I am gonna kill the person who even considered adding death note here

As an artist, the animation and the art on this show are awful. I watched it last year on netflix and I regretted the time wasted watching it. The story also extends indefinitely instead of just coming to a conclusion already, it could have very well have been a 26 episodes series and the story would have made up for the bad art.

I've always disliked the feel of Death note. I tried watching it, but I hated every second of it. The fact that Light doesn't care feels so off and makes me feel horrible after each episode. It gave me an even worse feel than Pandora Hearts

Ok, people hate part 2 because L died, but if you had started on episode 26 and only watched the second half before first half, you would think it was amazing. It is amazing, but it is overshadowed by first half. BUT IT IS STILL GOOD. IGNORE THE OVERHATERS!

I mean come on! They kill off the main character! Like seriously! If L is the smartest detective out there couldn't he have 'faked' his death, joined near and mello and solved the case?

Wow, I can't believe there's someone in the world that is so dumb to write Death Note wrong and to hate this anime...

I love this anime! The only thing that made it worse was Misa.

Cool, dark, and smart. Does NOT deserve to be on this list.

Are you kidding why is death note on the list? I mean Death Note is the 3rd best anime in the world (literally got an award or something) and its on the list for the WORST? Seriously?!?!?! What the heck!

I have problems with Naruto, Bleach (which I consider to be one of the top 5 animes I have seen) and One Piece, but they are all pretty decent, I also have problems with many of the other animes on this list, but Death Note pisses me off in many ways, and the one I really hate is that they do kill L off in such a way that you lose some respect for the character, which sucks seeing as he is the best character. I also hated Light throughout the ENTIRE anime, he was hardly a likable character and I never felt for him. My one good surprise is that my favorite anime (though clearly not the best) Rosario Vampire did not make it on here

You add Attack on Titan onto this list and now Death Note. Is this some kind of trick? I love Black Butler because I love the fact the show is about about a 13 year old boy selling his soul to a demon, which is a creepy subject but the show is more funny then creepy and I understand you put Black Butler on this list because mabey the relationship between Ciel and Sebastian is reeaallly gay and is probably going to be a yaoi couple someday and I understand that that. But seriously, DEATH NOTE?

This anime at least has good plot and interesting characters... You can't really say that about kissxsis...

Death note is one hell of a good anime people only didn't like the ending but it's one of the best series 've ever watched

Honestly, deathnote is absolute garbage

Death note is one of the most classic anime ever, written by Hajime Isayama, the creator of Attack on Titan damn it!

Awesome show. L and Light are awesome. So is Near and all other characters. I demand you take this off the list.

What the heck is death note even doing on this list, even if it is this low. What, just because perhaps the most loved character in all of anime gets killed, means the rest of the show is stupid? Hate to break it to ya, but L probably wouldn't be half as popular in the anime community if he didn't die. Just saying. Not to say that L's death improved the show. I love L. He's one of the best parts of the show. But he's not the main character, Light is. We're supposed to be looking at the show through HIS prospective. - MottScurry

Are you people retarted or something?! It shouldn't even be on number 100000000, infact it doesn't deserve to be in this worst anime list! It's an amazing anime! If it deserves any place, its number 1, in the Top Ten Best anime!

Not funny just creppy I'm sorry I just this show its crepes me out

Yes... The series went downhill after L's death...
But it isn't bad enough to be on this list.

Death note is a very challenging mystery which probably only gets hate because of its hate, but it brings up strong moral value and is very suspenseful since page 1 of chapter 1. It is the best thing Tsugimi Ohba and Takeshi Obata made, just like Bakuman

I really can't understand why this series gets so much praise. I'll admit, the episode where Light convinces Naomi Misora to tell him her name was beautifully done and the only thing that kept me watching. However, for an anime that's supposedly "intellectual" it spells absolutely everything out for the viewer - to the last detail.

Complex? Yes. Intelligent? Hardly. No thinking is necessary, you can sail through it on autopilot and not miss a beat. The audience for Death Note is in a pretty young age range, so I can only assume having this stuff spelled out for them makes them feel they're watching something deep - much in the same way CSI makes the average Joe feel like a forensic expert.

If you're really interested in something intellectually stimulating just go for Ghost in the Shell, Naoki Urasawa's Monster, or even X'amd. Or if you're in for a real head trip check out Ergo Proxy. Any of those have miles more depth to them than the color-by-numbers ...more

I'm just here to vote against this considering that it is one of my first animes it had a great story and the charector development was just amazing this anime should deffinitelly not be on this site I honestly try and find animes that are similar to this like code geasse lelouche of the rebellion

This show is awesome. Why is it here.
I know it has its flaws (second half)
But everythin else make this sho awesome.

I have been watching this and it is the best anime on netflix but who ever put this on here needs to watch
boku no pico