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101 Rem - Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
102 Kotori Minami - Love Live! School Idol Project Kotori Minami - Love Live! School Idol Project

Fake friend who blame her own issue on Honoka, too spineless to realise by herself that she want to be an idol. And oh god her voice. She ruin the songs with it. - TopiTaupe

103 Yoko - Inukami
104 Kokoa Shuzen - Rosario + Vampire

This is the most selfish, reckless, idiotic bimbo
In the history of anime! Second to chizuru minamoto this idiot infuriates me to fatal proportions.

105 Asuna Kagurazaka - Negima!
106 Akira Kogami - Lucky Star

She is very selfish and I agree for her to be moved to 1

107 Marina Ismail - Gundam 00
108 Miu - Dears
109 Tokine Yukimura - Kekkaishi

She is always annoying...

110 Marie Mjolnir - Soul Eater

Completely unnecessary, stupid and tacky as hell.

111 Tiff - Kirby: Right Back At Ya!

She needs to be way higher on this list, she is so annoying!

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112 Blaze the Cat - Sonic X Blaze the Cat - Sonic X

What the hell? She isn't even in sonic x!

I prefer there to be Mario X, a crossover parody of Sonic X.

She is not a Sonic X character. And anyway, she's awesome. - TwilightKitsune

113 Kiki Rosita - Gundam 08th MS Team
114 Karen Joshua - Gundam 08th MS Team

She betrayed Shiro and she's a bad solider

115 Dokuro Mitsukai - Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan
116 Marth - Fire Emblem Marth - Fire Emblem

He's a dude, not a chick! Who's the retard that put him on the list? Marth is terrible, either.

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117 Isabelle - Sonic X
118 Cosmo the Seedrian - Sonic X

I don't really hate her that much

119 Tikal the Echidna - Sonic X Tikal the Echidna - Sonic X
120 Mikeru - Mermaid Melody V 1 Comment
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