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61 Half-Human/ Half-Animal Characters Half-Human/ Half-Animal Characters

The Saiyans, InuYasha, Naruto ( he has cat whiskers lol ),..etc... - Goku02

62 Breaking the 4th Wall Breaking the 4th Wall

Rarely will one see that, but I'm sure I'm wrong about it. - ClassicGaminer

63 Anti-Feminism Anti-Feminism
64 I'm Late! I'm Late! I'm Late! I'm Late!

Usagi Tsukino in a nutshell. - Goku02

I know that this isn't an anime but in Miraculous Ladybug they do frequently do this trope where Marinette is always late to class. - Anonymousxcxc

These scenes are often hilarious. - Entranced98

Spider-man never used this cliche - Adventurur2

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65 Power-Ups Power-Ups

IKR! This must be on the very bottom of this list of a hundred items.

But how are fighting shounens supposed to work without power-ups? O_O - Goku02

66 Fanservice OVA's Fanservice OVA's

Apparently dozens of these anime ova's EXIST, including the filler show that is Extended Edition - PrinceOfFire

This is just a wrong excuse to make porn of of your anime examples of this are the 9 atrocious Fairy OVA's especially
OVA 1: Welcome to Fairy Hills and OVA9: Fairies' Christmas Party - PrinceOfFire

67 Favorite Character Dies Favorite Character Dies

I know this feeling ;_; - HoneyClover

68 Constant Swearing Constant Swearing

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt English dub. Though that's what made the dub good. - Rue

I'm okay with swearing - TwilightKitsune

69 That One "Mysterious" Character with a Tragic Past That One
70 Teenager Protagonists Teenager Protagonists

This is in almost every anime. Probably because it hits that demographic better if your characters are a bunch of teens. - HoneyClover

That is too common and while I can see some anime making it work (AOT because they constantly need new soldiers but they show that they are not all powerful and need to grow and learn).

Tru - Adventurur2

71 Characters That Keep Using Engrish Phrases

Like hello,goodbye and SOB - Adventurur2

72 Immortal Characters Immortal Characters
73 Everyone Dies Everyone Dies

Danganronpa (even though it's technically a game), Madoka Magica

Wait, that's not anime, that's Sheakspeare

Not a cliche - listotaku17

74 Characters Wear Long Sleeve Shirts Characters Wear Long Sleeve Shirts

Kinda true. I personally like long sleeves, but it gets boring after you see too many protagonists follow this rule.

An anime that doesn't use this cliche a lot is Fairy Tail. - listotaku17

75 Short Skirts Short Skirts

The amount of sexualization in anime (and other places, for that matter) is absolutely disgusting in my opinion. Most of the girls in anime that I’ve seen are made out as desirable and wear more revealing clothing than necessary, which would fit into the fan service category. It makes me mad to see this everywhere I look in movies, video games, and T.V..

76 Yelling Makes You Stronger Yelling Makes You Stronger
77 Summer Festivals Summer Festivals
78 Shock Value Shock Value

Like someone eating a human, that's shock value - Adventurur2

This is actually one of my main problems with Akame ga Kill!. Don't get me wrong, I actually like Akame ga Kill!, but one flaw that bothered me was the shock value. In some anime, shock value is used when something unexpected happens such as a character dying or an unexpected plot twist occurring. Now what really bothers me about Akame ga Kill! 's shock value is that while it was honestly effective in the first two deaths of the anime, it started to decline in quality as it felt like characters were just being killed from left to right without receiving enough character development before their death flag was given. So yeah, shock value is a little something that some anime need to improve on. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

79 Freeze Frame! Freeze Frame!
80 Women as Sex Symbols Women as Sex Symbols

Think about it... Big busts, stereotypically blonde, clothing that are near to exposing their bodies. Uff... What more can one say? - ClassicGaminer

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