Worst Anime Couples

Anime is full of couples that are very entertaining, but some just get on everyone's nerves or don't go well together. This is a list for the latter, bad couples from anime.

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1 Sasuke and Sakura (Naruto) Sasuke and Sakura (Naruto)

There is NO other anime couple as unrealistic as this "couple". A Guy who had outrightly rejected a girl more than FIVE occasions including just seven chapters before the ending chapter suddenly decides he likes the girl. And this guy, Sasuke Uchiha, had tried to assassinate the girl, Sakura Haruno, three times straight. And the hardcore fangirl continued to "love" the handsome homicidal maniac. Let's face it- it's not love but rather an Unhealthy obsession. There's no solid foundation to their relationship- their relationship bears witness to the fact that Masashi Kishimoto, the writer, is perfunctorily mundane and morbid in his writing. Heck, Sasuke and Hinata would make more sense than this bull couple since Sasuke never abused Hinata.

This is an abusive, unhealthy relationship. Regardless of what you may support in Naruto, I hope everyone, AT LEAST, agrees that having a kid with someone who has abused you, only for them to disappear on their own agenda and leave you to raise the kid, while somehow still loving said person and wanting them to notice you, is not okay on any level.

I can't understand Sakura and I don't want to...She is a perfect example of a girl who hasn't even self-respect. How can you chose the guy who tried to kill you several times! And...to have a child with him. Sasuke even doesn't care about her even when they are married. Sakura even had to photoshop their photo. I think Kishi troll her hard, she has only credit for her house, a daughter who even didn't believe that she is her mum and a husband who just have "super mission" for about 8-10 years. So, it's a good lesson for all fangirls- always have some self-respect!

The fans of this are big nut heads. This is just abusive. So what if sasuke was "in the darkness" if he was an alcoholic or addict abuser would it still be ok for him to try and kill her? How gross. And sakura neber understood ANYTHING about him. Just wanted to choke on his dick for no reason ruins friendships and forgets everything about friends and family just to be with a hot guy. This is EXTREMELY TOXIC! Nothing else!

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2 Ichigo and Orihime (Bleach) Ichigo and Orihime (Bleach)

LOL! I've always said that IchiHime is garbage, but now we have undeniable proof.

In a recent interview with Shonen Jump, they confirmed that they're making a spinoff novel that's about Renji and Rukia's honeymoon (basically pandering to shippers and trying to justify the ship being canon) and Hisagi's Bankai (pretty cool). This isn't the problem however.

In the interview, they straight up said that Rukia isn't the heroin of Bleach, but that Orihime is. They are literally trying to downplay Rukia's significance in the series in order to justify this pairing being canon.

I'm honestly not even mad. This is downright hilarious. Kubo is straight up dragging his series down to absolute Hell in order to attempt to justify this pairing. I can't believe that someone can be this bad of a writer unintentionally. I'm actually impressed.

But yeah, anything that was slightly reminiscent of Bleach is pretty much gone now. The main characters are the complete opposite of ...more

Wow, how much crap, how many lies I'm reading here. Stay mad ichiruki shippers. Ichihime is canon and you can't do anything about it. I love when rabid and delusional shippers lose in a series.

I never really read the manga so I don't know how things work there but I've watched the anime and by pretty much episode 1 I had a fondness for IchiRuki but by episode 2 I had a feeling Ichigo would end up with Orihime because well... authors don't usually introduce a new female character by making her walk into a guy and start blushing and crushing on him HARD unless they have a reason to. At that point I shipped both IchiRuki and IchiHime (weird, I know, shipping two mortal-rival ships but I still did) so I just wanted to see how the series developed both these relationships and didn't really care who ended up with who. Until I watched some more and did some character research did I start going against this ship. I'm a slight feminist and I've always liked strong, independent female characters more and when they pretty much ruined Orihime's character development by making her life revolve around Ichigo and her obsession/hero-worship of him and how she is pretty much useless. I ...more

One-sided selfish and 0 chemistry

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3 Makoto and Sekai (School Days) Makoto and Sekai (School Days)

A toxic relationship that damaged everyone around them, including themselves. - lavashooter

This is not worse than sasusaku at least they had feelings for each other and they are both dead (I believe) while both sasuke and sakura are still alive and sasuke has no feelings or interests in sakura (I don't blame him) I bet if he actually killed sakura (without naruto coming in) in one out of the two tries sasusaku would be higher than this school days couple.

Its disfunctional but I think that was the point... I liked it

Well it looks like he's dead so we wont have to worry about it,nice couples picture to by the way,it really brings out how much she loves him.

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4 Light and Misa (Death Note) Light and Misa (Death Note)

Yeah, these two weren't made for each other. She loves him because she believes in 'love at first sight' basically. Nobody nowadays falls in love at first sight. If they do, it's probably for comedic reasons and not true romance. She literally said she wants him to use her and he's completely fine with that because he can use to her to his advantage to murder his enemies. The only reason she stuck around him was he pretended they were dating. However, he never liked her and in his mind he clearly said: This is the first time in my life that I've been provoked to hit a woman. Also, he went along with it because he was threatened to do it by a shinigami. These two have zero chemistry and are a terrible couple. - RoseRedFlower

They aren't even a couple to begin with. Light was never interested in her. It was only one-sided love from Misa. - Anti-tsundere

Please enlighten me on why this is lower than Kirito and Asuna. I hate this couple to the heart. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Oh please, stop defending Sword Art Online. It's terrible in every conceivable way. - Anti-tsundere

An evil serial killer with a killer notebook and a stereotypical dumb blonde chick. Terrible pairing.

Light didn’t even like misa he was just using her because of the shimagami eyes. If misa hadn’t been so blinded maybe she would have been able to see that. The whole Light x misa thing was just to show how much the death note corrupted them both and how dumb misa was.

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5 Pico and Tamotsu (Boku no Pico) Pico and Tamotsu (Boku no Pico)

Anything from Boku no Pico sucks

Creepy as crap and 100% wrong in so many levels Tamotsu should be in prison for life

Just plain creepy and wrong!

Um... because everyone thinks the 30+ yr old man who is crushing on the 15 year old boy (whom he thought was a girl) is a good ship

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6 Yukiteru and Yuno (Mirai Nikki/Future Diary) Yukiteru and Yuno (Mirai Nikki/Future Diary)

If I had a dollar for every time Yuki changed his mind about Yuno I would be rich

Yuno is a complete PSYCHO! She wanted to kill Yukiteru, just for living with him again and REPEAT that endlessly!

Yuno herself admitted that she could have been in love with any person that let her stick around and tolerated her crazy behavior, it a downright unhealthy relationship and just to remind you YUNO IS A PSYCHO SHE TRIED TO KILL YUKI, AND DOESN'T LOVE HIM FOR HIM SHE JUST USES HIM FOR KEEPING HER SELF Stable, not to forget yuki was just using her to keep him self save he used her as a shield and treated her like a pon, this is truly the worst ship

This should be #1! Throughout the series, Yuki is horrified of Yuno because she's a psycho. Honestly, Yuki should've gotten with Akise, the boy with the biggest crush on him who died to make sure Yuki wouldn't be killed by Yuno. - thepanfairy

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7 Kyousuke and Kirino (OreImo) Kyousuke and Kirino (OreImo)

I mean incest is just not a way to go. If it was your step sister or brother it would make a load of sense, but this is just weird.

They are siblings, and they have no chemistry together even if they wern't. - lavashooter

I reallly hate this couple - idono03

Even if they weren’t siblings this would be bad. They don’t work together as a romantic pair. Kirino is the worst kind of Tsundere and Kyousuke is a complete hack

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8 Goku and Chi Chi (Dragon Ball) Goku and Chi Chi (Dragon Ball)

Chi chi fell in love with Goku because he touched her vagina because he couldn't tell the difference between a boy and a girl( chi chi was wearing the most inapropriate costume ever, how did he not see her boobs! )

Worst couple ever. I mean, Chi-Chi literally forced Goku to marry her, then she keeps mistreating him all day. Goku deserves so much better. - Goku02

Hmm Chi Chi has a crush on goku ever since he was a Child but Chi Chi told Goku to be married but sersly goku did not no what marry means he just thought it was a food and his barely been force to marry chi chi but hey they make such strong children =D

Goku deserves to be alone rather than marry a bitch like Chichi. - Haterssuck

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9 Ash and Serena (Pokemon) Ash and Serena (Pokemon)

Ash isn't interested in her why can't people see that? Ash rather train than help her with her first poke video, & doesn't even care to get their gifts together. Far from two sided sorry Serena is just a creepy ash fan girl

I don't like Ash with any girls nor any other girls like this nor like that, especially not Misty either. I don't even like May, Dawn nor Iris with Ash at all because those three other girls remind me a lot of Misty,

Ash and serena never were a couple. But if they were a couple I don't why but they don't seem like a couple I would be interested, I mean serena only wants ashes attention when ash doesn't really care that much about her and like she doesn't care to much about Clement and Bonnie and her pokemon.

How dare you all hate on this,

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10 Gray Fullbuster & Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail) Gray Fullbuster & Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

Jellal and Erza is the best. She and Gray are just best of friends. - Goku02

Erza supports Gruvia and Gray is scared of Erza. Therefore this ship is a big fat NO. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

He's been literally terrified of her since they were children, much more than he has ever been uncomfortable around Juvia. She's been beating him (and Natsu) up for years, which has made them terrified of her.

Actually this one's not that bad, lol. It's probably just disliked because it clashes with the Jerza and Gruvia ship. (though I have to admit I like these ships more too)
I feel like they have more of a sibling kinda feeling to them but I definitely don't hate it. I mean, they do have a great bond. - Scablex

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11 Ino and Sai (Naruto) Ino and Sai (Naruto)

Let's be honest, Ino first notices Sai because he looks like Sasuke. Because Sai doesn't want to offend her on their formal meeting, he calls her beautiful when in reality he found her as unattractive as Sakura. They have no real chemistry and Ino probably calls him 'Sasuke' in the bedroom department.

Ino remember me to chloe from miraculous ladybug - NelMemazo

I don't think Sai looks like Sasuke, I think Ino is blind and stupid to not realise that she is beautiful and she can get a better man. She always takes Sakuras scraps, I know that Sai was not with Sakura but, everyone that Sakura is with Ino must chase after them 😢 - creepy

Okay, okay. Let me get this straight.

Ino likes Sai because Sai looks like SASUKE.

And Ino always liked SASUKE so basically Sai is a replacement for SASUKE?

Also, stop hating on NaruHina! Hinata was made for Naruto, and even though Naruto just thought she was weird, she never stopped! Her love for Naruto is real, and when Naruto finally realized he... Well, he realized!

12 Makoto and Kotonoha (School Days) Makoto and Kotonoha (School Days)

Makoto is Ridiculous - idono03

No way these two would've ended up well. Makoto screwed up way too much for this to happend, besides leaving Kotonoha aside for a really long time. Also, I won't lie; since the very beginning, I was hoping so hard that son of a bitch died! I applauded Sekai when she stabbed him to death.

13 Saito and Louise (The Familiar of Zero) Saito and Louise (The Familiar of Zero)

She calls him dog and abuses him and he falls in love with her. What am I missing here?

This one bugs me! Saito is obviously suffering from a serious case of Stockholm syndrome! I don't really care too much about how Louise changes throughout the series, she WHIPS HIM AND STARVES HIM!

This is an abusive relationship she thinks she's all that even though her magic is terrible and thing is he's like I love you anyway she hits him no matter what he does it's just plain wrong

This should be at #1. All Louise does is yell, abuse Saito, treat him like her slave, starve him, and easily gets annoyed when other girl are around him and yet somehow gains feelings for him. I’m sorry but, How could Saito ever love someone who barely treats him like an equal human, and instead treats him like a slave dog. God, out of all the Tsunderes I got annoyed with, this one has got to be the most annoying. I often like to call her a Queen leveled Tsundere, because she’s so bad that it makes other tsunderes like Misty (Pokemon) and Runo (Bakugan) look like tamed lions. WORSE, ANIME, COUPLE, EVER!

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14 Aki and Sora (Aki Sora) Aki and Sora (Aki Sora)

How did I forget these two siblings! - lavashooter

Disgusting incest... - idono03

It's a crap pairing, incest and overall Sora is just a wimp for letting his own Sketty sister take his virginity. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

15 Ash and Misty (Pokèmon) Ash and Misty (Pokèmon)

The worst ship in Pokemon History. - NaruHinaBlaze1


Standing alone is better than standing with...STOP POSTING THAT GODFORSAKING CHAIN THING! - lavashooter

16 Tatsumi and Mine (Akame Ga Kill)

Some people say they were forced to be couple material. - NaruHinaBlaze1

Is it just me, or should the guy end up with the girl whose name is in the title? - ScarletBlade

Worst couple ever. - NaruHinaBlaze1

17 Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach) Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach)

Rukia always treated Ichigo like a kid, there wasn't anything romantic. Rukia looked like an older sister or a mentor.

2 characters that weren't in love with each other but this couple fans couldn't accept it.

Seeing fan arts of them as a romantic couple is very weird, it doesn't feel credible.

They. Are. FRIENDS!

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18 Masamune and Sagiri (EroManga Sensei) Masamune and Sagiri (EroManga Sensei)

Worse than Kyosuke and Kirino, but at least these two aren't blood related. - lavashooter

19 Ciel and Sebastian (Black Butler) Ciel and Sebastian (Black Butler)

It is pedophilic, abusive and toxic, there is nothing cute or aborable about a adult in a sexual or romantic relationship with a child. Please stop romanticzing and normalizing pedophilia.

This ship is wrong on so many levels. It is pedophilia! That is just disgusting!

This ship doesn't deserve to be as high as it is on the best anime couples list. It's pedophilia, what sane person would like this pairing?

Why does this exist

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20 Dawn and Paul (Pokemon) Dawn and Paul (Pokemon)

Ikarishippng, huh? It's terrible. Besides Dawn has no romantic interest in Paul and neither Paul has any kind of attraction towards her. - Haterssuck


Meh, I'm not sure about this one...

It’s ok, but Dawn x Kenny is better

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21 Wave and Kurome (Akame Ga Kill)

One of the worst couples ever. - NaruHinaBlaze1

22 Eren & Mikasa (Attack on Titan) Eren & Mikasa (Attack on Titan)

While Mikasa definitely shows interest in Eren, there is absolutely no hint of reciprocation on Eren's part. In addition, while it isn't actually incest, Eren views Mikasa as a sister. As in other stories with similar couplings (Mansfield Park by Jane Austen comes to mind,) it gives this coupling an incestuous air

Although not as bad as the incest in The Irregular At Magic High School, I don't really like this shipping even though Mikasa is an adopted sister. Plus, her romantic interest seems to be a potential disaster for the anime. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Mikasa and yuno are no match for eren and yuki. I can ship annie and eren

Okay I hate Ereri but do you know what I hate more? Eremika. Yes, Mikasa most likely...wait no, Mikasa DOES have a crush on Eren, Eren shows no Interest.(MANGA SPOILERS UP AHEAD! ) Let's not forget that Eren has less then 5 years left until he has to get eaten. So rip Eremika (Ereri is still cancer though)

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23 Ulquiorra and Orihime (Bleach)

One of the many ships that embarrasses the human race for being disgusting & popular.

I wish this paring never existed so awful. Why are people so stupid?

When I knew this pairing was popular I was really surprised, and I was totally in shock when some people expected it to be canon. People are crazy.


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24 Naruto and Hinata (Naruto) Naruto and Hinata (Naruto)

"Hinata was always there for Naruto, and always supported him."
- You mean hiding behind whatever solid object she would come across, and not say a word to him during all the time he was alone as a child?

"Naruto always cared about Hinata."
- Excluding the shoehorned attempt to make this couple relevant with The Last, Naruto didn't put as much care on Hinata as he did with Sakura, Sasuke, and even Kakashi. He helped her when she needed it, and vowed to defeat Neji for her, but not enough to say he "always" cared about Hinata.

"Without Hinata, Naruto would had lost against Neji, captured by Pain, and would had lost hope in the Ninja War. Hinata is 60% relevant because of that."

...Really now?...

- The Ichiraku family were the first few to open up to Naruto
- Hiruzen helped Naruto find a starting place in the village
- Sasuke made Naruto realize he wasn't alone
- Iruka saved Naruto from Mizuki
- Kakashi saved Naruto from Zabuza
- Sasuke ...more

Having 3 scenes of significant interaction does not make a good romance. The two of them barely even speak over the course of the series and Naruto flat out ignores her for most of it. He never once responds to her "confession" and the death of her cousin was used as a weak excuse to give them interaction with zero chemistry. The series as a whole is one big flop, but the idea of the fact that Naruto "settles" for his silver medal because he couldn't have the woman he wanted is not just insulting to the audience, but the characters as well.

I honestly can't believe that this became cannon, Hinata never was important in the story for the majority of the Manga/Anime, she was never part of the story until they decided to shove NaruHina down our throats in the last movie. I always hear the NaruHina fans saying how terrible NaruSaku is, "She is abusive and mean to Naruto." When she hits Naruto it's just the show trying to be funny, and she clearly cares about Naruto.

If I were Naruto
I would reject that Stalker

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25 Gohan & Videl (Dragon Ball Z) Gohan & Videl (Dragon Ball Z)

Why? I think they are a really sweet couple. - Goku02

Cutest couple in dbz

Whatb the hell theya re doing here

Videl acts like a bitch towards him before they got together. I think there was one part in the manga where Videl cuts her hair because she thinks Gohan finds short hair sexier, then gets mad at him for not noticing her hair or something. Why couldn't he have ended up with the nicer blonde girl (Erasa)?

26 Naruto and Sakura (Naruto) Naruto and Sakura (Naruto)

What a gross ship. Worst one ever. Naruto does not respect her at all and knows she is not interested yet he still disguises himself as sasuke just to steal a kiss from her and then say rude things to make her hate sasuke. Is this love for you? he is just a childish prankster who wants to win her as a prize from sasuke. Why is she treated like a prize for him?
He will ask her for dates knowing her answer will be no but even after she rejects he is happy later...Really? doesn't seem like he is serious about it all then if rejections have no affect. Its all just typical jokes.
And Sakura has never made naruto happy with her words or her presence. She never understood him, she only keeps burdening him with her problems then feels guilty. This is completely unhealthy.
And why should sakura suddenly like naruto after he became a cool hero when she never liked his true self or personality before at all. After all, She mocked and bullied him before when he really needed ...more

This doesn't make any sense at all. There was absolutely no desire of sakura to be with naruto she was hung up on sasuke so much I find it hard to believe why some people think she would suddenly switch. Wouldn't that seem insincere and fake? Who approves that? Naruto has expressed no interest apart from some childish attempts of over being with the girl everyone wants who likes his rival. It was clear that it was shallow and clearly meant for comedy. How exactly is this love if the girl is persistently crying over someone else saying she's in love with them and the boy couldn't be so bothered about it while making some jokes when he wasnt occupied with more important things. This is actually an insult to the real meaningful bonds of Naruto.
Besides When hinata rejected naruto he gave up on everything mentally physically could not function like himself. That kids is what actual heartbreak and love feels like. take notes - Bana

Their relationship is not only toxic in romance but platonic. Naruto had a crush on her for a while but then moved on. Sakura's fake confession proved it.

Yes we all know this was just for comedy and not real so it will never happen. Only people who are dumb and illiterate liked this and they were proven wrong anyway. And the fandom lost their mind when it didn't happen it was funny to watch. They made such crazy theories. This completely ignores naruto's actual feelings for hinata.

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27 Inuyasha and Kagome Inuyasha and Kagome

They remind me a lot of not only just Ranma and Akane but also all the other love hate relationship couples too. Love hate relationships overshadow everything and everything else forever and for all eternity to no end nor no other end at all.

Not another love hate relationship.

Kagome is just some perfect reincarnation, especially some perfectionist when it comes to conflicts with Inuyasha.

Kagome is a stupid b***h when it comes 2 inuyasha. 'I can string along 3 guys @ once but u can't still love your lover that u where cheated from inuyasha! And how dare u smack shippo who started things & whom I'm not going 2 scald @ all even though I seen him start it, on the head SIT BOY! '

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28 Raku and Chitoge (Nisekoi) Raku and Chitoge (Nisekoi)

What. I find them too be a really cute couple... - ayumi-oki

Onodera is better with Raku

Well I figured if Keitaro and Naru are on this list, why not include their spiritual successors? Also, cue more bitching about love-hate relationships. - lavashooter

29 Ryoga Hibiki and Ukyo Kounji (Ranma 1/2) Ryoga Hibiki and Ukyo Kounji (Ranma 1/2)
30 Kirito and Asuna (Sword Art Online) Kirito and Asuna (Sword Art Online)

Bland Marty Stu and his unfortunate love interest who always gets shelved for his development.

I hate them and when I see how people say they are the best couple it really makes me angry I mean A lot of great couple anime is out there why these two boring with zero chemistry are the best?! I would love the anime if these two never get together

Another thing is that all the girl in this anime fall for kirito what is that?

I think sauna can do better with someone older than her (I don't like those couples that boy is younger or is the same age with the girl, boy most be older the girl, it makes it hooot but not to old)

As long as Kirito isn't paired with Suguha (even if she wasn't his cousin, I still wouldn't ship them), I'm okay with this couple. But I will admit as a person who loves SAO that they're overrated. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

They didn't click when they first met, and now they would do anything for each other and can't live without one another, doesn't that sounds strange. anyway, I would've love this anime if these two weren't together.

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31 Korra and Mako (The Legend of Korra) Korra and Mako (The Legend of Korra)

Korra and Mako are as terrible together as they are apart. There is little to no build up between their friendship or their romance and then they are so on and off again it makes me sick. Plus Mako is a no good cheat! This sequel to the Avatar series lacked in character relationship development between the leads. If you compare the original Avatar series those characters friendships and relationships were a lot deeper and more developed. Mako kept flipping back and forth between the 2 girls and lost a lot of respect from me. By the middle of the series I just wanted him gone and luckily he wasn't in as many episodes. Korra became more bearable later without Mako. It's such a shame. This series had some likable side characters but the romance between these two causes the whole series ratings to drop.

These two are just so...UGH! Korra KISSES Mako while he's dating another girl, and Mako KISSES BACK! Then, Mako breaks Asami's heart, and gets with Korra. AND THEY SPEND EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND. OF THE SERIES FIGHTING/ARGUING! damn!

Not another love hate relationship.

What is wrong with you that is one of the cutest x-ships I have ever seen in an avatar like anime besides the fan ship Katara x Zuko

32 Ranma Sao-tome and Akane Tendo (Ranma 1/2) Ranma Sao-tome and Akane Tendo (Ranma 1/2)

Neither of them deserve to be forced to be together as a couple by their irresponsible, lazy fathers at all, do they? No they don't. They both need to move on from each other.

Neither of them deserve to be forced to be together as a couple by their irresponsible, lazy fathers at all

Wonder what's it like if Ranma was portrayed to be Sesshomaru and Inuyasha's younger/youngest half brother and his mother, Nodoka was Sesshomaru and Inuyasha's stepmother and the third wife/another wife/mate of Sesshomaru and Inuyasha's father so far anyway? Huh?

Akane is just a complete and utter b* to him half the time and if anything goes wrong she inevitably blames him, even when it's obvious that he isn't at fault. Then on the flip-side Ranma tends to be a bit of a pansy when it comes to girls and comes off as indecisive. Not really a good combination.

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33 Gray Fullbuster and Juvia Lockser (Fairy Tail) Gray Fullbuster and Juvia Lockser (Fairy Tail)

Definitely unhealthy and one sided. Gray has never shown any signs of liking Juvia, he always gets a horrified and disgusted look on his face whenever she tries to flirt with him or something. I have no idea why people ship this pairing so much... You might say it looks cute but it will end up badly.

The hopeless crush on Gray literally ruined Juvia's character! I want the badass S-class water mage back, not a creepy stalker! That being said, I still like Juvia now when she's not drooling over Gray. - Goku02

Very one-sided.


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34 Dan Kuso & Runo Misaki (Bakugan) Dan Kuso & Runo Misaki (Bakugan)

This couple's hard to like all because of the love hate relationship between these/those two, especially because of their constant bickering mostly. I dislike love hate relationships. They behave more like siblings, don't they? Yup.

Before I begin: Why do people even hate in this? They’re canon.

Ok, so they might argue and stuff, but they love each other. They became canon at the end of season 1. I’m hoping Runo comes back in the show (Dan and Runo were my favorite characters on Bakugan), and they become canon. I mean, yeah, I think the love/hate relationship is unique, and it makes them an even better couple.

But this is my favorite Bakugan ship, and even if they do argue and act like siblings, they’re still a really good couple.

Why is this even canon in the anime, I mean come on. All those two is just argue like a pair of siblings. Not to mention Runo’s kinda like Amy Rose from Sonic The Hedgehog where she obsesses over Dan, acts like a whiny immature brat who just screams and yells, and even stalked him to New Vestroia where she was warned about getting caught between worlds, but did she listen? No, she’s a spoiled brat with a short temper and can’t be honest with herself by treating Dan like crap. Why is it that most anime have the kind hearted main male hero getting stuck with the annoying tsundere. God, this is why he should have went with Julie. Yeah she’s a fan girl, but she’s never selfish, obsessive, rude, bossy, short tempered, or treat Dan like her own property. Those two look like they would be in a MUCH more mutual relationship. Not to mention, Julie is overall prettier, nicer, and respects Dan for who his is as a person WAY more often than Runo ever has. If they do remake the anime, ...more

35 Utau Hoshina and Ikuto Tsukiyomi (Shugo Chara!) Utau Hoshina and Ikuto Tsukiyomi (Shugo Chara!)


Incent. That's it.


Ikuto and amu forever...

36 Sinon and Kyouji (Sword Art Online) Sinon and Kyouji (Sword Art Online)

I have seen Sword Art Online 2 but from what I have seen, I don't think they were ever a couple to begin with. - SelfDestruct

Yes, this is a terrible couple. I liked Kyouji at first, but then episode 13 happened. Sinon is a very forgiving person. - lavashooter

No contest, this would be a terrible ship. He's a creepy stalker.

Kyouji basically harassed Asada. Who even sees them as a couple?

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37 Keitaro and Naru (Love Hina) Keitaro and Naru (Love Hina)

Another love hate relationship?

Aw man. Oh no. Not another love hate relationship.

Great. Another love hate relationship!


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38 Eren and Levi (Attack on Titan)

It's toxic, pedophilic and disgusting. The shippers are horrible and are usually drooling yaoi fangirls who fetishize gay relationships and are homophobes irl. - fandom__universe

Pedophilia and also Levi beats up Eren all the time. Regardless of intention, he is abusive and cold towards Eren, which is a huge no no

I think Hitler made this

Why? These two as couple don't make sense. The most that you have from is respect but barely. There are other yaoi couples in AOT that deserves more than that toxic couple. It's sooo grossly overdone and annoying. Plus the hate into love doesn't fit with them. No more of that please!

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39 Tatsuya and Miyuki (The Irregular At Magic High School) Tatsuya and Miyuki (The Irregular At Magic High School)

One word to describe this: INCEST! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

They are siblings right

I’m planning on watching this series (it sounds very cool), but thanks for the head-up about this couple. - PhoenixAura81

40 Lelouch and Kallen (Code Geass)

No. Just no.

I see Kallen x Lelouch(a.k.a Kalulu) as nothing more than a fanservice ship. In other words, a ship that exists only for fans. Kallen is one of my favourite characters, but not as Lelouch's love interest. And this ship lacks chemistry. Why did the Code Geass wiki even said that Kallen is Lelouch's "trophy girlfriend"(It says as that Kallen is the most complex love interest of Lelouch, which Isn't true). C.C will always be Lelouch's trophy girlfriend(no, since I said girlfriend, Nunnally and Euphy don't count). They had more chemistry and they don't need shoved in the face romance to be sweet and deep for a ship. - MLPFan

OH HELL YEAH! I had always wanted to rip this couple apart! Leouch and Kallen do not match! only Lelouch and C.C are allowed for me! the cutest buns ever than these two terrible couples! sorry for the Lelouch and Kallen shippers but I am being honest

Why is this even a thing? Lelouch's heart was always C.C's...
Lelouch x Kallen is the worst joke told by Taniguchi. It is so bad nobody remembers he made this crap canon.

41 Zeref and Mavis (Fairy Tail)

These two are not that bad but the one who commented here was right "HOW DID MAVIS GAVE BIRTH TO A CHILD WHILE SHE WAS DEAD?! " Anime logic oh anime logic

How in the hell did Mavis give birth to a kid while she was "dead"? And they pretty much hate each other now.

42 Natsu and Lisanna (Fairy Tail) Natsu and Lisanna (Fairy Tail)

I actually wouldn't be mad if they got together but to be honest there is no romantic connection between these too! At first I thought it was so adorable because they were still children and because she was dead it would never happen but then she came back to life and everything was jumbled. I don't hate her character, I actually like how she came back, but the author was not going to bring her back in the first place. I really do think that this ship will never happen. I think Lucy and Natsu have a better connection in friendship and in romance then Lissana and Natsu. I just feel like Natsu cares more about Lucy then the rest of them and yes he would risk his life for all of them but when Lucy gets hurt... He gets pissed and that's when you run for your life!

If Lisanna hadn't "died" this might have been a good ship but Natsu and Lucy would make a better couple now

Its not that bad I mean they both like each other

If Natsu love Lisanna he will talk to her if Lisanna love Natsu she will never give up in him - akanichan

He hates her and likes Lucy now and doesn’t talk to her no more

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43 Kouta and Yuuka (Elfen Lied) Kouta and Yuuka (Elfen Lied)

I'll never ever even forgive Lynn for killing Lucy off.

Yeah lucy by the way aren't they cousins kouta and yuuka

Because he should have chosen Lucy/Nyu. - lavashooter

Ge oudda heer yuka, kouta belongs to lucy

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44 Tyson and Hilary (Beyblade V Force)

They're actually good together. - Haterssuck

45 Riku and Dark Mousy (DN Angel)

Not the worst but I voted it because it deserves higher.
Riku is just a silly infatuated schoolgirl and the only reason for her infatuation is because he's rebellious and 'Hot.', nothing else but that. He only strings her along because he fell in love with her dead grandmother and Riku looks like her. This deserves higher because they are painfully terribly to watch. - felispasta

46 Gray Fullbuster and Ultear Milkovich (Fairy Tail) Gray Fullbuster and Ultear Milkovich (Fairy Tail)

Just no... If anything, Ultear is Gray's older sister figure. That's their relationship. And, there's an uncomfortably big age gap between them (though there's some inconsistency regarding this).

To the other person, who said "there's an uncomfortably big age gap between them (though there's some inconsistency regarding this)." They're almost the same age. It's just that because of Tenrou arc, Gray (and the others') lives in a body of a 19 or something year old. But I agree with the rest of your para.

No...no... JUST NO - Theoddone

47 Kotori Shirakawa and Junichi Asakura Kotori Shirakawa and Junichi Asakura

Junichi loves nemu - lilia

48 Yusuke and Midori (Green Green)
49 Shinji and Asuka (Evangelion Franchise) Shinji and Asuka (Evangelion Franchise)

None of the better kinds of relationships nor none of the other better kinds of relationships ever even deserve to overshadowed by all of those and all of those annoying, obnoxious, insufferable love hate/hot and cold relationships at all, do they? No they don't and they never ever even do at all.

I don't like them together as a couple at all either. It's always about love hate relationships these and love hate relationships those. I'm sick of love hate relationships.

Really they should stop with it. I don't even get why we're supposed to like that. - TopiTaupe

It's entirely possible that we are supposed to hate these characters (and this couple) but that doesn't stop it from being terrible. - lavashooter

They aren't the only love hate relationship duo, are they? No they ain't. There are also other known love hate relationship duos too besides only just Shinji and Asuka, right? Yup.

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50 Naruto and Sasuke (Naruto) Naruto and Sasuke (Naruto)

Finally! This friendship/relationship is the most toxic of all... this obsession Naruto with Sasuke... and Sasuke is clearly a character who is better alone.

I hate yaoi... But not romantically speaking, their relationship is the best and closest one in Naruto. But it's PURE PLATONIC! - Goku02

Not that old joke again! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Hmm...How do I put this in? They're like brothers though. - Haterssuck

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