Top 10 Worst Anime Filler Moments

Anime is known for having tons of filler these are the moments of filler that felt totally pointless, feel out of place or just drag on way longer than needed.
The Top Ten
Paradise Life on a Boat - Naruto Shippuden

The perfect metaphor for filler: lost in an endless ocean of filler going nowhere.

I hated it except for the acorn bite but other than that I hated it

12 episodes of pure filler of Naruto on a boat.

Might Gui in a banana hammock - pass

Gohan, Krillin and Bulma on Fake Namek - Dragon Ball Z

Gohan, Krillian and Bulma land on what they thought was planet Namek they end up meeting to Namekians who agree to help them search of the Dragon Balls and after all their effort it turns out that they're not planet Namek at all and were duped by the two guys posing as the Namekians who distracted them so they could steal their ship though they do manage to escape and it makes this whole part of Dragon Ball Z a complete waste of time.

Pretty garbage in my opinion

Noah Saga - Yu-Gi-Oh!

While not really that bad but I really hated that they had to stop the whole Duel City tournament just to have Kaiba, Yugi and all his friends being forced to compete against Kiaba Corps former board of directors in a virtual world held by Noah a kid who has a bone to pick with Kaiba.

Its what I hated about season three.

The Final Three Episodes - Dragon Ball Z

The series should have ended with the Buu saga but instead they throw in these final three episodes that take place years in the future which end up becoming wasted filler that ultimately leads to one of the most disappointing finales to an anime series.

Warship Island - One Piece
Garlic Jr Saga - Dragon Ball Z

If you never watched the Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone movie chances are you won't know who Garlic Jr is, this saga that started off season four of Dragon Ball Z feels completely out of place and serves no real purpose.

Eclipse Celestial Spirits - Fairy Tale
Ash Goes to School - Pokémon

While a change of pace from the usual thing of Ash traveling all over the region battling against Gym leaders in order to compete in the Pokémon League but the idea of having Ash being on vacation and then attending a Pokémon School for the most of the Sun and Moon anime it feels incredibly boring.

The Orange Islands - Pokemon

After losing the Pokémon League Ash and company go to the Orange Islands to pick up a special ball then have Brock leave the group to stay with Professor Ivy and have Ash competing against the Orange Island crew not only that but also have one of the most boring and forgettable traveling companions join Ash and Misty, the entire second season was nothing but filler, though one of the few memorable moments from season 2 were moments involving Ash and Misty.

Sana's Super Happy Quiz Show - Kodocha

This episode is exactly what is says it is, it's a quiz show and that's pretty much it they basically show clips from the past episodes and Sana, Akedo, Sanekichi and Miho Obana the writer of the series attempt to answer questions based off the clip.

The Contenders
Bounts Arc - Bleach

Why did no one mention this arc? There are so many issues and inconsistencies with this anime only filler, and the worst about it is that it affects the actual plot. The 3 no purpose bounts are in the Arrancar Arc with no literal purpose but to fill out time beause the anime rushed too quickly into the Arrancar Arc, and the need to do this wouldn't of ever existed if the anime didn't rush into Rukia getting taken back to Soul Society by Byakuya and Renji in the first place. Smh.

Key of the Starry Sky - Fairy Tail
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