RRF: My Thoughts on School Days Anime (ಠ_ಠ)

RoseRedFlower *sigh*
Here we go! There will be spoilers but don't bother watching this anime anyways.
School Days is Japanese visual novel created by 0verflow, discharged on April 28, 2005 for Windows as an adult game. Makoto Itou, a highschool school student who turns into the conflicted love-enthusiasm of a few young ladies amid his second term, and the impacts this has on himself and his associations with different characters. The game finishes up with a completion particular to the result of the story, some of which wound up plainly infamous for their realistic brutality.
Now for the actual anime.
School Days was adapted into a twelve-episode anime television series by TNK. I won't be talking about the OVA specials but just the twelve episodes themselves. Because it's hard to watch this anime as it is, I don't want to watch two extra episodes if I don't need too.
Most people have heard of this anime or know what generally happens. Makoto Itou sleeps around with a bunch of girls and pays dearly for it at the end. Is there anything else we can talk about? Plenty.
This animation isn't the worst but it's nothing to brag about. It looks like the game and the backgrounds are decent. That's about it. The character designs all look the same when it comes to the girls. Same big eyes, same face structure and only slight changes in body size. Most of them wear the same thing so you have to rely on their faces to know who they are. However even that fails. I didn't know that Otome and Hikari were different characters until I saw them next to each other. So yeah the animation is very mediocre.
The pacing of this anime is very quick later on but is slow during the beginning. Makoto slowly falls in love with Kotonoha, Sekai slowly falls in love with him, Makoto dates Kotonoha, Makoto decides to cheat on Kotonoha, Setsuna tells him to break up with Kotonoha and then the pacing goes rapid. Then he's banging women around left and right, Setsuna loves him and has sex with him before she moves, Kotonoha gets raped and slowly goes insane, Sekai gets pregnant, the girls don't like Makoto anymore, Makoto hates Sekai for ruining his life, he gets back together with Kotonoha, Sekai kills him and then Sekai is killed by Kotonoha. The pacing is a problem because you barely keep track of what happens and why. Why did Taisuke suddenly just sexually assault Kotonoha? Why are any of the other girls suddenly interested in Makoto? Why did Kotonoha just suddenly forgive Makoto? Nothing adds up because the pacing is off the wall.
The story in School Days stems from the game it's based on and the visual novel. So it would make sense why most of it would follow it. However, with only twelve episodes to spare, the story is shredded into the gutter. Making it feel less like a story full of drama and more of a sleazy scandal that's too long. So the story does exist but it's quickly tossed aside as soon as Makoto starts sleeping with other women.
The one thing everyone remembers from this anime other than the infamous ending is the characters. The terrible characters that are in School Days. Makoto Itou was someone you could sympathize with until he cheats on his girlfriend. Then keeps dirtying up the sheets with at least six other women. That was certainly a turn for the worst. Sekai Saionji is supposed to be Kotonoha's friend and slowly develops feelings for Makoto. However, she tries to get him together with Kotonoha despite her feelings for him. Then School Day syndrome hits and then she allows Makoto to the nasty with her despite knowing he's with Kotonoha, at the very moment. Maybe tell her first that it's over before you betray your best friend? Kotonoha was the most sympathetic character and then just becomes a full out yandere at the end. Sadly, this happens and she's an insane lunatic. The other characters I barely remember except Setsuna. Most of her actions come out of nowhere. Though I was pleased she kept insisting that Makoto dump Kotonoha and have an honest relationship with Sekai. But then she will let Makoto do her if she breaks up with her? WHAT? So yeah, there's no likable character in this series for me.

So those are my thoughts on School Days, which has been known to be one of the worst animes ever. It is pretty bad. Nothing about it warrants a recommendation or a second watch. It's not a very enjoyable drama, the characters are idiotic yet insulting characters, a story that is just not worth sitting through and juvenile animation.
If you want a good drama watch:
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • Hell Girl
  • Ballad of a Shinigami

If you want a story that involves better romance with drama watch:
  • Fruits Basket
  • Angel Beats
  • Clannad

So my final thoughts are to just not watch it. It might make you sick and it might make you hate anime.


Good post and f*** Makoto - TwilightKitsune

I liked this review and I loved how you pointed out more flaws than just the characters. Also, I hate School Days. - HoneyClover

I have not seen School Days, but I've heard it's bad so maybe I should just avoid it? - visitor

You're not missing out on much. So just avoid it. - RoseRedFlower

Only saw like an episode and then just dropped it - visitor

I've never seen this anime, but judging from your review, I probably shouldn't... - Absolite

Yeah just avoid it. - RoseRedFlower

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When I heard about I thought it was some highschool drama anime but I was wrong so wrong - Adventurur2