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41 Characters That Wear Too Much Clothing Characters That Wear Too Much Clothing
42 Yanderes Yanderes

Take for instance, this unbelievably overrated scene from the 20th episode of the English-dubbed/4Kidz version of Sonic X only because Amy Rose accused Sonic the Hedgehog (every other main character from Mario and Sonic is mainly superior to Princess Peach and Amy Rose) for doing what she forced him to do after being unreasonably delighted. I know how much she has surprisingly improved in Sonic Boom.

Female yanderes are overrated. We need more male yanderes.

Most of these characters are psychos. So overrated. - Goku02

Yandere Simulator has made Yanderes even more cliché. - HoneyClover

43 Lolis Lolis

What is Lolis means? Shinryaku! Ika Musume also have that *cough* mini squid girl *cough*. - ChatNoirFan18

Lolicon here I come - Adventurur2

44 Characters That Lack Clothing Characters That Lack Clothing

Mother of the image! - Adventurur2

45 Jail Bait Characters

Criminal - Adventurur2

46 Young Man Becomes Master of Evil
47 Girl Beats Up Guy Girl Beats Up Guy

I always hated it when Sakura punched Naruto even though he saves her all the time. I would have told her she can take care of her own problems. - HoneyClover

I believe scenes like this are added to turn on masochistic males. - drdevil

Yeah and the girls don't get beat up - Adventurur2

Something that turned me away from anime, I'm not in fond of this kind of comedy, beating the guy that saved the girl-in-distress, even if the hero can be stupid, just why using the fists and being abusive, instead of being gratefull or thankfull?

i don't know how a protagonist can accept such "reward"..

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48 Over-Exposed Boobs Over-Exposed Boobs

Ok this one is gross - Carsrule300

High School DxD does this


That goes with fanservice. Also aren't boobs exposed a lot in real life? I'm not saying that Girls should expose them every second but at least anime acknowledges that tits exist. - MrQuaz680

49 Ridiculous Hairstyles Ridiculous Hairstyles

Yami Yugi and Kenpachi Zaraki got this. The Saiyans' hairdo is pretty crazy as well. - Goku02

Um dragon ball - Adventurur2

Yu-Gi-Oh is really guilt of doing that. Just saying. - HoneyClover

50 Multi-Colored Hair Multi-Colored Hair

What, what kind of hair is that?! - HoneyClover

Princess celestia - Adventurur2

51 Main Character Has Special Abilities Powers

You can't win them all. Buttt if you just so happened to be BORN WITH THE POWER OF MC YOU CAN WIN EM ALL AND ANNOY PEOPLE IN THE PROCESS

52 Random Boy Meets a Hot Alien Girl Random Boy Meets a Hot Alien Girl

Never heard of it - Adventurur2

53 Overpowered Badass Overpowered Badass

Whats the point of making an OP character, granted that if we see him train or gets some drugs that strengthens himself up but at least make the characters killable and also this cliche will lead up to being a Gary Stu - PrinceOfFire

<-- That explains everything - PrinceOfFire

Kirito, Shiba, Orochimaru, Ayato, etc. - HoneyClover

54 Emphasized Emotions/Reactions Emphasized Emotions/Reactions
55 The Short One is the Cute One The Short One is the Cute One
56 Whiny, Coward Protagonists Whiny, Coward Protagonists

Someone upload an image for Subaru Natsuki of Re:Zero, when he is crying in this item. - SelfDestruct

I'm looking at you, Yukiteru Amano.

57 Notice Me Senpai Characters Notice Me Senpai Characters

Juvia Lockser, Boa Hancock, Anna Nishikinomiya, and Yuno Gasai are some examples.

I knew it - Adventurur2

How about Serena (Pokémon XY), she attempts to have Ash notice her, but fails miserably. Serena is one of them, I'm glad she's GONE! - ClassicGaminer

58 Main Character Escapes From Death Main Character Escapes From Death

I could give you multiple examples already from a single anime which I rather not mention but these two are Kirito and Asuna. - PrinceOfFire

It's almost shocking they survive this stuff to be honest - Adventurur2

If there is an explanation on why this guy gets revived (i.e AOT) then yes, you may use it but if it's trash like SAO and you don't provide a decent explanation(i.e Kirito beating Heathcliff even if he is already at 0/100 health) - PrinceOfFire

59 Breaking the 4th Wall Breaking the 4th Wall
60 Anti-Feminism Anti-Feminism
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