Fairy Tail

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Fairy Tail is a manga franchise created by Hiro Mashima. The manga has been adapted into an anime series produced by A-1 Pictures and Satelight, which began broadcasting in Japan on October 12, 2009. Additionally, A-1 Pictures and Satelight have developed seven original video animations and an animated ...read more.


I actually liked the concept of this anime, the art work was pretty good and the (some of) characters are lovable, however I think the series has been executed very poorly.The main issue is how they've handled the antagonists of the series. There are no true villains in the series. Jellal, Gajeel, Juvia, Laxus etc... All reform almost immediately after being introduced and even Zeref - the big bad of the entire fairy tail universe - is really just a sad boy wanting to bring his brother back to life and now his only real desire is simply to die.

Another issue I have with the series is its lack of consistency which is caused in my opinion by poor planning. Sometimes it like they're not even trying. Take the whole battle of Fairy Tail arch, it suggested that Erza, Mystogan and Laxus are three most powerful members of the guild at the time bar Makarov, that is until Gildarts comes along and everyone remembers that he is the most powerful wizard in the guild. This lack of ...more

Everything about this show sucks from Happy, the anime cat version of Jar Jar Binks to the childish and extremely cheesy friendship speeches. I have to admit there were some characters I liked. Erza and Gray were awesome in my opinion. I think that's the only thing I like about this show. Then there's Lucy. She's such an annoying little wimp! If it were up to me I would give this show a 2/10. At least the art and some characters are good.

This anime is so god awful. First off, the art, it's so plain there's nothing special about its just so generic, Then there's the stupid friendship speeches that every Shouen anime/manga has and are so annoying. The fan service, I am fine with fan service in anime like in Evangelion and Future Diary but in Fairy tail its just absurd. The plot its just ongoing its basically non stoop and now its just the same over and over and over again. But the worst part about Fairy Tail are the characters there so annoying there always so full of themselves and just plain annoying.The biggest contender is Lucy she is just useless and can't do a goddamn for herself

The anime was fine. Key word "fine"
This anime looked good. This anime sounded good. This anime was supposed to be the anime to end all anime.

Nope, it was crap. Too much overused fanservice and pandering towards the worst fanbase I've ever seen, and it's 2018. Each character is bland, dull, and either just bad or an overused magical cliche. Not to mention the terrible rap soundtrack and the pacing that makes NO SENSE. The artwork is so bad I feel my eyes bleeding whenever I'm forced to look at it for more than two seconds at a time. The plot points are confusing, and the plot is just... no. Everybody is annoying and a Mary Sue (and/or edgy) The voice actors are crud, they have either the blandest voices or the most over-the-top loli VA ever. There is no character development, and the music sounds like it was made by a 5 year old. I TRIED to give this anime a chance. The first few episodes were FUNNY. But it just crashed and burned and I wish I could change that.

This sucks. this should be number 1 worst

I can't stand this trashy show. My friend loves it and goes on about it all the time, and it makes me die a little inside. The art is really nice and the animation is decent. But the characters are really bland in my opinion. Lucy is just there as a love interest for Natsu and Natsu is always spouting his 'Don't hurt my friends! ' bull. And the story is just stupid. A lot of the arcs were nothing more thanty fillers. The nakama powers are ridiculous, at scenes where the characters should literally be dead, they suddenly think about their friends and get stupidly overpowered. I could go on for days about why I hate Fairy Tail so much... I want to like it, really. I've tried to watch it 4 times but I can't. It's too bad.

I stopped watching the anime because of the plot and the animation quality. It seemed to inconstant and sloppy, and the plot seemed to be reused. The villains would be bad, then become part of the team after they were defeated. Bringing me to another topic, Natsu never defeated anyone. He always won the fights, which got old, since you always knew he'd win in the end, therefore no suspense was really built.

Only a pervert would watch this.

These are one of the worst animes EVER! My friends are fairy tail fans and they say whoever doesn't like fairy tail are complete idiots! WHAT?! THIS ANIME DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A PLOT! This anime is about learning magic and doing spells and fighting monsters? Seriously? Even one piece is better than this, come at me fairy tail fans.

I can't believe that this anime is all the way down in 48th. Should be 1st. Every girl has the same boob size, save for a few, and strut around trying for fan service. Natsu's jokes get old fast. Gray's stripping also gets old. Juvia is just some lovesick whiny girl. The plot revolves around a guild who constantly gives speeches about how they're family and all that. Nobody on the guild loses because nAKAMA. If you want a good anime, go watch something else. Heck, I'd rather watch Boku no Pico than this.

I hated it! Fairy Tail doesn't deserve the fan base it has. I like dark and serious animes more like Attack on Titan and Elfen Lied (although I loved Hetalia). The only reason why I still watched a couple more episodes after the first was because I was hoping it would get better, but of course it didn't! Hate it! I do not recommend it!

Do you think that everyone has the same interests as you? If you like more gloomy things then go watch those. - Bessy

How this trash is below NARUTO,ONE PIECE AND SAO to be honest this is the worst anime I've ever seen and if you still wanna watch it put the word logic aside because this anime does not have any logic in it, none of those characters actually train and they'll fight a very powerful enemy they will get destroyed and then they suddenly remember their friends how they should not disappoint them out a nowhere they will get a power up and one shot the enemy... seriously? Think about it you didn't study anything for exam then the question paper is so hard suddenly when you start to think about your family you get all answers outa nowhere sounds so stupid right (sorry for my bad English )

It's so retarded! The characters suck and have lame abilities and everything happens so fast it's confusing and dumb

So, they party. Then something bad happens, so they fight it, and they win, and it repeats.
It's just big boobs, guys with six-packs, and ultimately, it doesn't deserve to be continued.

The guy who said Fairy Tail is a Naruto rip off is clearly, a moron.
I've seen both series, they are nothing a like.
Fairy tail is about mages, dragons, etc.
Naruto is about ninjas and a boy that cries over Sasuke.

I used to think this was good for a manga when I was like twelve. Then I read other manga and realized that not every manga has to be trash like this one is. I didn't understand the fan service back then, but now I hate it. This isn't the WORST, (#1 takes that) but it still deserves to be higher on this list.

Why isn't this number one? This show is so awful. They are constantly cramming the friendship theme down our throats every episode, everyone lacks character development because they're too busy focusing on Natsu being the best. Even he isn't really that developed. Also Natsu is way too overbearing and get way too much screen time. A lot of his friends have so much potential but they never get the chance to do anything can he's too busy going "NAKAMA! NAKAMA! NAKAMA! " it needs to stop.

It's basically just about friendship. Don't get me wrong, I really like this anime and I'm still actually currently watching it, but sometimes the characters piss me off just a little bit and I wish the whole moral behind it had a little more depth than only friendship.

This entire show has problems from a basic writing standpoint to even a moral standpoint. The fact that we're supposed to find it funny that this Guild is constantly on the run from the police due to blowing entire cities is disgusting. They probably have a body count, and yet we're supposed to like and root for them? How am I supposed to root for people who are all about 'family' and 'caring for everyone' when they're hypocrites?

They really overdue it with Lucy, everything's about her. Other characters don't get a chance to show any developpement because it's just too focused on Lucy. I mean, this show would have been better hopefully if other characters were to have some big moments, but it's either Natsu and his annoying repetitive NAKAMA talk, either Lucy getting unessecary flashbacks that mean nothing because nobody is really interested. Also what I hate most is when Natsu knocks his friends out, WHAT THE HELL, what's the idea? And it gets really disgusting as Lucy shows more of her skin and boobs through every arc. Seriously, this show deserves a much higher rank here.

This is one of the most popular and most entertaining anime I've ever seen. I'll admit that some episodes are a bit boring and I'm not the biggest fan but I enjoyed watching this and I have tons of friends that yell at me to watch more and tell me that it's the best.

I don't get why people love this anime. People watch it because their friends watches or it's widely known in the world. And yet, it's one of the most popular anime...

How is this not on the first page, yet Sword Art Online is?! Honestly, based on these likes and dislikes for each comment, Fairy Tail should at least be higher on the list.

This has got to be the worst anime in the world. Each character is introduced with some sad past so that everyone will feel bad. All the characters always win by some miracle aka "the power of friendship". Everything is very predicable and that is what makes an anime uninteresting and bad.

Again, the story and characters are fine. But the humor and jokes.. I don't know, man. I'm a sucker for dark, serious anime like Black Butler, though.