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61 Immortal Characters Immortal Characters
62 I'm Late! I'm Late! I'm Late! I'm Late!

Usagi Tsukino in a nutshell. - Goku02

I know that this isn't an anime but in Miraculous Ladybug they do frequently do this trope where Marinette is always late to class. - Anonymousxcxc

Bonus points, a bread on the mouth. Seriously! There are a bunch of animes with this clichè. But at the end, It turns out the character Isn't late! - MLPFan

63 Shock Value Shock Value

This is actually one of my main problems with Akame ga Kill!. Don't get me wrong, I actually like Akame ga Kill!, but one flaw that bothered me was the shock value. In some anime, shock value is used when something unexpected happens such as a character dying or an unexpected plot twist occurring. Now what really bothers me about Akame ga Kill! 's shock value is that while it was honestly effective in the first two deaths of the anime, it started to decline in quality as it felt like characters were just being killed from left to right without receiving enough character development before their death flag was given. So yeah, shock value is a little something that some anime need to improve on. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

64 Hot Springs/Bath Scenes Hot Springs/Bath Scenes

I'll be honest here. That bath scene with Asuna in Sword Art Online II was uncalled for. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Because fan service!...I guess? - HoneyClover

65 Freeze Frame! Freeze Frame!
66 Genki Girls Genki Girls
67 Always Angry Characters Always Angry Characters

These characters are usually very annoying ( Chi Chi, Sakura, Kagome,... ) - Goku02

68 Main Character Sits Next to the Window in Class Main Character Sits Next to the Window in Class

I recall reading something a few years back that this is done to reduce the amount of stuff to animate in the classrooms to save money? I could be wrong though. - Rue

Not a bad one, as it does absolutely no damage to the plot 99.9% of the time. - Entranced98

If you pay close attention you can see it a lot but it's not the worst cliché. - HoneyClover

69 Vengeful Characters Vengeful Characters
70 Squads Squads

Why is this not #1? EVERY anime has this! That one squad of friends that defeats all the bad guys.

It is fine to have squads since there is more strength in numbers. However, that does not mean a squad is an unstoppable force and also means that it will never fall apart. - YourWaifuSucks

Danny Phantom used this trophe. Since Danny, Sam, Tucker, and (maybe) Jazz fight ghost together *cough* Team Phantom *cough* - ChatNoirFan18

Z-Fighters, Ichigo Team, Team Natsu, Squad 7 from Naruto, Straw Hat Pirates and the list goes on. - HoneyClover

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71 Cold Character Later Becomes Happy Cold Character Later Becomes Happy

Felix Agreste from an unused Miraculous Ladybug anime. (As civilian, he is cold, as Cat Noir, he is aggressive). - ChatNoirFan18

72 Constant Swearing Constant Swearing

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt English dub. Though that's what made the dub good. - Rue

I'm okay with swearing - TwilightKitsune

73 Characters Get Drunk Characters Get Drunk

As someone who's a fan of shoujo anime, I don't usually see drunkards...but when I do, they just tick me off in a way I don't understand. They act ridiculous when drunk, and it gets on my nerves.

Very over the top are the types of drunks you find in anime. - HoneyClover

74 Traitors Traitors
75 Weird Clothing Weird Clothing
76 Girls Who Never Get Angry Girls Who Never Get Angry
77 Extra Fanservice for Trap Characters Extra Fanservice for Trap Characters
78 Dying by Pushing Someone Out of the Way of a Truck

More common than you'd think. - izayaorihara

Why is there a cat picture - pupcatdog

79 Crossdressers Crossdressers
80 The Lead's Dad is a Manga Artist
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