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Naruto is an anime and manga franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto. The manga was later adapted into a television anime, which was produced by Studio Pierrot and Aniplex. It premiered across Japan on the terrestrial TV Tokyo and other TX Network stations on October 3, 2002. The first series more.


Naruto sucks! I agree that it is really overrated. One thing I hate about Naruto is that it is so full of FLASHBACKS. Especially now in Naruto Shippuden, it sucks to think that some episodes are all about when they were still young. They could have animated that in Naruto Season not in Shippuden. They are just killing our time.

Please, do not comment, unless you have watched the whole show and know at least a bit about everything. Naruto is one of the best Anime out there. I would like if you didn't post such ill-informed and untruthful comment. Fillers and flashbacks are held for later to give a break to the action and to give a little background to the occurring events without you having to try and think back to earlier episodes to think of what had been mentioned. - Criz

All this show has is undeveloped characters and side characters that get ignored throughout the story and aren't used. Obito's past was absolutely ridiculous. "I'm gonna kill the world because my crush died! " Ain't that a bright solution to solve everything? Z in one piece film Z even had a better background than luffy and had a better reasoning towards his evil motives instead of obito destroying the world over a single girl. Z's family killed by pirates because of his admiral status. Resigned from an admiral because he couldn't handle the stress of it. He then became an instructor for some time. After that, he had his arm cut off by a pirate and had his trainees killed. That same pirate later became a schichibukai, causing z to oppose the world government and was willing to kill the innocent

Please examine the plot carefully before you make an exaggerated comment. Obito does not hate the world just because Rin died, but because his friend broke his promise to protect her.

The most thing I hate about this awful thing is its fans.
They are a bunch of losers who think that Narutois the best anime ever, and it's way better than other animes.
Why the hell would anyone watch Naruto?
Action? Go watch Shingeki No Kyojin, DBZ, Full Metal Alchemist and Hunter x Hunter.
Mystery? Go watch Death Note.
Good story? Go watch Rainbow, Another or even Shaman King and Black Cat.
Art? There are more than 1000 animes with way better art.
Romance? Go watch Clannad, at least it has PROPER romance.
Comedy? Go watch Bakuman.

Basically, Naruto is a cheap DBZ + Hunter x Hunter rip-off, nothing more.

Simply speaking, Naruto gives the inspiration that NO OTHER ANIME, and I repeat, NO OTHER ANIME CAN GIVE. Attacking the fanbase of an anime is like disregarding the opinions of every person there. You could've just given the reasons for your not liking Naruto. It's childish and immature to call the fans of something "losers" - ObscuredBeauty

This may not be the worst but it is for me. Everything about this series pisses me out. The writing is horrible and dull. The comedy is not funny. The villains are not threatening. The biggest sin of all the main characters SUCK. Naruto is annoying and dumb and not in a fun way like Goku or Luffy. But in a way that his I.Q is lower than 12. He does the same move over and over again. The reward for the most useless character goes to Sakura. This chick is nothing more than a girl with a crush and that it. That is everything you need to know. Class A writing right there. And then you have Sasuke who needs to die a horrible and horrific death. The supporting characters are better characters but because we focus on three idiots there nothing for character develop so in turn don't care about him. The story is all over the place. The author thinks he saying something new but has been said a million times. But what I really get out of this series is that I was trying to be like Dragon Ball ...more

The writers for the show took an amazing story, with depth of character, real conflict, coming of age, and the decay of friendship, and then dragged it through a pile of excrement, cookie cutter conflicts, and so much filler that it is obscene. Every mission has to relate to Naruto and his lonely childhood, every villain must be rehabilitated by their run in with Naruto, EVERY EPISODE HAS TO TEARFULLY RECOLLECT SOME EXPERIENCE 35 EPISODES AGO. The core of the show moves at a snail's pace while we are fed meaningless 3 episode interactions where 3/4ths of the show is developing a character or story we will never revisit.

There is no excuse for the grinding halt the show came to. This show puts the episode stretching Dragonball Z did to shame. The only way this show can be tolerated is in an abridged format. Naruto ended before this pattern became unbearable, but Shippuden was even worse for it. God forbid Naruto and Sauske's relationship change or we even see them ...more

Naruto isn't concentrating on the main character anymore, just Sasuke, the emo guy who is whining over the smallest of problems. So, who cares if your whole clan is murdered, stop being a baby and get over it! Seriously, this guy can be VERY OBSESSIVE.

The old ones were good though, Shippuuden just made is more lame.

Do you know how many kids die because of the influence of Naruto? There was this kid who suffocated and died, under 10 pounds of sands, because he was copying what Gaara always did with his sand.

I agree with the other person who replied. The death of one family member alone is not an easy thing to deal with, and the death of your entire family is very difficult. This is because your family is very close to you, so losing them is emotionally shocking. The fact that we see our family every day tends to be taken for granted and we almost forget that they are the most important people in our lives. Portraying the death of an entire family as something which is easy to get over with is very shallow. I can't believe that a comment like this received many positive votes.

Your kids shouldn't even be watching Naruto. that's your fault. next, what if I just walked in and shot up and ate your entire family, you can't get over something like that. And its that kids fault for shoving his head in sand.

Naruto started off great, interesting characters, good plot, etc. Then Shippuden came... Then Naruto came crashing down.

It doesn't even focus on Naruto anymore, instead it's Sasuke the emo who whines over the smallest problems, your family got murdered in front of you, WELL WHY NOT TRY BEING NICE TO PEOPLE AND TRY TO HELP SO OTHERS WON'T SUFFER?

One of the things I hate the absolute most was that Deidara, without a doubt one of the most interesting & mysterious characters got his backstory left mostly left open, what, I like the fact that it's up to us but seriously, his passion for art was something everyone wanted to know about.

Then they went and killed Jiraya off, great, just great of all people JIRAYA, why couldn't it be Sakura? Who is one of the worst female anime characters ever, she is USELESS and should end up with Sasuke who is *cough* selfish *cough*


While not bad, its not that good either. It drags on far too long (even ignoring the 100 something filler episodes... Not kidding). This is made even worse by the highly repetitive nature of the fights. Naruto is a complete idiot and one-trick pony. At first, all the fights are "something something SHADOW CLONE! " Once he finally learns a better trick... Its just SOMETHING SOMETHING RASENGAN! Even when its painfully obvious his attack is a poor match... He'll use his "rock" to beat paper through sheer stubbornness and brute force. Its like he's using his head to hammer a nail in- and just as painful to watch.

This is -not- a smart anime. Its juvenile and relies on stupid characters (SAKURA FOR the LOVE OF GOD SASUKE IS NOT INTO YOU! ) Its not -terrible- either, but most of its hate comes from its overrated status and the fact that it ran on Cartoon Network (and thus served as a first anime for many young fans).

Naruto was good, Shippuden sucked. In Naruto everyone was as strong as they should have been. Lee couldn't do Genjutsu or Ninjutsu, and in turn he learned how to open Five Gates, which crippled his body. Gaara could control sand, but he didn't he had a low mental stability. Naruto wasn't overly powerful, just enough to say he wasn't useless in a fight. At least three of the females appealed. Tenten was awesome, and so was Temari. Hinata found a new determination. The Sharingan wasn't god mode at the time, and reviving someone wasn't possible. People who are dead should stay dead. Orochimaru didn't bring people to life. He made them mindless zombies who were somewhat capable of communications. Then in Shippuden it turned to Sasuke (And/or Naruto) will defeat you with their new fancy magic trick.

Sasuke shouldn't have been just accepted back into the ranks of Konoha. Naruto shouldn't have devoted his life to bringing him back. Naruto and Hinata shouldn't have ended up together. ...more

Naruto is good BUT, I hate how that is the FIRST INFLUENCE on anime to kids! I mean like seriously?! Why Naruto?! Is it because it revolves around ninjas?! And kids would probably think, "Oh, ninjas! Ninjas come from Japan! This is SO from Japan! " Why?! I would watch it, BUT I don't want to be hanging around the kids under 10 going, "something something jutsu! " It's SO stupid! They should show something else that is unrecognized BUT is a very epic anime that has a great plot! I watch animes that NEED to be MORE famous! Too bad they weren't able to show it to more people JUST BECAUSE Naruto is STILL ongoing! Seriously! There are animes out there that need MORE fame! Naruto has held the spotlight TOO LONG! It's been a DECADE ALREADY!

So its like you can't accept that Naruto has been in spotlight for too long for too long, you know it wouldn't be in spotlight for years if it isn't good

I have watched many anime series, both bad and good. But never have I seen such a horrible anime as naruto. Simply put, anything good about it was lost to glacier sized plot holes that taking the time to explain and write down would take well over a life time and so many flash backs that you have to use a "per/second" counter to comprehend the amount. It has a pointless story that literally goes in a circle (undeniable). Granted you could learn some good morals from this series and some characters make up the best of the anime, like Jeremiah the sage. All in all the best lesson to be learned is "how not to write a anime". Sorry for being such a critique, but really, its far from perfect and could have been good only if the devs had actually looked at what they where making and did something about it.

The Big 3 isn't really that great. Naruto's riddled with holes and Deus Ex writing to prolong the series. Most characters are irrelevant (except for the main ones) and the ones that are I don't really care about. One Piece has went on for too long, and still hasn't an ending in sight (for example would you like to get teased about a mystery for over 200 chapters and still have an answer/ending nowhere in sight? The plots are also very repetitive and many seem useless. ) Bleach got off to a great start, but became not only boring after a while, but downright repetitive. However, I will say it's a good thing that they're popular for if we can agree upon one thing, it is always good to make anime more popular.

This is beyond accurate. It's a terrible anime with a lost plot. The average fan base is 13 years old statistically, and haven't watched over 5 anime's in their lives. It is NOT inspirational, Naruto constantly gives up and let's his fox the over. The message being "its OK to give up kids, someone else will pick up the slack." The comedy is mediocre and generally a rip off of DBZ as well as the looks. It is NOT sad at all, nothing has happened sad in that anime. Naruto was excluded all his life? So what so was einstein. Naruto was born with massive amount of chakra, the sage body, 9 tails and his father is the 4th but he still cries how he hates his life, my god its pathetic. Complaining he has no friends maybe because he's an annoying little who won't shut up. The amount of villians controlling other villians who join the side of good and accepted with open arms is terrible. This anime is sad and terrible and without a doubt deserves to be on this list.

Did you count the number of fans Naruto has and then found out the average or just wrote "statistically" to show yourself as this oh-so-intelligent-guy who has a great vocabulary? - ObscuredBeauty

It looks like you didn't watch over 10 episodes. Naruto grew up without parents completely alone. Imagine yourself alone without any love. It teaches you that the real power is love. It also teaches you to never give up.

I love naruto period. Both shippuden and the old days. I'm a naruto fan forever. The only thing that annoys me are the obsessive use of flashbacks. I mean come on isn't there something called too many? Yeah I know flashbacks are good in their on way. They explain the past lives of the characters but seriously Kishi too many. I still don't think naruto should be on this list though. It has the best storyline and most enjoyable characters. Both heroes and villains. They are all great. Just saying.

The manga has been o the final fight for 3 years, and no progress has been made in that amount of time. The antagonist has just managed to switch 3 different times, and recently to somebody who was seldom even mentioned previously, all to give a reason to make Naruto and Sasuke keep getting stronger out of nowhere. Not to mention that Kaguya was shoehorned into the serious because the writer had no idea of any way to defeat Madara because he made him so strong, so his solution was to introduce somebody twice as powerful for them to defeat. ALl that did was give him time to think of a nonsense way to end the series and have it drag on for ungodly amounts of time, when it should've been done with 5 years ago.

Naruto epitomizes the hugely repeated bad guys good guys theme. The main male characters are always completely clueless for some reason and the female characters are either cute or fiery or both. And the battles seem to written by a six year old kid. Even more funny is the producers attempts to bring deep emotions into the characters when it only results in fake human sentimentality.

I think that Naruto gets a lot of hate mainly by One piece fans because these two anime are sort of competitors and that's all. For me, Naruto is the only anime among the big 3 (Naruto, One pice and Bleach) that truly deserves to be in the top 3. Of course, One Piece and Bleach are good and fun to watch, however they're an easy watch. However with Naruto, you get these complex themes about war, sadness, solitude, sacrifice, love... The story has a purpose and delivers not only entertainment but also lessons about life and how the world goes. A truly original animal with great anime that will make you laugh, cry and think.

Naruto could have been wonderful. The issue? More time is spent explaining what is happening in character's thoughts, blatant expositions, and pointless flashbacks than the actual progression of the plot. You were curious how that worked? We'll take the next 3 episodes to explain! Essentially, if they hired some decent voice actors for a dub (most of the voices are just grating) and cut the show to 75ish episodes and had separate OVAs to do the flashbacks, there wouldn't be too much of a problem with it. But considering that I have to skip 5-15 episodes to make any real progress in the plot, Naruto isn't watchable from start to finish.

Now, I won't say that other animes don't do this. One Piece has massive flashbacks, but you'll notice that they only do those for characters who will matter 100 episodes later. Otherwise it's a quick recap (unless we're talking about Ace, the guy still gets flashbacks and he's been indisposed for 2 years in the anime) and you're on your ...more

Didn't deserve to be here. I love Naruto. Well, the anime might be stretched, but story wise its awesome. I had one of my best times watching it. Its just a roller coaster of humor, emotions and cool fight scenes.

The characters are vast and cool. Many people here complaining about the focus on the main trio, but Naruto is not just about them. There are so many other characters who ARE well written. The story is pretty good and everything is pretty much connected. How the hell is it poor writing? Everything told about the Naruto universe is pretty reasonable (assuming certain assumptions which are made for most animes) and nothing seems to contradict with anything till the very end.

Incredibly sorry Naruto, but yes this was one of the first anime which has got me wanting to watch more anime, and let me com out loud and clear, "IT'S NOT THAT BAD! " I mean yes Sakura is annoying and there is so much drama about Sasuke, and Naruto trying to keep his promise and bringing him back, but really it got a little tiring over the course of the anime, I mean that it started making me lose interest. But this was one of the best ninja animes I could have watched, so I'd say it should be in this category of you know on of the worst anime, but I don't think it deserves to be in the top 10.

In my opinion, and this is just mine alone, I actually think Naruto is an awesome anime. Of course, it is one of the first animes I have ever known about or watched, but I can see why people wouldn't like it all that much. To me, the worst part of the whole thing would have to be, Sasuke leaving and Naruto making such a big deal about it. Now that's just my opinion. - CloudofMercury

"Naruto is the worst ANIME ever. The story itself is pretty decent.

So basically what I'm saying, is that the MANGA is great, but the ANIME for naruto is one of THE MOST padded and milked franchises I have ever seen.

The episodes are so anti-action with so little content. It was common that a single, 20 page manga chapter, would be split into as many as 4 episodes, which were then padded with illogical/irrelivant filler episodes (where characters lose to a single punch, or fear death from a fall when they were just thrown through a mountain an episode before).

I have watched many anime, and followed naruto for a good 10 years, and still to this day, I haven't bothered to finish the end. Some filler periods went on for more than an entire year.

If you didn't know, Anime are basically manga (the comic version) put into cartoon form. So the manga is the "true story" that the show usually follows. Most anything in the show that wasnt in the manga, is usually ...more

This show wouldn't be hated so much if they didn't give us an absurd amount of characters that will mean nothing to us in the end, but lets go ahead and give them extensive character backgrounds and run with it.

What turns me off the most is that Naruto and Sasuke keeps getting stronger and stronger to the point that it's just being given to them for the hell of it.

You are in no place to say no one must like Naruto. People love what they want so Respect their opinions! Also, Don't blame an animated show for kid's deaths, Blame the parents for failing to teach their children the difference between fiction and reality!

I don't get it, naruto is in the top 10 best anime list and now it's in the worst naime list. What