Sasuke and Sakura (Naruto)


I used to think they were cute together but that doesn't matter anymore. Their relationship doesn't make sense

What kind of horrible person supports this abusive relationship?! Sasuke tried to kill Sakura MULTIPLE times, NEVER showed any interest in her and probably only used her for babies. Sakura never tried to understand Sasuke, and only loved him because she thought he was handsome. Both of them are horrible characters, but this is a seriously messed up pairing.

This couple is so disgusting... Yes this is the anime world but come on how unrealistic can a couple get?

First off the fans keep saying there is a "thing" oh since when? Chapter 700? There are 700 chapters and the only chapter that showed them ever having a "thing" is chapter 700 funny huh?

I actually feel bad for sasuke and wish another author wrote him because being married to SUCKRA is total punishment and sasuke said it a load of times that he is not interested in her at all and never will be what do you not get out of that sentence? He tried to kill her 2 times without NO remorse, NO regret, and with a murderous face. Fans claim its because he was corrupt but that's not true at all since he actually showed caring traits to karin (a load of times) and other teammates during that period the only time he was really corrupt was when he killed karin (though she survived) not the times he tried to kill sakura but the one time he killed karin because ...more

Definitely one of the most random, illogical, stupid, underdeveloped and out of the blue couples in the anime world. And it's overrated as well. - Goku02

Just terrible, the couple makes no sense at all, she's dumb with a one sided love, and he's abusive towards her. He tried to kill her three times and abandoned her and their daughter, and later tried to kill their daughter what

I agree this couple is horribly terrible! They makes no sense whatsoever, this couple was clearly forced by Masashi Kishimoto. - Goku02

How can sasuke just suddenly fall for sakura with basically no information after rejecting her so many times. Horrible and unrealistic couple.

This is rightfully at number 1. This is the worst couple ever.

That's how all fangirls end up. When "husband" even doesn't notice you. Have some self-respect,girl.

There is so many things wrong with this couple. First of all Sasuke never cared about Sakura. He's even tried to kill her! Yet for some reason they ended up becoming a couple. How does that work?! How does a psycho who's tried to kill Sakura and has rejected her over and over get married to her?

This is example of girl who has no self respect no matter how he do to you you still blindly love him. Please girls at has self respect and reason your love choose the best one. Feeling are no reason it can ruin your life forever

I don't like Sakura. But seriously she deserves better than this. She deserves a better man. This is a portray of an unhealthy and abusing relationship. Sasuke tries to kill her several times. And don't tell me "It's true love, she forgives him, blablabla.." No, it's not. It's obsession, it's abuse. There's an expression for that and it's : Stockholm syndrome.

Sakura loves someone who tried to kill her multiple times without any kind of remorse. No matter what dark period or mental state Sasuke was in, you cannot still love someone after that without having some form Stockholm's Syndrome.

Yup congrats on the top spot guys... Making Twilight look good

How are we going to believe that Sasuke loves Sakura when he didn't bother in visit her and their daughter in more than 10 years?

I don't even wanna talk about how screwed up this "relationship" is.

The worst couple in Naruto. A fangirl Sakura who has a credit for house and a husband on a mission for years. So,Sakura,did your dreams come true?

This is really a joke ship and it's really bad example for growing up girls because now they feel that if you just keep persuing the guy that you like, take insults, rejection, leave all your self pride.. YOU WILL GET THE GUY. In the end you can get any guy you set your eyes on if you don't give up till the end and this is a real issue which will only make young girls getting used by their so called crushes only to grow up and regret it all.

This couple is gross as hell to ke they don't event make sense! It's basically an obsessed fangirl who finally gets the guy because she keeps bothering him and he needs to make kids to build his clan tsk horrible.

This couple has 0 credibility, about how they got together, and about they supposedly being a "happy family" or something. It's impossible to make sense of this relationship with how was developed.

This is a completely disgusting abusive relationship, Sakura only ever loved Sasuke for his looks, and Sasuke has tried to kill Sakura multiple times, them ending up together was forced, I personally think Sasuke not being with anyone would've made the most sense and would have kept him in character. Also even after being "married" Sasuke is never home he left Sakura and his daughter for 12 years, and never bothered to contact them (cell phones exist in boruto) or go home when he came back to the village, hell he didn't even bother leaving them a message.

Sasasaku, aka the perfect definition of "abusive relationship". That's all.

Can Sakura please die. She craps everything she touches. Team 7 could be such a dream team if Sukara wasn't so useless throughout. This ship had potential to be a good ship if she had self respect and moved on with her life and if sasuke on his own realized that he likes her. But NO, she has to go beg him to love her. Pathetic. Now Sasuke just looks like a caged bird in a marriage who impregnated her to revive his clan but can't stand her presence so he fled once the job was done.

Congratulations Kishimoto, you might not have made the greatest anime of all time, but you have seriously been successful in creating the worst couple on Earth.

It's simple. She was always in love by him but He never showed any interest on her. So in conclusion, they are a strange couple for fans