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41 Random Boy Meets a Hot Alien Girl Random Boy Meets a Hot Alien Girl
42 Overpowered Badass Overpowered Badass

Whats the point of making an OP character, granted that if we see him train or gets some drugs that strengthens himself up but at least make the characters killable and also this cliche will lead up to being a Gary Stu - PrinceOfFire

<-- That explains everything - PrinceOfFire

Kirito, Shiba, Orochimaru, Ayato, etc. - HoneyClover

43 The Short One is the Cute One The Short One is the Cute One
44 Gravity-Defying Breasts

That image...what the hell? - HoneyClover

45 Whiny, Coward Protagonists Whiny, Coward Protagonists

Someone upload an image for Subaru Natsuki of Re:Zero, when he is crying in this item. - SelfDestruct

I'm looking at you, Yukiteru Amano.

46 Main Character is an Excessive Eater Main Character is an Excessive Eater

This has Goku, Naruto and Luffy written all over it. - To

47 Notice Me Senpai Characters Notice Me Senpai Characters

Juvia Lockser, Boa Hancock, Anna Nishikinomiya, and Yuno Gasai are some examples.

How about Serena (Pokémon XY), she attempts to have Ash notice her, but fails miserably. Serena is one of them, I'm glad she's GONE! - ClassicGaminer

48 Breaking the 4th Wall Breaking the 4th Wall
49 Anti-Feminism Anti-Feminism

Seen this WAY too often. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

50 Running in Openings Running in Openings

This happened in Miraculous Ladybug opening. Especially, in the last scene of the opening (i know Miraculous is not an anime) - ChatNoirFan18

Oh wait, Danny Phantom uses this cliche (i know it's not an anime). Especially, on the lyric "Goona catch'em causes he's Danny Phantom" aka the scene when Danny chased a frightened blue ghost. - ChatNoirFan18

Yep. - Emberleap

I don't know why a lot of characters run in the opening and ending sequence.
But the character stands in the landscapes is weird.
Also,when they suprise they say,
"Uh",Eee"etc. in close-up.

51 Power-Ups Power-Ups

IKR! This must be on the very bottom of this list of a hundred items.

But how are fighting shounens supposed to work without power-ups? O_O - Goku02

52 Fanservice OVA's Fanservice OVA's

Apparently dozens of these anime ova's EXIST, including the filler show that is Extended Edition - PrinceOfFire

This is just a wrong excuse to make porn of of your anime examples of this are the 9 atrocious Fairy OVA's especially
OVA 1: Welcome to Fairy Hills and OVA9: Fairies' Christmas Party - PrinceOfFire

53 Half-Human/ Half-Animal Characters Half-Human/ Half-Animal Characters

The Saiyans, InuYasha, Naruto ( he has cat whiskers lol ),..etc... - Goku02

54 Main Character Escapes From Death Main Character Escapes From Death

I could give you multiple examples already from a single anime which I rather not mention but these two are Kirito and Asuna. - PrinceOfFire

If there is an explanation on why this guy gets revived (i.e AOT) then yes, you may use it but if it's trash like SAO and you don't provide a decent explanation(i.e Kirito beating Heathcliff even if he is already at 0/100 health) - PrinceOfFire

55 Horrible Childhood Horrible Childhood

Some anime shoehorns in flat and overdone variants of this for the sake of being angsty - unfortunately it ends up trivialising abuse, bullying, poverty, family problems and other extreme hardships that could bring a black cloud over childhood. The fact it's also done often with 'Mary Sue' characters makes it even worse. - Entranced98

56 Favorite Character Dies Favorite Character Dies

I know this feeling ;_; - HoneyClover

57 Awkward falling positions Awkward falling positions
58 Teenager Protagonists Teenager Protagonists

This is in almost every anime. Probably because it hits that demographic better if your characters are a bunch of teens. - HoneyClover

That is too common and while I can see some anime making it work (AOT because they constantly need new soldiers but they show that they are not all powerful and need to grow and learn).

59 Characters That Keep Using Engrish Phrases
60 Cat Girls Cat Girls
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