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1 Makoto Itou - School Days Makoto Itou - School Days

This guy just can't keep it in his pants..

Among the male anime characters, his reputation is the worst I noticed because there are too many people hate him.

This guy is what you get if Light Yagami was a harem protagonist. - lavashooter

This guy is a big stupid jerk. Breaking people’s hearts just for his own personal pleasure. He needs to get a life. Especially after his was taken on the last episode.

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2 Sasuke Uchiha - Naruto Sasuke Uchiha - Naruto Sasuke Uchiha is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

The only reason I voted him is to explain that Sasuke haters are just blind. Really now, can you blame an innocent child who sees his family AND relatives killed by his own brother? Besides, Itachi himself told him to kill him. Sasuke obviously did not know the truth about Itachi, nobody did. He just always did what his brother said apart from killing his closest friend, Naruto. He was merely a victim in the whole story and only the fact that he kept on living AND helped your "precious Leaf Viallge", which sucks for so many reasons, get this war, you still hate him. Like, wow. You can't even comprehend the fact that everything was created this way. He never really made a choice on his own. For example, Itachi gets killed, he learns the truth, he will obviously kill Danzo. And I repeat, he even helped Konohagakure and then -in the anime only- they imprison him... But of course instead of hating characters like Hiruzen Sarutobi, who is the most useless and disgraceful Hokage ever since ...more

This jerk should be in 1rst place for how much of a emo, hateful, always angry at somebody for some reason even if it is the stupidest thing like someone who just wants to be his friend! I honestly couldn't stand looking at this emo's face for the short time I watched Naruto and Shippuden ( sorry I hate Naruto and Shippuden I stopped watching them QUICKLY )

Actually it is worthless Vegeta who should be here instead of Sasuke at least Sasuke was a good friend to Naruto. Abnormal Vegeta only created problems for Goku So those who think Vegeta is great are actually abnormal for they don't have sense of judgement

Sasuke is so mean to Naruto! (Like everyone, exept Hinata)
Okay,he had a dark past, because his entire family was killed by Itachi, his own brother! Everybody in Konoha treated him like he was some kind of prince, but he didn't cared about anyone! Ino and Sakura were friends but
because of HIM,they hate eachoter now! What an idiot!

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3 Shou Tucker - FMA Shou Tucker - FMA

Show isn't "the worst". He should be called "evil" instead of that. Of course, he sacrificed his daughter, wife and dog to keep his job. But that doesn't mean he's bad. FMA can leave you super confused, maybe in tears...characters aren't what you expect. So, it makes sense to create an unique character, that prefers keeping his job instead of his family (poor Nina! :< )

What? Tenth? Seriously, he should be on number one! Who the hell sacrificed their daughter (plus pet dog) and wife just to make a talking chimera for their own work?! I wondered how did he get the state alchemist title. he doesn't seem to be such a creative person. I literally cried hard when nina calls ed 'oniichan'. please. just. put this crazy guy on number one.

I actually like Shou's character development (although I preferred the situation in brotherhood more). Shou as a character is trying to prove how sick and twisted people become for money or fame.

There is no surprise as to why in the bonuses of volume 2 he is shown in hell.
and is the only one to do so.

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4 Yukiteru Amano - Future Diary Yukiteru Amano - Future Diary

This guy...I just want to kill him for being so pathetic, useless and nauseating. He wanted to become God because his parents died, like people haven't suffered worse. he deserves the lonely ending he got.

If you think Sasuke changes his opinion too much this guy does it 10 times in 1 episode

This guy is literally the most nauseatingly pathetic and ultimately unrelatable character in anything I've ever seen. Why isn't he higher on here?

Akise should've been the mc, he is hot, smart, sweet, and a fast thinker. Not this stupid useless ass. If the mc is changed into girl, than Minene should get the place. Even Yuno is fine, rather than this useless crap

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5 Ash Ketchum - Pokemon Ash Ketchum - Pokemon Ash Ketchum, known as Satoshi in Japan, is a fictional character in the Pokémon franchise owned by Nintendo. Ash is training to be a Pokemon Master, with his buddy Pikachu. Ash tries to stop the evil Team Rocket from stealing his Pikachu.

At first I liked him, but seriously can't Ash just win ONE Pokemon League. I mean come on! I understand the creator wanting this series to last longer, but isn't Ash supposed to be like 20 now.

Worst character ever, I think I would like the Shou Tucker as the lead more than Ash Ketchum, at least the series would end with Shou because of the whole child chimera thing.

I like him, but he's way too dense in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Noob Ketch nothing is his real name

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6 Sugou Nobuyuki - Sword Art Online Sugou Nobuyuki - Sword Art Online Sugou Nobuyuki is a fictional character who appears in the Sword Art Online series of light novels by Reki Kawahara . He is the main antagonist of the Fairy Dance arc .

Good. Sugou is on the first page now. Now he just needs to go above Kirito. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Whoever put him lower than Kirito should go to jail. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yes! My remix got Sugou into the Top 5! My life is complete! Again... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I just hate this bastard

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7 Kirito - Sword Art Online Kirito - Sword Art Online Kazuto Kirigaya is a fictional character who appears in the Sword Art Online series of light novels by Reki Kawahara.

Pretty dull character. He's never really affected by the events that happen in the anime. He doesn't evolve and just remains the same boring character he's been since the beginning. It doesn't matter how strong he his, it's who he is that makes him weak. He's not the worst but I didn't care for him. - RoseRedFlower

People hate Kirito because he's so OP and one of the biggest Gary-Stu's in anime. He is not a likeable protagonist at all, because he always gets what he wants. Sugou was a more interesting character, and he was pretty bad, too. - edgequeen

Kirito is an overpowered player. Not a video game player, - a player player.

The only thing I don't like about Kirito is that he's not loyal to Asuna. He flirts with every girl. He was all cozy with Sinon in the cave like hellooo did you forget about Asuna or what?

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8 Alois Trancy - Black Butler Alois Trancy - Black Butler

Seriously, I mean, this spoiled brat is so annoying! Look what he did to poor Hannah, BECAUSE OF THIS BUTTHOLE, she only has one eye! This boy is just horrible. I don't even feel bad for him and his backstory. He's utterly useless without Claude.

I honestly did feel a little sympathy for his backstory and the way he died but I still hate alois with a burning passion of a thousand suns. He was so whiny and needy, ungrateful, weak and overall just absolutely pathetic. Without Claude he was nothing.

I don't get how he can be in the top 10 except if the angry Black Butler fans are at it again. Seriously, why Claude Faustus isn't there as well, at least? He manipulated him. Alois basically been abandoned, later used and raped, and it twisted his mind, knowing he's not even a teen. Of course he's traumatised, "pathetic and need" like you call it. He's basically a kid, what do you expect? In the other hand, Claude use him as well and abandon him to creepily try to get Ciel's soul, and beside that, he actually act like a pedo - TopiTaupe

9 Danzo Shimura - Naruto Danzo Shimura - Naruto

He should be higher on this list. Damn old stupid bastard

Thanks sasuke for doing us a favor I owe you one.

How can people vote for my bar Sasuke-kun over this old bastard!

He is the best because he ruined the life of Sasuke,Itachi,Other Uchihas,Naruto,Pain and others.Those guys deserved to have their life's ruined.He is greedy and selfish wich makes him the best.-Hippocrite

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10 Chris Thorndyke Chris Thorndyke Chris Thorndyke is a fictional character and the main human protagonist of the Anime series based on the Sonic the Hedgehog series created by Sega, Sonic X.

I can't stand this spoiled dumb child, his personality, voice, and his hair sucks too. This character is the very definition of "Annoying Child" if u look it up u will probably find a photo of him. Chris just plain sucks as a character, Sonic X in general is a terrible show, I have such a passion and hatred for Sonic X, but I'll be here all day typing why it sucks, so I won't waste your time

The Newcomers

? Envy - Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood Envy - Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood
? Android 17 - Dragon Ball Android 17 - Dragon Ball

The Contenders

11 Tomoya Okazaki - Clannad Tomoya Okazaki - Clannad

Sure Tomoya Okazaki's character was developed throughout the series (after all he is the protagonist), I never could find myself liking him. He always felt like a Gary Stu and white knight character who went out of his way to help any girl who needed his help. Yet he never really returned the favor for his best friend Sunohara. Instead, he would often be seen backstabbing him or taking the other female character's side. Granted that Sunohara's character is meant for comedic purposes, it doesn't change the fact that Tomoyas on his best friend and even goes as far as blaming Sunohara for making his sister Mei cry even though Tomoya practically lied to Sunohara saying that he was going out with Mei and didn't even protect her when the soccer theme started bullying her in hopes that Sunohara would come. Not to mention that Tomoya freeloads off of his friend Sunohara, but never really helps him out whenever he needs it. In the first episode, Tomoya even decided to kick the wall back on the ...more

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12 Keita Suminoe - KissxSis

He's equivalent to Makoto from school days! He goes kissing five different girls, two of them his step sisters! He needs to be in the top 5! - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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13 Jiemma - Fairy Tail Jiemma - Fairy Tail
14 Kouta - Elfen Lied

The most spineless character I've ever seen

15 Sakamaki Raito - DiaLover

I actually like this guy ayato should be here instead tsk.

He is utterly disgusting

This is Makoto Itou if he was a sadistic vampire (they both have the same voice actor too lol)

Poop on ursaelf

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16 Satoko's uncle - Higurashi

His logic: Satoko's dead parents put trust in me to take care of her. I know! I should make her life even worse than it already is by beating her

He Abuses an innocent little girl everyday, it's part of his daily routine, I'm glad Keiichi killed him

I agree

17 Sakamaki Ayato - DiaLover

This guy needs to trade spots with sasuke I don't agree sasuke being on this list he isn't the worst character there are plenty of male characters that can take the cake just look at the sakamaki household!

YES. I never noticed I could hate an anime character so much (I thought Sasuke Uchiha to the cake) but then I stumbled upon MR Arrogant Egotistical Sadistic Ayato. Nothing could fathom how much I despised his character. I hated for the longest of time, but now it's I am beginning to depise him less because I discovered Reiji (his older brother) and his father Karl Hienz.

Though I won't say this but this guy along with his triplet brothers are the worst since Louis El Bridget from Freezing and I'd like to trade those perverted, disgusting asses to be 1#

even Sasuke has redeeming traits and he doesn't deserve to be hated somehow. since they're vampires let's stake their heart and burn them to death

I hate him,but Laito is clearly worse.
Elsword's Ciel looks better than Ayato.

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18 Yagami Light - Death Note

Why I hate him? Well, he is a egocentric narcissist with a god complex, he murdered bad and good people, e used lots of innocent, or not, people, he is a dirty cheater, and worse of all, THAT BASTARD KILLED L, THE!

19 Naruto Uzumaki - Naruto Naruto Uzumaki - Naruto Naruto Uzumaki is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

After " Pain", this character has lost its luster

Biggest Mary Sue anime protagonist of all time(both for the author and the rabid fantards).

20 Sakura Haruno - Naruto Sakura Haruno - Naruto Sakura Haruno is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Sakura is a girl not a boy

Sakura Haruno may be annoying, but as far as I know, this is a list of worst anime male characters, not female characters!

A female character ending up in this list tells volumes about the quality of her character

Whoever put her here is dumb sakura is not a boy!

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21 Natsu Dragneel - Fairy Tail Natsu Dragneel - Fairy Tail Natsu Dragneel is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild.Natsu is carefree and reckless in nature, and, despite his consistent brawls with the other members of Fairy Tail, he is a fiercely loyal and protective friend. He is willing to go down fighting for his friends, regardless of how futile it might seem. more.

Now, everyone keep saying things like "Natsu's the most broken character in the series and has no character development, HOW BOUT NO! He does develop! He might still be hot headed and careless, but if you would use your eyes for once, you could see that he really develops, most notably in the tower of heaven arc, where he knocks Erza out in order to give her rest and to fight Jillal, the person who has nearly succeeded of making her life into a living hell, he knocked her out and fought Jillal because Natsu wants her nightmares to end, so he starts by finishing the thing and person that has plagued her life for so long.

P.S, he might be extremely powerful, but not necessarily broken! If he was, he would have never taken a hit, defeated some high powered enemy in a few seconds without a single scratch! He still takes heavy damages and besides, pretty much all dragon slayer magic is extremely powerful to begin with!

Why is Natsu on here he is such a sweet character who is willing to die for his friends. Not only that but he's so loveable. He's not broken people lend power to make him gain more power people that's not broken at all.

Natsu gets no character development!

22 Ichigo - Bleach

Why is Ichigo here!? He is kind and will protect his friends at ANY cost! He couldn't possibly be in 18nth place let alone even be on this list! I'm not having a clue in my mind why ANYBODY would put this loyal person on the WORST anime character top ten list, he should be on the BEST anime character top ten list!

What does someone as great as Ichigo doing here/

Ichigo is a dork. The only he ever wins a fight is by obtaining powers similar to his opponents. Most worthless protagonist ever

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23 Sora - Aki Sora

How is Sora this low? Seriously, this dude is lower than Kirito. It's a sin he's below Kirito. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

24 Goku Goku Son Goku (Kakarrot) is the main protagonist in Dragon Ball franchise created by Akira Toriyama in 1984. He had many abilities like, super strength, utilization of ki, flight, teleportation, super speed, enhanced reflexes, and Super Saiyan transformation that increase strength, speed, and durability. more.

Um goku is not a villain

Goku is worse than Gohan. Gohan doesn't leave his family behind.

25 Tatsuya Shiba - The Irregular At Magic High School

He's an emotionless Gary Stu! He has no character at all! And he bangs his sister as well! What is he, Donald Trump?! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Despite his badassery and looks, his total lack of emotion and tension in his fight scenes make me despise him as a male lead. He puts Gary Stus like Kirito to shame due to how overpowered he is. If you see BlackCriticGuy's review of The Irregular At Magic High School, you'll know why I hate Tatsuya. Also, his "romantic" incestuous relationship with his sister makes is worse than Kirito's with Suguha. Thank God Reki Kawahara toned down that incest from Season 1 in Sword Art Online II. I just want to finish The Irregular At Magic High School ASAP so I can forget about this generic piece of crap. The only good thing I like about it are Madhouse and LiSA's Rising Hope song for the first opening of this series. But it's still not enough to make up for this series. Otherwise, I plan to put this on my Top 10 Worst Anime Remix as soon as I finish the series. Peace. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

26 Shinji Ikari - Neon Genesis Evangelion Shinji Ikari - Neon Genesis Evangelion

Literally every woman in Evangelion had bigger balls than Shinji.

This dude always wants to run away but never does always crying like a little bitch

27 Tsubaki Asahina - Brothers Conflict

You like a girl? Force her to kiss you. - TopiTaupe

Lol. I kinda hate him too. He's cute though

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28 Gendo Ikari - Evangelion Gendo Ikari - Evangelion Gendo Ikari is a fictional character in the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise. He is the commander of NERV.

Crappy, uncaring failed excuse of a father and a humam being, scum of the earth.

29 Kyon - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Kyon gets on my nerves. Don't like Kyon anymore. How dares he to rise fist against a girl and senior rank on top of that? All he was supposed to do is just follow Haruhi's orders, not going against her! Everyone know's what kind of character Haruhi is and if they don't like it - why are they in SOS brigade at all!? Haruhi orders - you follow. Why Kyon make things so complicated? He's not in any position to act the way he acted, he's just a camera-man! Haruhi wanted to make a little love scene. Taking in account Mikuru's personality - there's no way she could possibly deliver what Haruhi demands to, unless there'd be a way to make Mikuru relax a bit. All that is left is just following Haruhi's lead and filming all scene, but then some cameraman decides that it's all
Wrong and goes swinging fists against director! Is it ok? I don't think so.

Kyon - Bores me to tears. I hate listening to his voice because it's annoying and don't find his narrating that amazing. Kyon from Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuuutsu - He still sucks until the very end of the anime and still problematic, for somewhat reason I hate his face, the anime focuses on problematic kyon, narrating the melancholied episodes because its not in order and trying to keep up, and always criticizing the doings of haruhi.

All Kyon ever does is whine about Haruhi Suzumiya too much. His complaining is annoying. Kyon needs to learn to stop complaing about Haruhi Suzumiya. And just except it sometimes. All Kyon mainly does is whine and complaine about Haruhi Suzumiya. I don't like it when he complains about Haruhi Suzumiya. that's just annoying. I wish he would just accept what Haruhi Suzumiya does.

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30 Gohan Gohan Son Gohan is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama. Gohan is introduced as the first son of the protagonist Goku, and his wife Chi-Chi, in chapter #196 Kakarrot, first published in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine on October 24, 1988. Chi-Chi is a strict and protective more.

Why is Gohan here?!?!?! He's too AWESOME and BRILLIANT! He's badass, cool and is a well-developed character. I don't get why someone would put such a good character into this list. - Goku02

Let's face it. Gohan has all of this saiyan power and what is his dream job. A SCHOLAR!

I really like Gohan! He isn't much to battles like Goku or Goten, as he really has a kind heart. And he also can be powerful when it's needed.

What happen to him? Smh.

31 Satsuki Kakeru - 11eyes
32 Orion - Amnesia

He was annoying QUITE a BIT.

33 Kabuto Yakushi - Naruto Kabuto Yakushi - Naruto

Kabuto is just the worst! I know he had a sad past and all but before Orochimaru was defeated, he just followed him around like a little lost sheep! Pathetic!

34 L - Death Note L - Death Note L Lawliet, exclusively known by the mononym L, is a fictional character in the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.
35 William Glass - Inazuma Eleven
36 Saitama - One Punch Man Saitama - One Punch Man Saitama is the main protagonist of the webcomic and anime series One Punch Man, who could easily destroy a continent with one punch. He is bored with his extreme power. He is registered with the Heroes Association as a C-Class Superhero and is tasked to defend Z-City against Mysterious Beings.

One punch. Fight is done! His fights are that boring! - SelfDestruct

just... no

37 Obito Uchiha - Naruto Obito Uchiha - Naruto

For someone who has read the entire series twice, I have to say the end was bad. Bit it was obito uchiha that made it bad. He betrayed his village for the most stupid reason ever and didn't even deserve to live when that rock told him what's what. All he does is pout to Kakashi over Rin and uses that as a reason to kill hundreds of people. He pretends to be Madara, the best guy ever, when he's nowhere near that level of awesomeness.
When Obito was made the jinchuriki it downright pissed me off when Naruto used talk no jutsu again and made it all better. And should I point out, OBITO SHOULD HAVE DIED AFTER USING RINNE TENSEI! Sticking a gooey black piece to your face doesn't save you from death. His mere presence after he became good and tried to help Naruto made me want to cry and vomit everywhere.
In short: he's weak, is still a baby, and is easily manipulated (Madara made Obito his lil bitch). I'm happy he was killed by kaguya.

Causes so much bull in the series just because rin's death. The entire shinobi world sufferred because of robito and rin Naruto and sasuke sufferred because of rin itachi and the entire uchiha clan sufferred because of obito and rin.All that asswipe obito keeps on thinking about is ONLY RIN RIN AND ONLY RIN THE BIGGEST OF ALL FAILURES OF KISHIMOTO WAS TO MAKE TOBI OBITO AND SIMPLY OVER RIN's DEATH AND IMAGINE THE entire shinobi world's reaction (especially itachi's) reaction that they all sufferred so much because of OBITO AND RIN.I WILL HATE THESE TWO ASSHOLES THE MOST!

38 Kyousuke Kousaka - Oreimo
39 Suzaku Kururugi Suzaku Kururugi Suzaku Kururugi is a fictional character in the Sunrise anime series Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.

Needs to die. Painfully.

i hate him

40 Takumi Usui - Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama! Takumi Usui - Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!
41 Principal - To Love-Ru Principal - To Love-Ru

It surprises me how he hasn't been locked up in prison. - drdevil

42 Tyson Granger - Beyblade Tyson Granger - Beyblade
43 Ranma Saotome Ranma Saotome
44 Kyo - Fruit Baskets
45 Koichi Shido - Highschool of the Dead Koichi Shido - Highschool of the Dead
46 Jellal Fernandes - Fairy tail Jellal Fernandes - Fairy tail Jellal Fernandes is a childhood friend of Erza Scarlet. When he lost his own memory, he was a Dark Mage who desperately sought to revive Zeref via the R-System. Jellal served as the main antagonist of the Tower of Heaven arc and is currently a member and co-founder of Crime Sorcière.

Lol I like are here because of 'Fiance thing' jelly baka man'

Wha-?!?!?! Jellal's AWESOME! - Goku02


Fairy tail sucks but Jellal Fernandes is the bomb diggity

47 Lelouch Lamperouge - Code Geass Lelouch Lamperouge - Code Geass Lelouch Lamperouge, whose real name is Lelouch vi Britannia, is the title character and protagonist of the Sunrise anime series Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.
48 Inuyasha

Fools! Inuyasha is awesome!

I never found it funny when inuyasha hit children or shippo.

49 Yamcha - Dragon Ball Yamcha - Dragon Ball Yamcha (ヤムチャ, Yamucha) is a Bandit and a main protagonist in the Dragon Ball manga and in the anime Dragon Ball, and later a supporting protagonist in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, with a few appearances in Dragon Ball GT. He has black hair and has a scar across his eye and cheek.
50 Aikuro Mikisugi - Kill la Kill Aikuro Mikisugi - Kill la Kill

Idiotic leader? Check.
Idiotic man? Check.
Perverted? Check.
This guy is terrible as a whole! - SelfDestruct

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