Worst Anime Couples

Anime is full of couples that are very entertaining, but some just get on everyone's nerves or don't go well together. This is a list for the latter, bad couples from anime.

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1 Sasuke and Sakura (Naruto) Sasuke and Sakura (Naruto)

There is NO other anime couple as unrealistic as this "couple". A Guy who had outrightly rejected a girl more than FIVE occasions including just seven chapters before the ending chapter suddenly decides he likes the girl. And this guy, Sasuke Uchiha, had tried to assassinate the girl, Sakura Haruno, three times straight. And the hardcore fangirl continued to "love" the handsome homicidal maniac. Let's face it- it's not love but rather an Unhealthy obsession. There's no solid foundation to their relationship- their relationship bears witness to the fact that Masashi Kishimoto, the writer, is perfunctorily mundane and morbid in his writing. Heck, Sasuke and Hinata would make more sense than this bull couple since Sasuke never abused Hinata.

This is an abusive, unhealthy relationship. Regardless of what you may support in Naruto, I hope everyone, AT LEAST, agrees that having a kid with someone who has abused you, only for them to disappear on their own agenda and leave you to raise the kid, while somehow still loving said person and wanting them to notice you, is not okay on any level.

I can't understand Sakura and I don't want to...She is a perfect example of a girl who hasn't even self-respect. How can you chose the guy who tried to kill you several times! And...to have a child with him. Sasuke even doesn't care about her even when they are married. Sakura even had to photoshop their photo. I think Kishi troll her hard, she has only credit for her house, a daughter who even didn't believe that she is her mum and a husband who just have "super mission" for about 8-10 years. So, it's a good lesson for all fangirls- always have some self-respect!


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2 Ichigo and Orihime (Bleach) Ichigo and Orihime (Bleach)

Wow, people show up just to vote for this couple so many times. This couple is not worse than Makoto and Sekai. - lavashooter

It may be truth that ichigo never showed any romantic interest for her, but in fact he never showed any romantic attraction for any other female character, I may have not seen love in bleach but he cares for his friends a lot, and with a proper build up ichigo could have been different, but I'm not hating on this. its worst seeing "fans" not respecting others point of views. - CharlieAlba

This couple was okay I guess, but I personally ship Ichigo and Rukia.

Some user just argue my opinion, wowww think whatever you think. What Ichigo did to Inoue can happen to ALL of his friend! And yes, Kubo did not care for all criticism, so why you do? Can't stand that IH is in the top of this poll? You can think what you like. The poll reflect views from fan. You can't control people around the world you know? - Achalida

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3 Makoto and Sekai (School Days) Makoto and Sekai (School Days)

A toxic relationship that damaged everyone around them, including themselves. - lavashooter

This is not worse than sasusaku at least they had feelings for each other and they are both dead (I believe) while both sasuke and sakura are still alive and sasuke has no feelings or interests in sakura (I don't blame him) I bet if he actually killed sakura (without naruto coming in) in one out of the two tries sasusaku would be higher than this school days couple.

Its disfunctional but I think that was the point... I liked it

Ichihime is only #2 due to the manga ending recently with it & butthurt ichiruki fans are just being extremely whiny & dumb. This ‘couple’ makes ichihime a beautiful wonderfuly written romance.

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4 Light and Misa (Death Note) Light and Misa (Death Note)

Yeah, these two weren't made for each other. She loves him because she believes in 'love at first sight' basically. Nobody nowadays falls in love at first sight. If they do, it's probably for comedic reasons and not true romance. She literally said she wants him to use her and he's completely fine with that because he can use to her to his advantage to murder his enemies. The only reason she stuck around him was he pretended they were dating. However, he never liked her and in his mind he clearly said: This is the first time in my life that I've been provoked to hit a woman. Also, he went along with it because he was threatened to do it by a shinigami. These two have zero chemistry and are a terrible couple. - RoseRedFlower

Please enlighten me on why this is lower than Kirito and Asuna. I hate this couple to the heart. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

An evil serial killer with a killer notebook and a stereotypical dumb blonde chick. Terrible pairing.

He would gladly kill her anytime he has no feelings for her and is only using her and he was cheating with takada qnd he didn't really love her

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5 Yukiteru and Yuno (Mirai Nikki/Future Diary) Yukiteru and Yuno (Mirai Nikki/Future Diary)

If I had a dollar for every time Yuki changed his mind about Yuno I would be rich

Yuno is a complete PSYCHO! She wanted to kill Yukiteru, just for living with him again and REPEAT that endlessly!

Yuno really didn't deserve her happy ending after everything she'd done.

Put romantic music over heartwarming scenes then everyone forgets what a trainwreck this pairing is.

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6 Gray Fullbuster & Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail) Gray Fullbuster & Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

Jellal and Erza is the best. She and Gray are just best of friends. - Goku02

Erza supports Gruvia and Gray is scared of Erza. Therefore this ship is a big fat NO. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

He's been literally terrified of her since they were children, much more than he has ever been uncomfortable around Juvia. She's been beating him (and Natsu) up for years, which has made them terrified of her.

Lol what's with everyone hating on this ship. It's only rated this high because it contradicts with Jerza and Gruvia. Just let the
Grayza shippers have their moment. It's not like it's ever gonna become canon...

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7 Kyousuke and Kirino (OreImo) Kyousuke and Kirino (OreImo)

I mean incest is just not a way to go. If it was your step sister or brother it would make a load of sense, but this is just weird.

They are siblings, and they have no chemistry together even if they wern't. - lavashooter

I reallly hate this couple - idono03

8 Pico and Tamotsu (Boku no Pico) Pico and Tamotsu (Boku no Pico)

Anything from Boku no Pico sucks

Creepy as crap and 100% wrong in so many levels Tamotsu should be in prison for life

Just plain creepy and wrong!


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9 Goku and Chi Chi Goku and Chi Chi

Chi chi fell in love with Goku because he touched her vagina because he couldn't tell the difference between a boy and a girl( chi chi was wearing the most inapropriate costume ever, how did he not see her boobs! )

Worst couple ever. I mean, Chi-Chi literally forced Goku to marry her, then she keeps mistreating him all day. Goku deserves so much better. - Goku02

Hmm Chi Chi has a crush on goku ever since he was a Child but Chi Chi told Goku to be married but sersly goku did not no what marry means he just thought it was a food and his barely been force to marry chi chi but hey they make such strong children =D

Hey SuperSaiyanSwagga Even Bulma is an idiot and dumb - Monday23

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10 Aki and Sora (Aki Sora) Aki and Sora (Aki Sora)

How did I forget these two siblings! - lavashooter

Disgusting incest... - idono03

It's a crap pairing, incest and overall Sora is just a wimp for letting his own Sketty sister take his virginity. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

The Newcomers

? Naegi and Maizono (DanganRonpa)

Naezono shippers can flame at me for saying this ship is terrible but It reall IS!
Maizono manipulated Naegi's attraction towards her and tried to get him executed for her own advantages. Not to mention that this ship is the second most forced ship in the DR franchise, second only to DR3 Hinanami!
Forced because,
- We're forced to talk to Maizono and spend our first 3 FTEs with her. I MEAN, WHY CAN'T WE HAVE OUR FIRST FTES WITH SOMEONE ELSE?!?!?!?
- Whenever Maizono is mentioned by Naegi in dialouge/mind we're always reminded about Naegi's crush on her
- When she was first introduced, NAEGI ALREADY HAS A CRUSH ON HER
- Before you spout "WELL, THEY KNEW EACH OTHER FROM MIDDLE SCHOOL! " Dude, they never actually talked back then :-/

To me, Naezono is just one of those exagerrated teen crushes that are only based from looks because all Naegi said about Maizono in the games were that she was pretty, had a nice unfamiliar scent, and etc - MLPFan

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11 Naruto and Hinata (Naruto) Naruto and Hinata (Naruto)

Having 3 scenes of significant interaction does not make a good romance. The two of them barely even speak over the course of the series and Naruto flat out ignores her for most of it. He never once responds to her "confession" and the death of her cousin was used as a weak excuse to give them interaction with zero chemistry. The series as a whole is one big flop, but the idea of the fact that Naruto "settles" for his silver medal because he couldn't have the woman he wanted is not just insulting to the audience, but the characters as well.

This pairing is the worst! "The Last" was a pathetic excuse to show how Naruto fell in love with Hinata, who he ignored for 15 years plus in the manga and the manga is canon...So if Naruto was only crushing on Sakura out of rivalry, then by that logic, Sakura was only crushing on Sasuke out of rivalry with Ino. The worst part is that Naruto as a character went down the drain. What happened to "I never give up because that's my ninja way" and surpassing the old generation?! Character assasinations left and right to say the least...

I honestly can't believe that this became cannon, Hinata never was important in the story for the majority of the Manga/Anime, she was never part of the story until they decided to shove NaruHina down our throats in the last movie. I always hear the NaruHina fans saying how terrible NaruSaku is, "She is abusive and mean to Naruto." When she hits Naruto it's just the show trying to be funny, and she clearly cares about Naruto.


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12 Ino and Sai (Naruto) Ino and Sai (Naruto)

Let's be honest, Ino first notices Sai because he looks like Sasuke. Because Sai doesn't want to offend her on their formal meeting, he calls her beautiful when in reality he found her as unattractive as Sakura. They have no real chemistry and Ino probably calls him 'Sasuke' in the bedroom department.

I don't think Sai looks like Sasuke, I think Ino is blind and stupid to not realise that she is beautiful and she can get a better man. She always takes Sakuras scraps, I know that Sai was not with Sakura but, everyone that Sakura is with Ino must chase after them 😢 - creepy

Okay, okay. Let me get this straight.

Ino likes Sai because Sai looks like SASUKE.

And Ino always liked SASUKE so basically Sai is a replacement for SASUKE?

Also, stop hating on NaruHina! Hinata was made for Naruto, and even though Naruto just thought she was weird, she never stopped! Her love for Naruto is real, and when Naruto finally realized he... Well, he realized!

13 Ash and Serena (Pokemon) Ash and Serena (Pokemon)

Ash isn't interested in her why can't people see that? Ash rather train than help her with her first poke video, & doesn't even care to get their gifts together. Far from two sided sorry Serena is just a creepy ash fan girl

I don't like Ash with any girls nor any other girls like this nor like that, especially not Misty either. I don't even like May, Dawn nor Iris with Ash at all because those three other girls remind me a lot of Misty,

I don't even like Ash together with May, Dawn nor Iris at all either all because those three other traveling heroines remind me a lot of Misty only whenever it comes to conflicts.

This one is the worst hands down

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14 Masamune and Sagiri (EroManga Sensei) Masamune and Sagiri (EroManga Sensei)

Worse than Kyosuke and Kirino, but at least these two aren't blood related. - lavashooter

15 Makoto and Kotonoha (School Days) Makoto and Kotonoha (School Days)

Makoto is Ridiculous - idono03

No way these two would've ended up well. Makoto screwed up way too much for this to happend, besides leaving Kotonoha aside for a really long time. Also, I won't lie; since the very beginning, I was hoping so hard that son of a bitch died! I applauded Sekai when she stabbed him to death.

16 Ash and Iris (Pokemon) Ash and Iris (Pokemon)

This ship is underrated. It's not even that bad. - Yungstirjoey

I don't see this happening. AT ALL. - 906389

This couple's worse than Ash and Misty.


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17 Dawn and Paul (Pokemon) Dawn and Paul (Pokemon)


Meh, I'm not sure about this one...

Dawn was really energetic and fun-loving, and is probably my favourite Pokè-girl ever (since I grew up with the DP series). But Paul? Paul was a heartless, arrogant dick, even to his own Pokèmon. Bottom line, I hate this couple (but I still really like Dawn)

18 Inuyasha and Kikyo Inuyasha and Kikyo

Well, they're better than Inuyasha x Kagome. - Goku02

This couple is better than Inuyasha and Kagome anyway mostly all because I especially don't like love hate relationships at all.

I love this couple and their relationship never ever even deserves to change for worse nor for the worst at all, does it? No it doesn't. Naraku pitted those two against each other.

I rather like this couple mostly all because I dislike regular love hate relationships. Tragic couples are better than regular couples anyway.

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19 Saito and Louise (The Familiar of Zero) Saito and Louise (The Familiar of Zero)

She calls him dog and abuses him and he falls in love with her. What am I missing here?

This one bugs me! Saito is obviously suffering from a serious case of Stockholm syndrome! I don't really care too much about how Louise changes throughout the series, she WHIPS HIM AND STARVES HIM!

This is an abusive relationship she thinks she's all that even though her magic is terrible and thing is he's like I love you anyway she hits him no matter what he does it's just plain wrong

Great, just another insufferable love hate relationship couple….

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20 Gohan & Videl (Dragon Ball Z) Gohan & Videl (Dragon Ball Z)

Why? I think they are a really sweet couple. - Goku02

Cutest couple in dbz

Videl acts like a bitch towards him before they got together. I think there was one part in the manga where Videl cuts her hair because she thinks Gohan finds short hair sexier, then gets mad at him for not noticing her hair or something. Why couldn't he have ended up with the nicer blonde girl (Erasa)?

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