Sakura Haruno - Naruto

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Sakura Haruno is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.


I can only feel happiness to share in the majority agreement that Sakura is anime's worst female character ever. Sakura is a poster case of domestic abuse and in general an insufferable person.

You know you've got a rotten apple when a main character deals more damage, pain and bruises to her 'best friends' than to any of the villains. Sakura leads the revolution for character evolution by warping into being exactly the same useless crybaby regardless of how strong she gets. Her answer to any enemy or villian is to either rush ahead like an idiot or fall onto the ground in and blubber like a fool.

Just a note for anyone who admires Sakura: most people, including myself would not be a friend to a nasty manipulative cretin whose answer to any situation is punching her friends in the head. Truly a character who belongs in total fantasy or a prison.

She was as good as useless in part 1. Naruto and Sasuke did most of the fighting while Sakura mainly stayed on the sidelines watching. And she was constantly chasing after a guy (Sasuke) who showed absolutely no interest in her. Sasuke this, Sasuke that, Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke. That got old very fast. She's also very bossy, especially towards Naruto. During her battle with Sasori, Chiyo did most of the fighting while Sakura was merely her puppet. Sasori would have killed Sakura easily if Chiyo hadn't been there to aid her. And she DIDN'T defeat him, he chose to die.

I support NaruSaku as my favorite ship... However by no means does she deserve Naruto. She blindly believes in loving a guy that hates her and confessed he has no reason to love her or for her to love him. She constantly barraged Naruto with insults, not thinking once about him or even how he's been treated his entire life. She has the nerve to play with someone else's emotions (Naruto's), by faking a love confession. She never really thanks Naruto, someone who has put his life on the line for her many times, instead she is still content on bringing back Sasuke. She treats Naruto disgustingly, when you look at all the small things she does. She's known Naruto loved her for a long time, but has never once fully conversed with him, even if it was to let him down. Instead she lies to him, ignores him. Naruto knows this and still helps her, he is someone who doesn't deserve Naruto or Sasuke (When he becomes like young Sasuke again).

Completely, utterly useless. Sakura's character in a nutshell. I could go on a huge rant about why her character sucks, but I'll save us all the time.

Not only was she just a weak damsel in distress but she is also mind numbingly stupid and a horrible person to everyone.
She makes fun of people who don't have parents and expects everyone to feel sorry for her because she has a big forehead? who cares? She wants people to be nice to her but she bullies people like naruto thinking he is beneath her when he could punch her to the other side of the world if he wanted. I was so happy when his kyuubi mode hit her and sent her flying.
Oh and She wanted sasuke for his looks and status and then fake confesses to naruto also saying she loves his hero status after he becomes a hero, as if he was not worth anything else before. She has a massive ego problem.
I have never come across a more rude shallow character than her and she had the nerve to call Tsunade shallow her own teacher. She bullies and lies and betrays her friends and family on the hopes that a hot guy likes her. She only wanted to be a shinobi to marry her her sasuke kun. ...more

Every character has their major flaws. Sakura is of no exception. However, she never really evolved as a character. It would have been much better to see her lead a sasuke free life in the end. Hell, karin and ino over came their crush for sasuke but for sakura decided to cling on to sasuke like she had no other better stuff to do in life

What I honestly don't understand is the fact that nobody in the whole series killed her stupid guys yet and when she came close to dying she was saved like gosh out of all people to save why her and she needs to get over sasuke cause get it through your head girl he doesn't love you and Naruto I don't know why he like her

She's useless PERIOD! In Naruto and Naruto Shippuden! All she did was be used as a puppet for granny chiyo to win. All she talks about is sasuke and sasuke this. There was an episode when the war was about to begin the she was like if sasuke and Naruto were hurt who would I heal first.what after what sasuke all did and what Naruto did you can't even answer a simple question! She Sucks it's a fact.

Obnoxious, selfish, guilt-trip and manipulative. The worst character ever written.

She breaks a great friendship with a friend that changed her reputation, just because she had a crush on a guy, that her friend also had a crush on. Ino still had a friendship with Sakura, even when she knew that Sakura liked Sasuke too. I just don't understand her logic

I agree and I just started watching Naruto. This character is the most annoying of all the anime female characters I have seen. I think the writer thought it would be sweet and cute to have a useless girl whining about sasuke. It just made me dislike the anime cause they could have developed her character aargh!

Ya wont believe it but I seriously dropped this anime all because of her...

Sakura does not deserve Sasuke, they never should have gotten together. Their daughter is a combination of the two worst characters and she sucks more than both of them.

It was ChiChi and Hinata who were more great than Sakura and Bulma In anime there were 1000 evidences where Hinata Chichi proved they were strong willed than Sakura Bulma Sakura and Bulma in actual reality were weak foolish bimbos

She's so rude and always chasing Sasuke like a lost puppy, I can't believe she's the main girl.

She makes fun of Naruto when she's the one who is a weak cry baby. She obsesses over sasuke and begs him to love her again and again. She is always helpless and adds nothing to team 7 other than being a burden to them. She keeps saying she won't be helpless but always is. A medic ninja who can't even remove someone's eye the without crying? Yuck the show would be better if she just died no one cares about sakura she 100% deserves all the hate

I hate you so much I wish Naruto or Sasuke would push you off a big cliff and make life easier for everyone.

She punches Naruto with no reason sometimes! It's like, whenever there's something that she didn't like, she'll punch them half to death. Poor Naruto... :(

Don't get me started on Haruno, she-by far- is the worst most weakest female character to have ever existed! She has no role whatsoever in the anime: all she does is stand by the sidelines and cry.Her obsession over sasuke is brain wrecking too.

The only thing I can say about this women is I HATE HER! She used to be so useless in the first season and just waited for the others to save her! Then in Shippuden she became so strong only because she was trained by Tsunade! Then she gets Sasuke just like that? NO! She is also a JERK to the man who loves her with all his heart! All I have to say now is that I DEFINITELY agree that Sakura Haruno DESERVES to be in 1rst place for this top ten list.

For the past 15 years all sakura did was next to insignificant as a part of team 7. I'm not saying completely useless but come on...

I agree completely. Before the series ended, part of me was praying, praying that Kishimoto wouldn't disgrace her character, but by the end of it, nothing about her changed. She is easily one of the worst female characters I've seen in anime, and I've seen a lot of anime in my lifetime.

So useless and stupid. There is no character more annoying than her. And she's so damn rude all the time
She doesn't deserve her last ditch power ups to brag about how strong she is. Please die sakura and bring back itachi instead.

Towards the end of the show sakura gained a pretty decent power up and she is no longer useless. But all this is drained down the drain after she actually ends up with sasuke and bearing his child. Whats worse, she looks after their daughter all by herself. Its true that sasuke went on a journey to redeem himself so he was not around to father sadara but still that's not an explanation enough to say that sakura is still the worst character. It would be epic to see sakura let go of sasuke and start a new life that's is sasuke free. Horrible character. Simply horrible

I don't usually hate on anime charcters because their fake but Sakura just bugs me. I mean yes Naruto can be annoying sometimes but he's nice enough to save Sakura millions of times. There are moments in the series where I like Sakura but that's rare. She hits Naruto because he failed to save Saskue buts its not like she could save Sakue. I don't understand how people say she's the most relatable. The last I was concerned people don't cry over and over again for their crush AND hit one of their best friends. She's just a badly written main character.