Hetalia: Axis Powers


To all of you who say "This show is so racist! It's so stupid that it's only 5 minutes long! " well, you're DEAD wrong.
The creator of Hetalia (Hidekaz Himaruya) didn't intend for the show or manga to be racist! He intended it to be a lighthearted comedy. Nothing less, nothing more. It's a show where you can laugh at yourself! For example, when America ate with his mouth full of food at the world conference, don't some of us Americans do that too? Hetalia can also teach you about history! From Hetalia, I learned about a ton of things that happened and a lot about certain types of army vehicles as well! Yeah, Hetalia also has its flaws, but the pros outlast the cons!

Personally, I really don't like this anime since it can be a bit racist. I understand if the creator didn't mean for it to be like that but still. Ww2 was a brutal part of history, and making a happy-go-lucky anime about it can be pretty offensive to people who have experienced its terror. I know that you all would hate me if I did this, and that many hetalians would probably hunt me down with pitchforks, but I'm just here to state my opinion. There are some parts of this anime that can be a bit biased and offensive, not to mention why hetalia translates to "useless italy", it can be really offensive to italians and being an anime about ww2, its very offensive to the fact that italy was not useless during it and the relationship of italy and germany is pretty weird considering the fact that when italy was granted an armistice, the germans immediately invaded the northern part of it and even massacred some of its troops. I know this is a comedy show, but it can still offend some ...more

I just really don't like this show. I'm not that offended by it being racist (it kind of is, though), but I just don't like the show itself. Sure, the idea is clever (what if countries were people? ), but the show is literally trash. It's supposed to be "comedy", but it's really dumb no is barely funny at all. And the main character? He's an idiot. There is no real plot, and it's extremely inconsistent. All the people saying "You can skip History class! " are wrong, especially since it covered few topics on history and was more stupid than anything. The fanbase is even worse, it's just completely bizarre and is VERY scary with so much stupid fanfiction about these couples that aren't even canon (They don't even exist at all, they're cartoons! Y'all take this so seriously.) The few people that like this are just 12 year olds with no sense of taste. Ugh. Also, I'm talking about the anime, not the manga. The manga has a lot more to it.


Whoever had said the whole comment about WWII being serious (which it is) and Hetalia being dumb and stupid about it, LISTEN.

1. The whole show isn't revolved around WWII. It's the stereotypes of the countries. The country Italy is known as a weak and klutzy country, so they portray the character to be weak and klutzy. The country Germany is claimed to be a strong and strict country, so the character is so forth.

2. It's a COMEDIC ANIME. We all know WWII was depressing and sad, but a comedy anime can't example it like that. It's like a sitcom, it can only have a few sad moments. For example, The Fresh Prince of Bell Air. It was usually hysterical, but it had its sad times, like when Will Smith's father left without saying goodbye. You can't call a comedy a comedy if it has so many sad parts. Hetalia had the Revolutionary War which they exampled as depressing, due to the character England losing a dear friend who was practically like a brother (America).

3. Fans of ...more - MontyPython

Yeah, because Hetalia is so good at teaching us the history of our world by glossing over WWII and portraying countries during that time as "silly and kawaii uguu", especially Italy. Italy was a fascist dictatorship at the time, not a silly and klutzy idiot, I hope you realize. WWII was a serious time and millions of people died. Listen, Hetalia is entertaining and their jokes make me laugh. I understand why they didn't mention parts of history such as the Holocaust, so they don't offend people. But using Hetalia, an anime that portrays WWII as a silly and funny time, as an excuse to skip History class because it teaches you oh so much more than your history teacher can is not ok. Hetalia doesn't teach you everything you need to know about World History. If I were you, I'd keep an open mind and research a bit on the events mentioned in Hetalia and view it in a different perspective. Also I'd go to History class.

You know, this was the first anime I ever watched. At first I'm like "Wow! What a great show! " But now, after I've seen Attack On Titan, Black Butler, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Free! Eternal Summer, Ouran Highschool Host Club, it makes Hetalia look pathetic. I now realize it's annoying, mediocre, and just stupid.

My hand accidentally touched the vote button on this, so I thought I'd put a comment. WHAT THE SHELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! People who hate Hetalia because it is 'offensive' are idiots! Have you even watched Hetalia? It is not meant to be taken seriously! All the characters are stupid in their own way, but they are all lovable (except for most of the females but that's just my opinion)! France is perverted, America is a goofbal, Italy is dumb, Romano has a huge temper (but he's my favorite! ), I could go on forever! But I love them all! How can you hate Italy when he's so adorable and funny? You can be having a terrible day and he would make it all better. Romano is too adorable to hate! Japan is an otaku, why would you hate him?! And France is too hilarious. I can understand the hate on Seychelles and Belgium, but if you hate the others because they are 'offensive' then you are seriously stupid

I used to watch this anime all the time and now I realized how bad it is. Look at the fandom! They ship LANDMASSES. What the hell?! None of the characters are likeable except for Japan and Germany. Italy is annoying, China is racist, Russia should go see a therapist, England needs eyebrow wax, and France is just a pervert. The theme song makes my ears bleed and the animation is terrible. I can only enjoy the original comic strips. When I look up yaoi, I get Hetalia. Hetalia isn't even a yaoi...

I know all you fanbrats are going to dislike this, but I don't care. I'm calling Hetalia out for what it really is.

The series is not a substitute for History lessons. What it does is make the lighter parts of history more funny. Yes, it's about the Axis and Allied Powers of WW2, but it doesn't ever poke fun at the death and killing side of it. For instance, in one of the more WW2 scenes, it examines the rations of soldiers from different countries. It can also tell you interesting facts about history. I wouldn't recommend it if you wanted a serious anime, but I recommend it to anyone who can take a bit of country bashing and homosexual countries.

I just don't like it. The show has an inconsistent plot and isn't that funny :I. Sure, the idea is good and sounds great, but it's just not a good show. (Also, we're talking about the anime here, not the manga.)

They rolled right past the holocaust and a ton of other really awful but also really important things that have happened. I get what they were going for but they shouldn't have tried if they weren't willing to do it right.

It's racist, people. It makes stereotypes of people, not to mention it mocks a war where thousands, no millions of soldiers and innocent people died! How the hell can you make light of something like that? What's wrong with the person who wrote this? Not only that, they gloss over the Holocaust and act like it never happened! Yeah, it's all right to stereotype other countries, Japan. Way to be tolerant. This anime is just awful. I couldn't even watch 5 minutes of it (what anime is 5 minutes long? How stupid. ) This show should be up higher. It's highly overrated.

The yaoi fanbase and gay innuendo ruined this series for me!

This anime is just insulting and being offensive to countries, this anime is complete racist and I HATE it, no one should watch it.

It was a bit confusing, but it's super funny and the characters are awesome. Plus it teaches you a little bit of history while you watch it! Homework turned into anime sounds great to me! Super funny as well.

I don't really like or dislike Hetalia, but I feel like it makes people view World War II and history more lightly than they should. I mean, people watch what they watch I suppose and we don't all have the same sense of humor, but WW2 was pretty serious and I feel like some things are overshadowed or put in the wrong perspective is all.

People over hype this anime far too much I know a girl who said you never have to pay attention in history class if you watch it. I have never watched hetalia but I am sick of being called england by the girl I know. (I wont say her name out of respect for her)

I just died inside. Hetalia is one of the best there is!

This anime kind of defined my weeaboo phase.
Looking back on it, it was kind of mediocre.

I am a Hetalia fan and I can confirm it is crap.

I'm a hetalian! Sure Hetalia can be stupid at times, but the comedy is great and the English dub made it better than ever! I can understand why people do not like it though. - FilipinoNyan2004

I'm starting to really annoyed at people

I love this Anime! It's racist, but it's not that bad!

Everybody is so annoying in this show. I can't stand it especially Italy.

This person I stupid it's funny I like Italy the best

Lol hilarious. Everything is so true.