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141 Ghosts Ghosts
142 Vampires Vampires
143 Fairies Fairies
144 Overly-Muscled Characters Overly-Muscled Characters
145 Short Hair Short Hair
146 Maids Maids
147 Cyborgs Cyborgs
148 Characters Get Hungry Characters Get Hungry
149 Hybrid Characters Hybrid Characters
150 Bullies Bullies
151 Character Becomes a God/Goddess Character Becomes a God/Goddess
152 Long Conversations Long Conversations
153 Characters Go On a Long Journey Characters Go On a Long Journey
154 Elves Elves
155 Genderless Characters Genderless Characters
156 Wizards and Witches
157 Angels Angels
158 Winged Characters Winged Characters
159 Rains During Sad Scenes Rains During Sad Scenes
160 Secret Identities
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3. Edgy edgy edgy
1. Perverted Leads
2. Awkward falling positions
3. Filler Episodes
1. School!
2. Filler Episodes
3. Friendship Saves the Day!

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