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61 Lucy and Kouta (Elfen Lied) Lucy and Kouta (Elfen Lied)

Hey! I like this couple! - lavashooter

You know the reasons why's it so hard to like this pairing, don't you? Yes or no?

Yes, I'm aware that she's an evil psychopath, but he was the only good thing ever to happen to her in her entire life. She loves him too strong, but it's easy to feel bad for her given her backstory is... well, watch the anime or read the manga. Also, they have a wonderful kiss scene at the end of the anime.

So yeah, I get why people hate this couple. I like it though. - lavashooter

Man the murderer of my family can have the saddest past and the pinkest hair ever I would still kill them if I ever met them. She did something unforgettable. She doesn't deserve redemption. - TopiTaupe

62 Davis Motomiya and Yolei Inoue (Digimon)
63 Zero and Nina (Mamotte Lollipop)
64 Gray Fullbuster and Ultear Milkovich (Fairy Tail) Gray Fullbuster and Ultear Milkovich (Fairy Tail)

Just no... If anything, Ultear is Gray's older sister figure. That's their relationship. And, there's an uncomfortably big age gap between them (though there's some inconsistency regarding this).

To the other person, who said "there's an uncomfortably big age gap between them (though there's some inconsistency regarding this)." They're almost the same age. It's just that because of Tenrou arc, Gray (and the others') lives in a body of a 19 or something year old. But I agree with the rest of your para.

65 Kirito and Sinon Kirito and Sinon

I hate Kirito with Sinon! Kirito and Asuna are perfect!

66 Kakeru Satsuki and Yuka Minase
67 Aleksander (Sasha) and Mafuyu ( The Qwaser of Stigmata)
68 Natsu and Lucy (Fairy Tail) Natsu and Lucy (Fairy Tail)

Way too overrated for such a bland, boring and underdeveloped relationship. And people ship them mostly because they're main characters. I don't see Natsu treating Lucy any different from the way he treats Erza. - Goku02

Well nali fans are way more cancerous then I thought they were

The NaLu fan base is the most cancerous thing you'll ever see.

Why is this so low? This is one of the pairs where you just feel sorry for the male party. Seriously you could replace Lucy with a randomly picked younger character, excluding people like Macao or Gildarts, from every guild or even with a concrete BRICK and it would be a vast improvement.
Lucy can stay alone for all I care, Natsu you deserve better!

Especially after Tartaros...I mean come on! Natsu watched his father die and Lucy wants him not to leave her alone? Woah...egotistical much? Natsu watched his father die! This time he would not come back to him! He did not want to lose the others or make them worry about him all the time, so he went out to train! And how was he supposed to know about Markarovs plans? Lucy had no right to get upset! Others have worse problems, stop making it all about you!

Lucy always gets upset at Natsu for things that she should either accept if she were to love him or things that are beyond his control, like the disbandment of Fairy ...more

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69 Lawliet (L) and Light Yagami Lawliet (L) and Light Yagami

This is an awesome duo, but shipping them romantically? HELL NO. - Goku02

Are not they both guys. By the way l and light are better than light and misa

Light killed L and surely has to romantic interset in L, it would be unrealistic and forced to ship them together.

No! - creepy

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70 Vegeta and Bulma Vegeta and Bulma

This is actually good. Did you guys see the way Vegeta cared for her in Battle of Gods? Any one who messes with her will die. Vegeta got so mad at Goku Black he overpowered him. Yeah, the way it started off was bad but it's pretty good now.

Their getting together is random, out of the blue and poorly-written, but I still like them. Not sure why. Maybe because they're awesome as individuals and they look good together. - Goku02

Dude, thank you. This is the worst pairing I have EVER come across. Toriyama only paired them up because he needed some random woman who wasn't already married to explain Trunk's conception. Recently, Toriyama likes this pairing for some reason, but it still doesn't change the fact that they were randomly put together.

This pairing is more like a horrible crack pairing out of some fanfic than an actual pairing to me. I mean come on, a crazy homicidal maniac with a boring Mary-sue like character? It's just so forced and feels unnatural, I mean yeah Bulma likes him because she likes badboys, but Vegeta's lack of interest in her makes it look one-sided. Plus I think an in character Vegeta would be too proud to put up with someone who tries to boss him around.

And later on, I can accept the fact that he generally cares about Bulma (in the same manner that he cares about his son), but there doesn't seem to be anything more than that. When the future version of his son gets ...more

Finally. This couple makes no sense. Akira is so forcing us to ship this. Bulma did not need this character. Poor writing. Don't bring me that BOTG crap. That was forced. He could have used another female character to be trunks mom. Maybe some forgotten female saiyan character that somehow excape before the planet was destroyed.

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71 Ace Grit and Mira Clay (Bakugan)

Ugh. Great. Another love hate relationship besides only just Dan and Runo. This other couple remind me a lot of Dan and Runo. This other couple's worse than Dan and Runo.

72 Ralph and Emily (Pokemon)

Ugh. Great. That's just great. Another love hate relationship besides only just Ash and Misty. Maria and Tony deserve better trainers than Ralph and Emily anyway, don't they? Yup.

This couple's worse than Ash and Misty.

73 Okita Sough and Kagura (Gintama)
74 Aoba and Ko (Cross Game)

Great. Another love hate relationship.

75 Guiche and Montmorency (The Familiar Of Zero)

Another love hate relationship?

76 Edward and Winry (Fullmetal Alchemist) Edward and Winry (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Oh, come on! This isn't even a love hate relationship. These two are adorable together! - Absolite

I really, REALLY don't understand what the hype is with this ship! I could never see these two be together, ever since the start of the anime! Winry says she loves Ed, okay fine! And she hits him with a wrench and is a total tsundere, fine that's just comic relief. I'm cool with all that. But Ed always treated Winry like a sibling, not a love interest. They have had moments, but not enough moments or powerful enough moments to call them both "romantic".

Ugh, great. Another love hate relationship.

77 Apollo and Silvia de Alisia (Genesis of Aquarion)
78 Atari Moroboshi and Lum (Urusei Yatsura)
79 Rosette Christopher and Chrono (Chrono Crusade)

Huh? Why is this listed as a bad couple? I didn't see any problem with it. Also, what the hell is the other commentor on about? It looks like something copy + pasted from somewhere

80 Rai and Sena (Tai Chi Chasers)

What's this? Another obnoxious love hate relationship?

Oh man! Not another love hate relationship.

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