Worst Anime Genres

The Top Ten Worst Anime Genres

1 Hentai

Worst thing on the entire galaxy

Disgusting perverts watch this

Funny but mostly stupid


2 Yaoi

WHY IS THIS EVEN HERE?!? This is an AMAZING genre! This website is filled with stupid homophobic people who can't see the beauty of this genre!

Everyone is like "But Yaoi is so amazing" and blah blah blah. I hate Yuri and Yaoi. Is dislike the genre. Just my opinion. - Asuna_Yuuki

I hate yaoi. Especially when favorite anime guys are wrongly depicted as yaoi in fan art and fiction. Absolutely sickening.

I'm bisexual and I hate Yaoi and Yuri not because it is GuyxGuy and GirlxGirl but because it is porn I do enjoy a little Shonen and Shoujo it's like Yaoi and Yuri only not explicit I still call them Yaoi and Yuri though (Even though I hate them) since they are easier to pronounce - countnightdark13

3 Shounen-ai

THIS SHOULDN'T BE HERE! I love Yaoi, Shounen-ai, BL and everything related! My personal favourite is Shounen-ai. Stupid homophobic people who can't respect genuine love are the only ones who would vote for this piece of art!

This isn't bad, actually. It's like a toned-down version of yaoi. - Absolite

I don't get why shounen ai is there too though. Since the author isn't focused on making the characters having sex the story is usually more decents. - TopiTaupe

I don't see what's wrong with this one...? - Scablex

4 Mecha

Mecha anime? Seriously? Have you ever seen gurren lagann, evangelion, gundam, etc. Just saying, mechanical anime are awesome.

But Mecha animes are cool. They are intelligent and strategic. They make you think. It shouldn't be here!

There are a lot of good ones like ever, TTGL, Geass, Ghost in Shell, and FLCL though

Apparently, SOME people need to watch Gurren Lagann, Evangelion, Code Geass, or even Aldnoah.Zero. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

5 Shotacon/Lolicon

An Anime Genre that sexualizes Minors? How is this not number 1?

Number one please, its child porn

Woah I missed this one but yeah this should be number 1 it's disgusting. I never seen this genre and pray I never will come across it. Wish people would use their talents for good. - evena

This should be at top - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

6 Yuri

It seems like the yaoi and yuri fanbases hate each other. Or maybe they like both. Either way I hate both genres. I watched sakura trick this yuri anime and I found it boring and so stupid to watch. It didn't really have a storyline, so they put in kissing to make up for it. Like really? Also the characters are annoying. It's so cutesy for my tastes. - HappyFlower

What makes this worse is that the fangirls will tell you to get lost if you don't like what they like.. Plus their like " so Kawai! " Or "we don't want your kind here" as if we can't watch whatever we want...

7 Shoujo-ai

As a queer woman I love shoujo-ai especially ones like "their story", the only problem is a good one is hard to come by, and I have to wait like a month or more just to read the few ongoing ones worth reading. I hate hentai though and pretty much anything that's porn including most yuri (I don't have any experience with yaoi so I can't judge that). - evena

8 Game

GAME?! But what about Sword Art Online and Accel World?! Or even No Game No Life and Log Horizon? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

That's such a vague term. Video game? Cards game? Hide and seek? - TopiTaupe

9 Military

Attack on Titan or Kabaneri much? - Absolite

10 Harem

That actually should be on the first page. We have dozens by seasons, wether it's girl or boy oriented it's rarely good, because they rely on the idea that one person (usually bland and stupid) could be loved by several persons for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. - TopiTaupe

After watching high school dxd I've never been able to like anime as I used to bruh harem is just...NO please just end this stupid nightmare

The Contenders

11 Ecchi

I don't know why this genre exist. It's basically a censored hentai. This doesn't make sense and destroy the anime. It's awful and idiot. How the heck can someone enjoy an anime that shows butts every time in screen? - Brunorsk

I hate fanservice and this can apply to yaoi, yuri, and hentai anime. The reason I vetoed for this is because I need this one to get higher on the worst anime genre list since the others I listed are in the top spots. They might as well add this one too.

I hate Ecchi because it was ruined by one anime. HIGHSCHOOL DXD

Ecchi can be good, like Kill la Kill or High School Of The Dead. - Absolite

12 School
13 Slice of Life

Comedy animes and heartwarming animes are mostly slice of life. Fact.

Slice of life is not worst

14 Vampire

Overrated. Vampires everywhere, they're like the plague.

Not all vampire anime are bad. Rosario+Vampire is pretty decent but I will admit Vampire Knight does suck. - BoredJeff02

I'm pretty sure the vampire genre is only hate solely because of Diabolik Lovers' infamous reputation. Other than that, good anime in the vampire genre include Hellsing Ultimate and the more recent Seraph of the End. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

What about Seraph of the End? That vampire anime is really good. - SelfDestruct

15 Shounen

Shounen? How did Shounen make this list? Did you know that the best anime of all time in Japan is Death Note, and Death Note is a shounen anime? If you didn't know that that's a fact for you. I completely disagree. Shounen animes are fun and exciting to watch, I don't understand how shounen could be one of the worst genres.

Worst of all in my opinion. Almost all shounen are the same, they all follow the same tropes and they never do anything really out of the ordenary (there are some rare exemptions to this). I would ratter watch 2 gaylords kiss then watch an other dragonball, naruto, bleach nonsense.

16 Dementia
17 Sports

I find it boring

18 Isekai
19 Space
20 Romance

I LOVE romance! When I'm watching anime, I need a ship to become canon or I get triggered lol - Absolite

It's annoying

21 Horror
22 Magical Girl
23 Netorare

This should be the worst

24 Reverse Harem
25 Historical
26 Supernatural
27 Super Power
28 Shoujo

So, so boring. Shonen > Shoujo

Clearly SOMEONE needs to watch Madoka Magica, Kimi ni Todoke, or Clannad After Story. - Absolite

Shonen and shojo aren't even genre. They're demographic. - TopiTaupe

29 Psychological

Mirai Nikki, Psycho Pass, Madoka, Paranoia Agent. Need I say more? Yeah, Psychological is probably the BEST anime genre. - Absolite

Wait... A genre that makes you think is a bad genre? I'm so confused I guess people don't like to think

30 Drama
31 Comedy

So you don't like to laugh? - Absolite

32 Bishounen
33 Action
34 Seinen
35 Sci-Fi
36 Police
37 Mystery
38 Music
39 Martial Arts
40 Magic
41 Josei
42 Fantasy
43 Demons
44 Adventure
45 Crime
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