves""". There's so much character derailment that it could fill a black hole, I swear to God.

She is supposed to be the second smartest character next to shikimaru tied with shino but to me she is more ignorant than kiba. She lets her emotions get in the way of her judgement and because of that she makes the stupidest decisions. Not to mention she is selfish annoying and a big fat cry baby.

People say that Sakura is better than Lucy Heartfilia?! Does not make any sense! Lucy (in the manga) could beat Sakura if they fought at the same age! Image how Lucy has the advantage with summoning spirits and fighting along them with SAKURA. Yeah who do you think is gonna win? Sakura? Heck no.