Clannad After Story

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Clannad is based off a visual novel. It follows the story of a high school senior named Tomoya Okazaki, a delinquent who floats through life caring about very little. He hates the town he lives in and his alcoholic father. more.


The fact that this anime makes it to the top 10 worst just proves how stupid and pathetic people really are. This is not one of the worst anime. If it is, then why is it always given critical acclaim, why did it win a lot of awards, why did the general public always give it a high rating on MAL and other anime websites? Is it overrated? I guess it is, but overrated and awful are two completely different things. Think about it.

Okay who decided that it was a good idea to put Clannad on this list? I mean sure, it's extremely sad, but since when does sad=bad? Clannad is a really sad, super pure and cute romance anime with great character development and a splash of supernatural elements and humorous moments. The only reason that I can think of why people might think it's boring is:
1. First and second season combined, it's 50 episodes long (compared to other animus that's nothing though)
2. If you're talking about the first season, I guess the major romance isn't immediate and the anime focuses on side characters too.
3. No action
But I mean this is pretty much one of the most famous and popular romance anime of all time. I think I can name at least 20 anime way worse than this one.

This is so freaking BS. Clannad's a classic! I bet it's on here just because many people say it's tear-jerking and has a lot of really great emotional moments and those cynics didn't think so and have given it a bad rating - along with the cop-out. Okay I can understand that but I wouldn't call Clannad terrible just because of that. If most of it is well executed then I would consider it to be highly enjoyable. What next, Angel Beats is going to make it onto here? Or Kanon and Anohana and Air? Absolutely ridiculous. I hope this will no longer be on the list in a couple of months.

Tries to hard to be a compelling story about love and supernatural themes. But goes off as poorly dimensional and melodramatic anime that cops out of the last second yet people are eating this up.

From someone that loves Kanon, I really don't like Clannad at all. It has no direction, no purpose, flat and useless characters, weak storyline, uninspiring soundtrack, even the art looks inferior to other Key works. If you want to watch Key animes, watch Kanon, Air and Refrain. Avoid Clannad. You will just be so annoyed at it.

I would have loved this anime, but there is a major problem. This anime is probably the saddest anime I have ever seen. It's been about 4 month's and I still can't shake the feeling that the main character's wife and daughter died. It's just so sad. Never watch it unless you want to cry yourself to sleep. At first you would become addicted to it, and then you regret watching it.

THIS is number 5?!?! Way to overreact! There's nothing that terrible about this show for it to be ranked so highly. Oh let me guess. It's overrated so therefore it should be in the top 5. Get over yourselves! Overrated and terrible are NOT the same thing!

Yeah guys, I get it. It's about life and overcoming adversity, about how life will constantly take a dump all over your chest, while you strive to stand back up. Cool. We all know. Maybe this is on here ironically, but stop waving those IQs around and go back to watching Rick and Morty.
So Clannad has a long bit of just mundane story-telling that's actually leading into all of these brutal moments of emotion in the last quarter that feel genuinely earned. I'm talking' about those leitmotifs. I'm talking' tears. But then the deux ex machina jumps out of nowhere, and says, "Oh yeah, magic exists." Like, okay, if the goal was to test out the best way to ruin the mood up over two seasons, that was probably it. There's probably a hundred different ways this ending could have been rewritten to keep the themes in-tact AND end on a feel-good note, but unfortunately we time-travel doesn't exist, so

If people had actually listened and understand this anime before judging it they might've actually liked it. I've been seeing comments like 'it's so unrealistic' and I just go like that's why it's in the fantasy genre! This anime was actually good. I personally liked it and it's one of my favorites. But everyone has their reason for disliking this. I just can't believe other anime stories aren't taking this place.

I don't like this anime either but it shouldn't be 5. That's just pushing it. I can name at least 30 anime that are far worse than Clannad After Story. It's not an amazing anime but it's not terrible either. To put this anime above Pupa, Lucky Star or Mars of Destruction is insane.

Seriously? How long is this going to stay on this list? How is this one of the worst animes ever when it's been named a classic many times, both from critics and the public? This makes no sense at all. I hope you will all reconsider this.

The fact Clannad After Story made it to the top five of this list is very disappointing. This was one of the most beautiful anime ever. - krisastar64

I admit, the last 3 episodes made absolutely no sense, but this was an awesome anime. The anime was an epic story of friendship, love, and reality. Everyone cried at one point, and everybody laughed their butts off at another. For the life of me, I have no idea how the heck this anime managed to get on this list, especially in the top 5.

Could someone please enlighten me on why this anime has made it so high on the Top Ten Worst Anime? Because I don't see what is so terrible about this anime for it to be on here. Overreaction at it's finest.

What? Clannad after story is perfected on each side I'm not joking it's a master piece and I've only said like. 4 anime are master piece out of the like 2 thousand I've watched what? This anime is in my top 10

First season of Clannad was boring, but I continued up to half of the second season and gave up. This was entirely a waste of my time. This is an anime I definitely wouldn't recommend to anyone!

What is so bad about this one? How is it worse than Bakugan.

How the HELL did this anime make it onto the worst list?! What is wrong with people these days?! This shouldn't be on here AT ALL! Someone please remove this anime from here!

What WHY is this here!? I literally cried every episode it was so beautiful. I don't understand why its even in this list...

To all the anime that has been created how did this anime reach number 5 of the worst the number 1 is not even an anime and this anime reach number 5, Clannad haters what - DJ19

I liked Clannad, I really did, but the after story was just disappointing. The main characters dying! The sudden time travel at the end! I get that this was suppose to be a sentimental, sad anime, but this was suppose tobe one of those "slice of life" animes and the ending of Clannad After Story completely ruined it.

I really have no idea how this got on the top worst list, I feel as though that this is probably one of the most heart wrenching animes that I have ever watched

I died of laughter when the child died, Because her eyes closed and her arms dropped, I was laughing so hard. - SandwichSWAT

It's because people like you vote for it just to ask why it's on the list. Stupid people. See the irony. I agree however this is one of or if not the best anime. The story is definitely the most touching.

How on earth is Clannad worse than Lucky Star? Lucky Star was horrible. It's a no-brainer with really annoying and unlikeable characters. And the soundtrack is awful as well. The opening song made me cringe. It's like nails on a chalkboard. Clannad has a beautiful soundtrack, beautiful animation, relatable characters and a decent story. I know many people complain about the cop-out at the end, but most of it was very well portrayed.
I know not everyone likes Clannad but I just can't believe it's higher than most of the trainwrecks that deserve to be downgraded. Pupa is disgusting, how is that worse than Clannad? I really don't know what's got into people.