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61 Haruka Nanami - Uta No Prince Sama

This show would've been top notch for me if Haruka had a better personality. She's annoying on how she thinks she can relate to Tokiya by how she overreacted to her classmates' criticism. On top of that, she's so average. The guys describe her as different but she hasn't displayed any key traits to make her likeable. She's given too much credit by everyone else, there's nothing she does that's so spectacular as described. I love this show SO much but sometimes I don't even want to watch because of how unappealing she is. I understand this was originally an otome game, but I think they could've at least put a second into developing this character.

Shes not as bad as Yui Komori in my opinion but she was still fairly bland no personality and overall a bad character..; Her eyes reminded me of soup.. Soup-Chan..

She is my number 1 character I hate. She's boring and ugly I can handle her personality just give her some unique trait that other anime heroine don't have

How..did she get into A class? Like..she didn't need to read music notes in her stupid exam?
Her eyes are disturbing,she has pureed carrots for hair,and that isn't the worst. She's naive,hypocritical,overly optimistic,clueless,overall stupid. It's like she isn't living in reality. She goes home right after being given criticism in season 1,and apparently she expects Tokiya to be sweet and bow down to her after she goes "oh I was once like that too I couldn't play the piano,you can sing again yaddayadda". It's very insensitive of her. I dropped this anime because I couldn't swallow down her revolting personality. Not to mention,design.

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62 Daphne - Fairy Tail
63 Kotori Minami - Love Live!

The way she treat Honoka by the end of the season 1, blaming her for being unable herself to talk about her issues, the ready to abandon her so called loved friends to then just change of opinion because one tell her to not leave. Spineless, submissive and bland. £ - TopiTaupe

64 Elizabeth Midford - Kuroshitsuji Elizabeth Midford - Kuroshitsuji

There are some good and interesting parts in her character, like when she pulled out her swords and protected Ciel on the Campania. She's a pretty strong character in the manga, but not in the anime. I really liked her in the manga, but in the anime she's just a whiny, kawaii obsessed, loud, annoying little waste of screen time! All she did was make me want to trim my eyebrows with a chainsaw. I do like how she only wants Ciel to be happy and does everything she can to make him smile, but does she have to be as loud and annoying as a pelican at a pier-located restaurant in order to do so?! They should've made her stronger in the anime, like they did in the manga. I know the manga is farther ahead in the timeline than the anime, but still. If they made her a bit more stronger and less loud and annoying, I would've enjoyed her more.

Oh my god, don't even get me started on her! I need to get this off my chest, so I'm going to list why she annoyed the crap out of me:
1. Her voice. Oh. My. Stars and garters was her voice annoying! It was so loud and squealy and it gave me massive headaches whenever I heard it.
2. I get she loves Ciel and only wants him to be happy, I admire that in her. But does that mean she can just burst into his manor and decorate everything kawaii desu without his permission?! Not everyone likes cute things like you do Lizzy. If you want Ciel to be happy, try and do something he likes, like that time you two played chess. He loves chess, not pink decor! And yes, just because you're Ciel's fiance doesn't mean you own his house! It's his house and he makes the rules, don't try and change things about it unless he agrees! It's not that hard!
3. She has literally no purpose in the anime other than the fact that she's Ciel's fiance. In the manga, she protected Ciel on the Campania! I loved ...more

She exaggerates every single damn thing and takes it over the top.

I don't think she belongs on this list because you should watch the book of atlantics, she fought the bizarre dolls all by herself plus she's savage. she doesn't want to show her 'uncute' side Also she changed. And Lizzy works so damn hard trying to protect ciel and to make him happy

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65 Mai - Avatar the Last Airbender
66 Bulma - Dragon Ball Z Bulma - Dragon Ball Z Bulma is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama. Bulma is the most significant female character in the series.

It makes me sick to see Bulma so high on this list. Personally, I always had the impression that, during the early episodes of Dragon Ball, she was deliberately played up with an obnoxious personality so that the audience would not perceive her as someone worthy of respect or even pity, and would thus excuse the massive amount of verbal and sexual harassment perpetrated against her. Even when she's not being directly harassed, Bulma still gets kind of a bad deal. Because her scientific work takes place off screen, and on screen she's treated as a bit of a joke, her accomplishments tend to be glossed over and the guys around her get all the glory. Actually, none of the guys would even be alive without her, and on more than one occasion it's her dragon radar that indirectly saves the world, but she seldom gets any credit for this, which is pretty sad. However, the problem with Bulma isn't so much the character as it is the way the character is portrayed. When I see people voting for ...more

She's the ONLY useful and reliable female on the show, not to mention THE SMARTEST. You must be retarded to vote for her.

Bulma is little bit annoying but got better later on in the series but chi chi never got better so I can handle Bulma better than Chi Chi.

I don't know about the manga but she was such a bratty b***h during the frezza saga. She'd make krillen & Gotham clean up after HER & yell at them if they had the slightest complaint

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67 Sally Acorn - Sonic X Sally Acorn - Sonic X

Um, Sally wasn't in an anime. She's in a comic series and a cartoon show but that's it. - RoseRedFlower

She's an ugly plain Mary Sue worse and more useless than Amy, Rouge, Blaze, or even Cream!

Shes just dumb selfish and ugly with no personality poor sonic

This needs to be higher up on the list. Always hated her boring mary sue ass.

68 Petra Ral Petra Ral Petra Ral was a hand-picked soldier of the Survey Corps by Levi Ackerman placed in the Special Operations Squad.

What? There's nothing wrong with Petra! She was sweet and quick to act during danger. She cared deeply for her comrades, what's so bad about that?

Ugh. Petra... She's basically the worst character in the show. She can cut the "Kind, sweet, innocent child" act.

Oh it's that girl who was killed by a tree... Ohhh... Nothing wrong with her though, only problem that she was pretty forgetable

I hate Petra.

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69 Ryoko Shirahoshi - One Piece

Shirahoshi whines like a piece of crap.

70 Kagome Higurashi- Inuyasha Kagome Higurashi- Inuyasha

I like her as a character but I don't like her as a love interest for Inuyasha! She's always assuming things and jumping to conclusions! She's always angry at me all the time! She's just as immature as he is!

I don't hate her but I dislike the idea portrayal of her and Inuyasha as a canon couple. I dislike love hate relationships.

Take it up with Rumiko Takahashi.

hate that bitch freckin sucks

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71 Princess Serena - Sailor Moon

She's not as stupid as Sailor Moon, but she's still gets on my nerves

She is not the worst, I don't see anything wrong with her. Miaka is worse than her, at least Princess Serena still can manage to save the day.

All she ever did was fight for her own selfish needs. She only cared for endymion. - Nerdbird7

72 Ryuko Matoi - Kill La Kill Ryuko Matoi - Kill La Kill

By far the worst kill la kill character ever. The anime itself was bad but it would have been much better if Ira Gamagori was the main character and Ryuko never existed. - SelfDestruct

I agree with SelfDestruct. if she hates perverts why is she show off her midriff like a street whore? typical misandrist and she's a generic, boring shonen guy with pair of tits, that's right Ryuko's not a girl after all

73 Seryu Ubiquitous - Akame ga Kill Seryu Ubiquitous - Akame ga Kill

She is bar none the worst character in Akame ga Kill! Killed Sheele, fed Chelsea's remains to Koro, tried to kill mine when she was off guard. Yet she says "it was all justice". More like INJUSTICE to me! - SelfDestruct

Yes so glad she died

She sucks I hate her

74 Akane Tendo - Ranma 1/2 Akane Tendo - Ranma 1/2

Akane is the worst - lilia

75 Diva - Blood+
76 Miaka Yuki - Fushigi Yuugi

Amy Rose could be on this list for her anger issues.
I would strangle her with MY respective Piko-Piko Hammer.

I HATE this whiny sack of useless loserness so so much. I know that is not a word. I don't care.

77 Princess Vi - Samurai Pizza Cats

The irony is that the villains would have won if Bad BIrd marry her

Bad Bird would be Shogun while the Big Cheese would be really ruling the country behind the scenes.

Whatever plan the Big Cheese have, Shogun Bad Bird would made sure the plans happen

Princess Vi would be an unintentional puppet and she would also be unintentionally working for the villains.

They would make the Samurai Pizza Cats outlaws

She's a brat that needs a spanking

The irony about this

the big cheese would have take over Little Tokyo legally by having Bad Bird marry Princess Vi. She would have been a dumb puppet.

Big Cheese never think outside the box. The moment Princess Vi notice Bad Bird at the ball game, it would have been a sign of opportunity to win without getting in trouble.

Too bad Big Cheese was dumb.

Princess Vi is a dumb brat.

I read that if the series continued, she fell in love with Bat Cat after she gets tired of waiting for Bad Bird to marry her.

I would have love to see that

do you all agree

78 Akane Tsunemori - Psycho-Pass Akane Tsunemori - Psycho-Pass

What? Why is she in the list? Have you numbskulls watched season 2?

I hate her anyway. I watch Psycho Pass only for Kougami (too bad he isn't in season 2) Akane sucks

Just let Kogami kill Makishima

I hate Akane so much -.- She seems badass but rlly the fact that she is is way annoying. This is because she's obviosly copying Kougami. Kougami is badass, now she's badass. Kougami is intelligent, now she's intelligent. Kougami smokes, now she smokes. Annoying annoying annoying.

79 Princess Peach - Super Mario Amada Series Princess Peach - Super Mario Amada Series Princess Peach is a major character in the Mario Bros. Franchise. She is usually the character who needs saved in most Mario Games, but also has appeared as a playable character in the Main-Series Mario Games, including Super Mario 3D World, Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Run, and even starred in more.

Dum ass princess who always gets taken I really hate her! In Mario Galaxy she stays on the castle IDIOT! Jump of or something thiers a lake right their! And I Mario sunshine she had an umbrella in her hand just wack lil' Bowser with it! I hate her so much I want to rip her guts out! Rosalina is way better than her so is daisy at least rosalina helps Mario while peach is making out with Bowser! Die princess peach! If I was Mario I would of gave up on her!

Typical damsel in distress, so annoying...

How is she an anime character..?

We mario is made in japan and its used by animation so that's logic - sadfag

I'm not saying Legend of Zelda is better than smb, they are both equally good, but Zelda is better than peach because peach is a wh0re.

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80 Dawn - Pokemon Dawn - Pokemon Dawn is a character from Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. In the games diamond, pearl, and platinum version she was one of the playable characters you can choose from. She will be an assistant for professor Rowan if you choose her male counterpart, Lucas. more.
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