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141 Taking Place In Japan Taking Place In Japan
142 Characters Have Secrets Characters Have Secrets
143 Villains Have No Backstories Villains Have No Backstories
144 Characters Have Diseases Characters Have Diseases

In real life many people are very unfortunately afflicted with diseases and disorders (cancer, heart issues, hepatitis, diabetes, tuberculosis, mental health problems etc.), even at a very young age. I praise the fact anime is able to represent this and how it sometimes does a decent job at showing us the struggles people with such diseases face every single day. - Entranced98

145 Spinoffs Spinoffs
146 Main Character Gets Possessed Main Character Gets Possessed
147 Nekos Nekos
148 Long Hair Long Hair
149 Characters Having the Same Head Shapes Characters Having the Same Head Shapes
150 Main Character Finds Out They're Special Main Character Finds Out They're Special
151 Shapeshifters Shapeshifters
152 Hermaphrodites
153 Characters Get Kidnapped Characters Get Kidnapped
154 Pirates Pirates
155 Characters Get Sent to a Special School Characters Get Sent to a Special School
156 Emos Emos
157 Nerdy Characters Nerdy Characters
158 Pantyshots Pantyshots
159 Ghosts Ghosts
160 Vampires Vampires
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